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    RIP - Former BONHAM singer Daniel McMaster

    RIP - Former Bonham singer Daniel McMaster
    Daniel's website states: "It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Daniel MacMaster He will be forever missed."

    Dan's wife Tina has been in contact with Suncity, who have posted a statement on their website -
    It seems Dan had pneumonia and then he got a Strep Group A infection that entered his blood stream, which in turn caused his organs to shut down. Doctors tried everything, but the infection took hold so quickly there was nothing left to do. Dan was only 39.

    Posted on 2008-03-20 15:44:28 and written by dimitris

    Lee Small,ex PHENOMENA / SURVEILLANCE vocalist...

    Ex Phenomena/Surveillance vocalist Lee Small (now vocalist with U.K rockers SHY) will release his debut solo album next month via Rock UK & Cargo Records, The album is called "Through The Eyes Of Robert Lees" and features a concept about the infamous Jack The Ripper murders in Old London back in 1888.
    Full track listing is as follows:
    Black Sky
    Children Of A Lesser God
    Secret Journey
    Garden Of Eden
    Complicated World
    Angels Are Falling
    Time For Awakening
    Ghost In The Machine
    Waking The dead
    Waking The Dead has been released as a free promotional download (For a limited period) on Lee's my space page.
    Posted on 2008-03-20 15:40:41 and written by dimitris

    GLENN HUGHES new release

    GLENN HUGHES releases new album "F.U.N.K." via Frontiers on 9th May. Posted on 2008-03-14 16:50:31 and written by dimitris

    KORITNI will release a live CD/DVD April 22 in Europe

    "KORITNI" will release a live CD/DVD April 22 in Europe. CD Track Listing:
    1. Dirty Letter, 2. I See The Light, 3. Heaven Again, 4. Nobody's Home, 5. Lady Luck, 6. Take A Long Line, 7. Sick Again, 8. Expectations, 9. You Fed Me Lies, 10. Never Say Goodbye, 11. Highway Dream, 12. Top Of The World, 13. High Voltage, 14. Starving Fast, 15. Let It Go, 16. Red Light Joint, 17. Monkey Business, 18. Under The Overpass.
    Tracklisting DVD: Raismesfest 2007, Day 1 - 1. Dirty Letter, 2. I See The Light, 3. Heaven Again, 4. Nobody's Home, 5. Lady Luck, 6. Sick Again, 7. Starving Fast, 8. Let It Go, 9. Red Light Joint, 10. Under The Overpass / Raismesfest 2007, Day 2 - 1. Welcome To The Jungle, 2. You Could Be Mine, 3. Mr Brownstone, 4. Sweet Child O' Mine, 5. Nightrain, 6. Paradise City, 7. Nice Boys.
    Bonus: L'empreinte - 1. Expectations, 2. You Fed Me Lies, 3. Never Say Goodbye, 4. Highway Dream, 5. Top Of The World, 6. High Voltage / Bonus : Video Clip 1. Heaven Again.
    Posted on 2008-03-14 16:48:31 and written by dimitris