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    'TRIP SIX RECORDS' is a Seattle-Washington U.S. based record label working with rock and metal gernes.The company offers production,promotion and distribution for the bands and the albums operating with them.'TRIP SIX RECORDS' also offer a full production recording studio to support their bands! Current bands working with 'TRIP SIX RECORDS' are: "DYSINFORMATION","FALLING BLIND","PLUS-SIZE-MODEL","TURDUS MUSICUS".

    Feel free to visit the company at:

    You can also visit them at:

    Theese locations can offer you more information about 'TRIP SIX RECORDS' and their work.You can also find links and all the information,samples of the songs and the albums,of all the bands working with this label.

    (The soonest possible we will try to review a few of theese bands,if not all of them).

    Posted on 2007-09-23 16:58:17 and written by dimitris