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    WHITESNAKE debut at no.7 this week.....

    "WHITESNAKE" debut at no. 7 this week in the UK album charts with their new album "Good To Be Bad".
    Posted on 2008-04-28 16:37:18 and written by dimitris


    "EXTREME" plan to release their newly recorded album in June.

    RICK SPRINGFIELD releases his new album in the US on July 29th. 

    'Escape Music' will release the new album from "GYPSY ROSE",entitled "Another World",on 20th June.


    Posted on 2008-04-28 16:35:10 and written by dimitris

    THE SWEET ,reformed by bassist Steve Priest

    "THE SWEET", originally formed by bassist Steve Priest, vocalist Brian Connolly and drummer Mick Tucker, rose to fame in the 70's with such hits as "Ballroom Blitz", "Fox on the Run", "Love is Like Oxygen", "Little Willy", "Hellraiser", "Teenage Rampage", "Blockbuster", "Action" and many others has reformed in the States led by bassist/vocalist Steve Priest.

    Steve is joined by guitarist Stuart Smith who was taught by Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore and went on to play in a version of "Sweet" with Steve Priest in the late 80's and then with Keith Emerson in a band called The Aliens of Extraordinary Ability before forming his own band Heaven & Earth in 1997. In 1998 Smith released a critically acclaimed album called "Heaven & Earth featuring Stuart Smith" with guest appearances by Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Kelly Hansen (Hurricane/Foreigner), Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart/Jeff Beck/Vanilla Fudge), Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Steve Priest. This album won Stuart the "Best Guitarist" and "Album of the Year" award two years in a row at The Los Angeles All Access Music Awards".
    On drums is renowned drummer Richie Onori who, as well as playing with Stuart Smith in "The Aliens of Extraordinary Ability" and "Heaven & Earth" has also played with Louis Johnson, Bobby Kimball and Rick Derringer.

    Rounding out the line up is powerhouse vocalist Joe Retta from Queen Nation, and keyboard player Stevie Stewart from The World Classic Rockers. In Sweet you will hear all the hits and more played as they were meant to be heard and with an energetic stage show that is second to none.
    Please go to for more details.

    Confirmed dates so far are:
    Thursday, June 12th The Whiskey, Hollywood, CA
    Friday, June 13th The Canyon Club, Agoura, CA
    Thursday, July 10th The Common Ground Festival, Lansing, Mi
    Friday, July 11th The Moondance Jam, Minneapolis, MN
    Saturday, July 19th Rock n Resort Festival, North Lawrence, OH
    Fri, July 25th Rock The Park, London, Ontario, Canada
    Sat, July 26th The Mattawa Voyageur Days, Mattawa, Ontario, Canada
    Saturday, August 30th Morongo Casino, Cabazon, CA

    Posted on 2008-04-21 17:35:02 and written by dimitris

    HONEYMOON SUITE,reunited and recording

    Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the signing of the recently reunited Honeymoon Suite, for the release of their forthcoming, yet untitled, studio album.
    In June 2007, the band officially announced the return of the line-up featuring all five original band members: Johnnie Dee on vocals, Derry Grehan on guitar, Ray Coburn on keyboards, Dave Betts on drums and Gary Lalonde on bass.
    The new album has been recorded during the cold Canadian winter and is currently in the mixing stages. Some of the new track titles are "The House", "Separate Lives", "That's All You Got", "Sunday Morning" and "Tired of Waitin' On You".
    "There are 8 straight ahead rockers and the other 4 are interesting mid-tempo type songs" says Derry Grehan, adding "this album goes back much more to the original HMS melodic hard-rock sound that the band had in the eighties. The songs have big melodic choruses and are thick with lots of guitar and keyboards. Johnnie is singing better than ever and I think fans will love this one. I am very excited". And so is the label, that is planning to release the new album within the end of the summer 2008.
    Posted on 2008-04-13 17:27:56 and written by dimitris

    STARBREAKER,recording new album

    Tony Harnell (TNT, Westworld, Morning Wood), Magnus Karlsson (Allen / Lande and Primal Fear) and John Macaluso (Malmsteen, TNT, Ark) have wrapped up recording for the much-anticipated new Starbreaker CD entitled Love's Dying Wish. Written and produced by Harnell and Karlsson, the tracks have now been handed over to respected producer Tommy Hansen (TNT, Jorn) for mixing. Some of the titles include “Unknown Superstar”, “End Of Alone”, “Love's Dying Wish”, “Evaporate” and “Beautiful Disaster”.

    New bassist Jonni Lightfoot (a touring and recording veteran with extensive credits to his name) has added a tasteful aggressive touch to this magnificent piece of work and compliments Macaluso's flashy drumming perfectly. This is a very special album that leaps forward from where the Starbreaker debut left off. With a fresh diversity that spans from pounding metal, to deep moody passages wrapped in a dark and beautifully melodic package. Release expected this fall.
    Posted on 2008-04-13 17:23:43 and written by dimitris

    The new album from the Ramos / Hugo project,in April

    The new album from the Ramos / Hugo project, featuring former Two Fires and Hardline axeman Josh Ramos together with Valentine singer Hugo Valenti is going to be mixed during April. The songs written include (in no particular order): All That I Wanted; Bring Back This Love; Fool's Game; I Can't Get You Off My Mind; I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye; If I Can Take You; The Dream; Tomorrow; When You Get Lonely; You're Not Alone. Fans of classic AOR music in the style of Journey / The Storm, will be delighted with this CD which is scheduled for release in the late summer/early fall 2008. Posted on 2008-04-13 17:20:47 and written by dimitris

    JORN's new album to be released,June 6th

    Frontiers Records is proud to present the highly anticipated new studio album from JORN. After close to 30 album releases with various projects, working with some of the best musicians around, he is now ready to unleash upon the world yet another masterpiece under the Jorn banner. “Lonely Are the Brave” is the title of the new masterpiece album and it is scheduled to be released on the 6th of June.

    Once again, get ready for another unique and classic hard rock masterpiece from this productive and gifted Norwegian Viking. Jorn is one of our greatest Rock Giants: his strong and diverse voice and solid songwriting skills have become powerful trademarks in the Hard Rock world.

    He is remembered for his role as front man in German metal act Masterplan, which has achieved great success around the world. Two albums and two maxi singles were released during this period; “Masterplan” and “Aeronautics”. Powerful solo albums such as “The Duke”, “The Gathering” and “Live in America” are just a few of this man’s releases during his almost 30-year old career.

    This year Jorn is featured on spectacular projects like Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia, along with stars like Alice Cooper and Eric Singer (KISS), Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions), Bob Catley (Magnum) and will be touring the world with this project as well as with his own band JORN. He also participated on Arjen Lucassen’s recent concept album Ayreon.

    “Lonely Are The Brave“, Jorn’s 5th solo album of original material, was recorded under the steady direction of Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. The JORN band consists of: drums: Willy Bendiksen, guitar: Tore Moren, guitar: Jørn Viggo Lofstad, bass: Sid Ringsby. With this line up you are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going with the riveting sound that has solid roots in classic hard rock/heavy metal music, such as Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Whitesnake.

    “Lonely Are The Brave” tracklisting includes:
    Lonely Are The Brave; Night City; War Of The World; Shadow People; Soul of the Wind; Man of The Dark; Promises; The Inner Road; Hellfire; Stormbringer *; Like Stone In Water *
    * Exclusively available on a Special limited edition in slipcase

    Posted on 2008-04-10 15:02:48 and written by dimitris