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    "SCORPIONS" are preparing their new studio album to be released later thais year! Nothing else is to be said about about "SCORPIONS" than it is one of the greatest ever ROCK BANDS in the world! We are waiting for this album that will be called "HUMANITY HOUR 1".And taken from their official website:

    "We enjoyed a fantastic four month in Los Angeles, California, recording the songs for our new album "HUMANITY HOUR 1". The mixing is making great progress as we speak. Very soon, the new album will be completely mixed and mastered and ready to be shipped across the world. The official release date is expected to be in the 2nd half of may, but may vary from country to country, so make sure you check with your local record company or record store. It felt great for all of us to hit the stage again and rock the house as we did March 2nd at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Thanks again to a great audience! After spending quite some time in the studio, we are definetely ready to go out on the road again."

    Posted on 2007-03-10 11:48:18 and written by dimitris