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    LOST WEEKEND record their 5th album

    LOST WEEKEND were in the studio last weekend demoing material for their 5 studio album. Paul Uttley describes the new material as having influences from the classics that Thunder, UFO, Scorpions and Whitesnake are best known for, which is far removed from anything that LOST WEEKEND have done previously. With a twin guitar line-up, the band feel that they can stretch their creative muscles further than in previous incarnations of the band. "New" boy, Paul 'Squiz' Surrall, has helped mould a new and improved version of the band and has injected a renewed enthusiasm into the existing band members. Tracks that were demoed include : Stone Hearted Women, Find My Own Way, The Eagle, Another Lonely Night In Tears, Only The Strong Survive, Life With The Lid Taken Off and Backstreet Living.

    The band will continue to work on new material and hope to announce details of their forthcoming album very soon. In addition to the writing and recording process, the band are also lining up live dates to present the new material and to dust off the old classics. These dates are to be announced shortly".
    Posted on 2008-03-08 03:49:08 and written by dimitris