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    The following message was send to us,as an e-mail,by our friend Harv Harbinson,a great vocalist and frontman of "STORMZONE".We like to share it with you for your information:

    ""Hi, Just to confirm that the "FASTWAY" line up for the 'Sweden Rock Festival' and all other shows this summer is as follows: Eddie Clarke - Guitars,John Harv Harbinson "Stormzone" Vocals,Raymond Haller "Sweet Savage" Bass, Stephen Strange Drums, Ex "Mamas Boys" bassist John McMannus was originally going to handle bass duties, but his writing and production duties with young singer Abi Ryan meant he could not commit to the touring schedule after it was confirmed that there would be more "Fastway" shows announced other than the 'Sweden Rock' one. After careful consideration the bass position was offered to Raymond Haller whom Eddie knew from "Sweet Savage", a band who had previously toured with "Motorhead" and whos music (which was co-written by Haller with present "Def Leppard" guitarist Vivian Campbell) was very much along the lines of the first two classic "Fastway" albums. As most of the current live set will be featuring songs from those first two albums then the bass playing transition will be a very smooth one. Eddie and Raymie also have in common the fact that "Metallica" have recorded their songs over the years and cited both bands as major influences on "Metallica" in their formative years. Vocalist John Harv Harbinson is still also very much a part of the "STORMZONE" band and continues to combine his "FASTWAY" preparations with the promotion of the latest "STORMZONE" album "Caught In The Act". Much more information can be read on the singers myspace profile: .Drummer Stephen Strange is not to be confused with the ex singer of new romantic act "Visage" with the same name! Stephen runs the very successful "X-Ray" Touring company who have Eminem, "Coldplay", "Snow Patrol", Glenn Hughes and "Scissor Sisters" on their books amongst many other acts. He is first and foremost an exceptional rock drummer, a long-term friend of Eddie Clarkes and has chosen this time to show people what he can do behind a drum kit. The additional "Fastway" dates will be emailed to you (meaning at ROCK ACES mail) as they are confirmed over the coming weeks and the band would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm since the announcement of their festival appearances, Kind regards. Harv.""

    Thank you Harv !!!

    Posted on 2007-03-12 02:47:35 and written by dimitris



    We did a small review of the self titled debut album of "FRAZE GANG" last month,but we feel the need to say something more about this melodic rock band from Canada.This is a short 'bio' and some photos taken from their home site wich you can find in our links and our friends!

    ""In the late Eighties, Big Hair combined with heavy quitars produced a Big Rock sound. While groups like "VAN HALEN" , "MOTLEY CRUE" and "BON JOVI" were ripping up the charts in the U.S., 'Greg Fraser' and 'Stevie Skreebs' were unleashing their own vibrations in Canada with their legendary group "BRIGHTON ROCK" . Before long, the band was touring throughout the world entertaining sold out concerts, and carving their niche in Rock history. But when the big guitar sounds of the 80's were replaced by Seattle's grunge movement, Brighton Rock founders Fraser and Skreebs decided to take a break from the limelight and took that opportunity to recharge their batteries and change up their game plan.Like any good vacation, the break has resulted in a fresh new sound, a rocking charge of music quite unlike anything else they've done before. The rebirth takes shape in a brand new explosive band called......."FRAZE GANG".Fronted by quitarist and vocalist Greg Fraser,bassist Stevie Skreebs and drummer Phil Epp.""


    Theese photos were taken from the "FRAZE GANG" concert at 'Club Belvedere' at 11 February 2007.


    We wish and hope the best for our friends the "FRAZE GANG"!!!

    Posted on 2007-02-17 17:20:08 and written by dimitris


    AMORPHIS, WOLF, ARCHER are the latest additions to the 2007 edition of Germany's BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL ( which is scheduled for June 22nd - 23rd at Messegelnde in Balingen (Germany). Acts on the bill now include: AMON AMARTH, AMORPHIS, ARCHER, BRAINSTORM, EDGUY, EVERGREY, FINNTROLL, GIRLSCHOOL, HEAVEN AND HELL, MERCENARY, MYSTIC PROPHECY, NAZARETH, POWERMAD, PRAYING MANTIS, STEELHEART, THUNDER, WOLF.


    Posted on 2007-02-08 13:14:59 and written by dimitris



    Edsel Records (through Demon) will be releasing a selection of seven GILLAN and IAN GILLAN BAND albums in March and April. These will comprise of five chart albums, which were originally released between 1979 and 1982, including Glory Road which charted at 3 and Future Shock UK at 2. Together the seven albums feature eight chart singles. The first batch of Gillan releases hit outlets on 2nd April and include Mr Universe (1979), Glory Road (1980), Future Shock (1981) and Double Trouble (1981). These will be followed on 7th May with Ian's first solo album Child In Time (Ian Gillan Band, 1976), Live At The Budokan (Ian Gillan Band, 1977) and Magic (Gillan, 1982). All seven albums have been digitally re-mastered by Ray Staff (Bohemian Rhapsody, Physical Graffiti, Corrine Bailey Rae, Deep Purple) and will feature bonus tracks including live recordings, and B sides as well as album out-takes. The deluxe packaging will contain photos, lyrics, memorabilia and some wry observations of the times by Ian Gillan himself.

    Posted on 2007-02-08 13:04:00 and written by dimitris