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    Rock guitar hero Mel Galley passes away.....

    Rock guitar hero Mel Galley passes away

    It is with great sadness that the producers of PHENOMENA have to pass-on the news of Mel Galley passing away last night. He is one of the founding members of the multi-media rock music project PHENOMENA and former Whitesnake and Trapeze member. At the beginning of this year he was diagnosed with cancer of the opheophages. He decided not have an operation but to try to survive his 60 birthday, which was celebrated just 2 months
    ago in the presence of Glenn Hughes and Chris Evans. Rock legend Glenn Hughes comments the passing of his close friend and Phenomena participant: “For me there was Clapton, Hendrix and Mel Galley. What
    a loss for rock music.”

    Whitesnake singer David Coverdale gives tribute to Mel, as one of the most gifted rock musicians ever, who had a major impact with many other bands and artists career: “Music was his life. Whitesnake celebrates every night the brilliant songs he has written for us. Mel, we salute you.”

    John Wetton, ASIA singer songwriter and also PHENOMENA contributor said:” Mel had a rare gift to understand music and play it with a passion and skills that were of the highest echelon. He was very gifted.”

    Tom Galley, Mel´s brother and founding producer of Phenomena:”It is a difficult time for us as a family but I will always have the memory of a great brother and unique musician.”
    Wilfried Rimensberger, co-producer of Phenomena and founder of Metalhammer
    magazine: “Mel was one of the most sensitive rock musicians I met in my life, who could turn his fast range of emotions into fantastic songs and expressive guitar playing that would speak to rock music fans and leading musicians alike. His contributions to Phenomena and Whitesnake play an important part in their success and he will be terribly missed by the many Phenomena contributors.”

    The passing away of Mel is coming at a time when Mel was planning to tour again with Trapeze, and also with PHENOMENA working on its 5th album and first live performance in 20 years. For PHENOMENA Mel was all the time an inspiring force during recording times, his song writing skills were highly regarded and from the earliest days of his music career he was recognised as a musicians musician and celebrated by many as their hero. The forthcoming PHENOMENA album will be dedicated to Mel Galley, celebrating his many talents.

    Tom Galley and Wilfried F. Rimensberger
    Producers Phenomena
    Posted on 2008-07-04 12:02:32 and written by dimitris