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    It's been only a few days a go that we found out about SOPHIA RAMOS!!! Since then,a few e-mails,some mutual recognition and especially the talent and the love for rock music of  SOPHIA RAMOS,that make us here in 'Rock Aces' ,to want to introduce her to all of you! The following text was given to us by SOPHIA RAMOS and we personaly thank her for that.KEEP ROCKIN'!!!

    Sophia Ramos ['rah-mos] doesn't just "gig"; that word is too puny to describe her concerts. Sophia's spitfire performances have the aura of once-in-a-generation rock & roll happenings, leaving audiences mesmerized and intoxicated.

    Conjuring the combined spirits of Hendrix, Mercury and Jagger, Sophia prowls her stage like a groove-crazed sorceress, wielding her astonishing voice like Luke Skywalker's sword.

    She's tough and smart, a showstopper who toured with Lollapalooza performing on the main stage wearing huge KISS boots and a leather jockstrap filled with lemons, which she tossed into the cheering crowd.

    Sophia's talents are not news to her fellow musicians.
    She's attracted a star-studded list of studio and stage collaborators: Jason Newsted of Metallica; Paul Simon; Karl Wallinger; Billy Bragg; Joey Ramone and Psychotica, with whom she appeared as featured vocalist on their main stage Lollapalooza tour with Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine.

    On her stunning CD, "Her Majesty", Sophia confesses loss, struggle, faith and survival with honesty and wisdom.

    Indeed, Sophia is the rare composer who has both mastered her craft and tapped the wellspring of universal emotion with sincerity and a mighty dose of brute force. Sophia's impassioned voice - alternately James Brown and Chris Cornell, lyrical insight, and physical charisma empower her infectious melodies.

    Her deliverance is nothing short of soul-defining as she breaks traditional barriers of women and of ethnic groups. Sophia is a woman with a heart of gold and a vision of rockn'roll who refuses to be constrained by any predetermined opinions of what she should be doing.

    - VH1 Best Undiscovered Talent competition winner ("Love Me Tonite") - 2000
    - collaboration with Metallica's Jason Newsted (Tarrat, feat. Sophia Ramos) - 2000
    - The Abe Olman Excellence In Songwriting Award,
    presented by the Songwriter's Hall Of Fame - 2002
    - NY Times calls Sophia Ramos a 'showstopper' - 2003
    - "Her Majesty" released - 2005
    - "Girlfriend's Ghost" - JPF Hard Rock Song Of The Year Winner ( - 2006
    - "Her Majesty" - JPF Hard Rock Album Of The Year Nominee - 2006
    - "Best Vocalist Of The Month" - 2006
    October Winner ("Girlfriend's Ghost") -
    July top-5 nominee ("Esperanza") -
    - PODCASTING FIRST: recorded two full-discography shows - songs and their stories - 2006
    - EMB-44 - early years: songs and their stories -
    - LOTW-010 - Her Majesty and its stories -

    Vocals Sophia Ramos
    Bass John Conte
    Drums Nir Z
    Guitar Joel Hoekstra
    Guitar John Andrews

    "Sophia's Toy" EP 1996
    "Sophia Ramos Classics" EP 2000
    "Her Majesty" CD 2005

    pre-production: 2nd album 2006
    release: May/June 2007

    You can listen to SOPHIA RAMOS songs on our 'on line radio' and you can also preview some of them in our 'media gallery' section!

    Posted on 2007-05-12 13:33:58 and written by dimitris