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    UMe is proud to announce the release of New Found Glory’s best-of CD, Hits, which is available March 4th

    UMe is proud to announce the release of New Found Glory’s best-of CD, Hits, which is available March 4th

    Angst fueled by hooky guitar riffs and old-school hardcore breakdowns. Defiant, yet upbeat. One of the first bands to fuse emo and punk-pop, add a tinge of hardcore, and bring it to the mainstream, New Found Glory has sold nearly 3-million albums while delivering the quintessential rock sound of the 2000s--melodic, fun, and personable. Countless gold- and platinum-selling bands have credited New Found Glory for being the inspiration that sparked their own formation. Now, for the first time, all of the band’s best-loved singles and album cuts have been brought together for Hits.

    Hits also includes a couple of rare gems--“Constant Static,” previously available only as a Japanese album bonus cut, and “Situations” (streamed on the Warped Tour Website for only one month and never before commercially available). All of the tracks were personally selected by the band members.

    Founded as A New Found Glory (the “A” was later dropped), the group formed in Coral Springs, Florida, in 1997. After an indie EP and debut album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, singer Jordan Pundik, lead guitarist Chad Gilbert (formerly of hardcore band Shai Hulud), guitarist Steve Klein, bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki made their major label debut with 2000’s self-titled album. Including the Top 20 Modern Rock hit “Hit or Miss” as well as “Dressed To Kill,” the album was boosted by a tour with Blink-182, sold-out headlining tours, and a spot on the Warped Tour, and eventually was certified gold.

    New Found Glory’s most recent album, the movie covers project From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II, was released in September 2007, and a new album is expected in summer 2008.

    NFG Hits 
    Posted on 2008-03-05 11:08:10 and written by dimitris

    BOB CATLEY finished recordings for his upcoming new album


    Bob Catley has recently finished the recording of the vocals under the direction of producer Dennis Ward. Bob flew over to Germany at the end of January to sing on the songs written for his forthcoming solo album to be entitled "Immortal" by guitar ace Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Allen / Lande). The album is currently being mixed and the record is taking shape as one of the strongest ever from the Magnum singer. Some of the song titles include: Light Up My Way, You Are My Star, One More Night, End of The World, We Are Immortal, Haunted, The Searcher, War In Heaven, The Throne. The album is planned for release in September 2008.

    Posted on 2008-03-04 03:38:18 and written by dimitris

    JEFF HEALEY Dies At 41 (R.I.P. JEFF)

    RIP – JEFF HEALEY Dies At 41

    Legendary blues and jazz guitarist Jeff Healey has died, his publicist said Sunday. The Canadian rock musician had battled cancer his entire life.
    "It was something he fought with considerable bravery," his publicist, Richard Flohil, told CTV Newsnet.
    Healey, 41, had also lost his eyesight to a rare form of the disease, Retinoblastoma, when he was only one year old.
    He passed away Sunday in the city of his birth, Toronto, at St. Joseph's Hospital.
    Healey first began playing guitar at the age of three and formed his first band while still a teenager, according to his website. He played with a very distinctive style, with laying his guitar flat across his lap.
    One of his best-known songs, 'Angel Eyes', came from the Grammy-nominated album See The Light.
    His blues band, simply called the Jeff Healey Band, has sold more than 1 million albums in the United States. But along with rock and blues music, Healey was also an accomplished jazz musician.
    In his final years he had hosted a jazz program on Jazz-FM in Toronto, playing rare tracks from his vast collection of more than 30,000 78-rpm records.
    Healey leaves behind his wife, Cristie, 13-year-old daughter Rachel and three-year-old son Derek.

    Posted on 2008-03-03 14:19:44 and written by dimitris

    DOOGIE WHITE update

    DOOGIE WHITE update

    "As Ronnie is off with Tony Iommi, touring and working on a new Heaven and Hell album I thought it was time to do some writing with my good friend Mr Craig Goldy. We have written 5 songs together. I have also been working with Paul Logue from Edens Curse. In total we have 16 killer tunes to work on. I have assembled the great, good and unwashed for this. We started in the autumn last year, kicking ideas around. Between us we have come up with some dynamic and aggressive rawk songs covering a colourful spectrum of hard rock. The drums were recorded in Florida late last year and we are now laying down the guitars, bass and keyboards.

    So far I have secured the awesome talents of Craig Goldy and Pontus Norgren, Rudy Sarzo, Neil Murray and Greg Smith, Patrik Johansson and the very splendid Derek Sherinian. In addition to these guys Rata Blanca's guitarist and mainman Walter Giardino has agreed to play on a couple of songs. It's early days but the album is coming together very nicely. Its good to be stepping out and not be in the constricts of a band situation where the demands of others sometime out weigh the sensibility and understanding of the songs. I believe the work we have done so far is interesting, different and valid. f**k me!! I sound like a car sales man, but its true, this will be an album that covers many aspects of music that I have enjoyed over the years and then some.

    I have also contacted my old friend Ritchie Blackmore's management to asked if he would be interested in playing on a song or two. Hell we could even work on some of the ideas we had for the aborted follow up to SIUA. While I don't think he will, I thought it only polite to ask!"
    Posted on 2008-03-01 17:30:27 and written by dimitris

    Doogie White and Yngwie Malmsteen decided to split

    Vocalist Doogie White and Yngwie Malmsteen have decided to part company after 6 and a half years together. Doogie joined the band in Sept 2001 and recorded two albums Attack and Unleash the Fury.

    "I had a long chat with Yngwie today and it is clear that he wants to move musically in a new direction. It's great news that he will be expanding on his undoubted talents both as a writer and guitarist. I just want to thank, publically, Yngwie and the many band members past and present that I have worked with. It seems appropriate that we started our working relationship in South America in Sept 2001 and finished in South America in Dec 2007."
    "Now anyone need a singer??"

    Ex-ICED EARTH/JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim 'Ripper' Owens is his replacement.
    Posted on 2008-02-28 12:03:27 and written by dimitris

    ASIA's come back studio album PHOENIX on April 11th

    Frontiers Records is honoured to present the European release of Asia's come back studio album Phoenix on April 11th.

    Geoffrey Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and John Wetton, the four original members reunited in 2006, twenty-three years after all four had last played together. The much publicised reunion resulted in two highly successful world tours in 2006 and 2007; an acclaimed double live LP and DVD, (entitled Fantasia: Live In Tokyo); and an overwhelming response from fans and the media, which continues today.

    Starting from the summer 2007, Geoff, Steve, Carl and John have been busy in the studio recording their brand new CD Phoenix, the first studio album from the band's members since 1983. Eagerly anticipated by fans all over the world, "Phoenix" contains an eclectic selection of songs bound by the unique Asia trade mark.

    “Decades later, as if by destiny, the four of us are still here doing the one thing we are most passionate about - making music. The result of our latest endeavours is our new album, "Phoenix", says Geoff Downes.
    "Phoenix" has been influenced by the same fusion of talents and heritages which so excited the world in 1982 and has a very poignant underlying theme placed at the intersection of love, discovery and reflection, no doubt due, at least partly, to Wetton's unexpected triple by-pass heart surgery which forced the cancellation of Asia's 2007 West Coast North American tour and an eagerly anticipated tour of the United Kingdom. Based on such personal events John was inspired to write "An Extraordinary Life", making the concept of Carpe Diem dramatically pertinent.

    “The album is a very adult, deep album both lyrically and musically and shows the development the individuals have gone through during their time apart pursuing other ventures” says Carl Palmer. “With songs like An Extraordinary Life and Alibis one can see the very strong English rock/pop/progressive style the group still retains. Lyrically the album is deep, to the point and highly personal. Coupled with the expertise and musicianship you have the band Asia.”

    The new record include rockers such as Never Again (the first single) and Nothing's Forever, power ballads such as Heroine and I Will Remember You and two mini-epics too, among a dozen new songs which presents all themes the band is very well known for.
    Steve Howe says: “This has been no ordinary reunion, the dates went well, the audiences have been encouraging as we have gone peacefully about our work. This new CD was really an enormous test, a challenge worthy of our intent. All the distractions usually evident vapourised, as we focused on collaborating to select and arrange these new songs, all in the style of “Asia ". Just 3 months later, the recordings demonstrate that professionalism, pleasure and hard work can go hand in hand with musical adventures, long may we revel!”

    “We are neither over-confident, nor unsure of our ground. Each one of us is comfortable as a human being, and the sound on the CD "Phoenix" finally reflects the collective maturity of these four people who are not only eager to explore, but also relaxed enough to luxuriate in the strength of the material", adds John Wetton, while Downes concludes “The 12 song collection seeks to transport the listener on a musical journey, sharing our own personal thoughts, emotions and experiences along the way. The CD sleeve is adorned with an exquisite Roger Dean painting depicting the Phoenix in ascendancy. Enjoy the ride!”

    The CD will also include an EPK playable on all computers, featuring video footage with interviews and live recordings.

    Phoenix final track listing will include: Never Again; Nothing's Forever, Heroine; Sleeping Giant / No Way Back / Reprise; Alibis; I Will Remember You; Shadow of a Doubt; Parallel Worlds / Vortex / Deya; Wish I'd Known All Along; Orchard of Mines; Over and Over; An Extraordinary Life.

    - Includes: Electronic Press Kit playable on all computers
    - An Extraordinary Life [acoustic]* Bonus track only available on a Limited Edition in slipcase.

    Phoenix will be released by Frontiers Records on April 11 with King Records handling the release in Japan. More domestic releases (including USA, Brazil, Korea, Argentina, Russia and Taiwan) are planned at the moment with details to be released at a later stage.

    Posted on 2008-02-28 12:01:21 and written by dimitris

    BURNING POINT enters the studio

    "BURNING POINT" enters the studio.

    Finnish melodic metallers,"BURNING POINT",started to record the follow- up to their greatly received 3rd album,"Burned down the enemy".The album fas been reviewed by in 2007,establishing their power and passion for classic metal.
    “ We are absolutely excited about the recordings and the future is looking awesome, band states...”.
    Updates from the recordings will be given time to time and in the meantime you`re welcome to check all the cool "BURNING POINT" videos on Youtube & new pictures from the tour etc. at  or

    Posted on 2008-02-26 17:42:56 and written by dimitris

    Former Frank Zappa and The Mothers Members Prepare to Play The UK

    Former Frank Zappa and The Mothers Members Prepare to Play The UK

    2/20/08 – Los Angeles – seminal music group, The Grande Mothers, featuring former members of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention, are alive and well and playing a series of selected concerts in Great Britain in March 2007. In recent years the Grande Mothers have performed to wildly enthusiastic audiences in the US and Canada and plan to bring their special blend of musical mayhem to the British shores.

    The Grande Mothers, showcasing the talents of Zappa alumni, Napoleon Murphy Brock (lead vocals, tenor sax, woodwinds and choreography), Don Preston (vocals, keyboards and transformations), and Roy Estrada (vocals, bass and pachuco falsetto), along with musicians Chris Garcia (drums, percussion and vocals) and Miroslav Tadic (electric guitar and all the difficult Zappa licks) promise a night of thorough entertainment, featuring virtuosic playing, bizarre humor and the performance of many Zappa/Mothers beloved compositions; not only re-creating the music as was originally written and produced, but also breathing new life into it as well!

    Get ready to hear such Zappa penned classics as I Am The Slime, Muffin Man, Florentine Pogen, Andy, Trouble Everyday, Village Of The Sun and many, many more.

    The tour dates are as followed:
    March 01 - Holmfirth - Picturedome
    March 02 - Manchester - Manchester Academy
    March 03 - Brighton - The Komedia
    March 04 - Cardiff - The Point
    March 05 - Penzance - The Acorn
    March 06 - Exeter - Arts Centre
    March 07 - Southampton - The Brook
    March 08 - Deal - Astor Theatre
    March 09 - Cambridge - The Junction
    March 10 - London - Mean Fiddler
    March 11 - Sheffield - Boardwalk
    March 12 - Birkenhead - Pacific Road Arts Centre
    March 13 - Wolverhampton - Robin 2

    "The Grande Mothers were totally brilliant! Energetic, Funny, Sharp, Funky - you name it! The sound was also A okay, it was simply like listening to whatever album from the early '70s (Zappa) period." The Grande Mothers have been performing continuously throughout the 2000’s and have a CD release on Warner Classics (Germany) entitled A Grandmothers Night At The Gewandhaus, which documents the band’s performance in Leipzig, Germany on March 27, 2003, and also features ex-Mothers members Bunk Gardner. (The CD is available on

    For more information on The Grande Mothers UK tour dates and activities, check out the official

    Posted on 2008-02-25 03:00:06 and written by dimitris


    The german Heavy Metal Band "THE MIST“ was founded in the end of the year 2002 by Richard Pöschel and Nico Langen.The vacancies were closed by Andreas Schneider and Marc Wolf .In the same year the first 5-Track Demo was recorded and first festivals were played.After a few months of existing they appeared on the MOA Sampler (Mosel Open Air) and until today this path is walked.Recently - after hard promoting themself - they have been announced to be the band of the month and their songs are played in radio stations all over the world.First changes were made in 2005, because Andreas Schneider had to leave the band for a job related reason.The gap was closed by Danny Reeves on the bass guitar.In 2006 the band decided to change the position for the vocals and Oliver Baumann took over the job.Although he had to leave the band,cause of a health problem,again in the end of 2006 and Holger Noll (ex- "CIRCLE OF TYRANTS"),became the successor in 2007.The bands name has been choosen from a philosophical view."The furture and direct present are hidden in the mist of unknown.You can`t definetly say what is coming next and what reaction you will receive on your actual acting.Also is everything what we don`t know or cannot explain in a kind of mist".As the band explains.Concerning the music,the goal was adapted to play metal which cannot be catched in a specific style.So the songs are various and different to each other.The result is a interest mixture of metal music.The lyrics are about actual events and experiences of the band,so every theme has it`s deeper Background."THE MIST" are: Holge Noll - Vocals,Richard Pöschel - Guitars,Marc Wolf - Guitars,Danny Reeves - Bass and Nico Langen - Drums.

    Posted on 2008-02-23 06:08:19 and written by dimitris


    NORRA MORREL has graduated from the Vocal department of the
    "P.Vladdigerov" State Academy of Music,Sofia Bulgaria in 1996.Being a student in the class of prof.Lilyana Zhablenska.During 1996 she made her debut in the Hampardings opera "Henzel and Gretel" with the perfomance of Sofia filharmonic Society,conducted by Emil Tabakov.As opera singer she has specialized in the Masterly vocal courses of Kaludi Kaludov and Gena Dimitrova and took part in a great number of concerts and performances in Bulgaria,Japan,Italy,Hungary,Germany,Lebanon,Morroko with the Rossini-Rosina "The Seviglian Barber","Cenerentola" ,Isabella "The Italian in Algers",Mozart"Cosi fan tutte "-Dorabella ,"The Charty of Tit"-Sextus,Verdi- "Don Carlo"-Eboli and "Aida"-Amneris in her
    repertoar.The single "LIFE IN THE AIR " is her first step in the field ofexperimental metal music.The conception of the project is that music opens doors to the past and to the future.Norra Morrel use the combination of new modern computer technologies and strange cosmic efects mixed with natural sounds,acoustic guitars and new metal sound.In the projects she works with different young musicians from Bulgaria.The music and arrangement was made from Norra Morrel with colaboration of Alex Noushev who made brilliant orcestration.
    Gitars -Boyan Genov from "Fyeldband"
    Bass- Iliya Ivanov From "Hypercube"
    Drums -Nencho Tzonev
    strings - Kristofor Marinov and Palmira Gribneva
    each of them blend and color the music with their own style.
    Posted on 2008-02-23 05:27:29 and written by dimitris