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    Do you remember Anne 'Holly' Woods & "TORONTO" ? Well we must start from the past! My first contact with "TORONTO" and their great female vocalist Holly Woods,was in the beggining of 80's,when the album "GET IT ON CREDIT",was send to me from Canada.Since then this band is in our heart.We feel very happy that still their spirit is alive through Holly Woods songwriting and her 'new' release with theese long ago but not forgotten songs!Holly was famous for her vocals and the range of her rich voice and achieved 8 TOP 10 hits with "TORONTO" in Canada with songs like "Your Daddy Dont Know" and "What About Love" (which was later taken to #1 by "HEART").Now a few words about Anne 'Holly' Woods:

    A native of Durham North Carolina Anne "Holly" Woods moved from San Francisco to Toronto in the mid 70's after fronting "SASS", and then "GAMBLER".She was introduced to Brian Allen in 1977, and with the addition of Scott Kreyer, Nick Costello and Jimmy Fox (all native New Yorkers) and Sheron Alton,the band named "TORONTO" was formed.After a string of Top 40 hits and nearly 700,000 albums sold,"TORONTO" disbanded in 1985."TORONTO" was one of the most energetic live hard rock acts in Canadian history.After that Holly Woods and Scott Kreyer(fellow band member and keyboardist) relocated to Atlanta,Georgia and began recording at 'Lowery Studios' with producer Sonny Limbo but the sessions were cut short when Sonny passed away suddenly.In 2007,theese "lost" masters were discovered and been released in summer 2007 as the 8-song album "LIVE IT UP!".

    The album "LIVE IT UP!" is released by "CYCLONE RECORDS" located in Canada.


    Posted on 2007-07-29 15:38:08 and written by dimitris