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    WEEK 1st - 10th APRIL

    1996 : OZZY OSBOURNE recruits former "SUICIDAL TENDENCIES" bassist Robert Trujillo.

    9 April 1978 : TRIUMPH releases Just A Game.

    9 April 1997 : 'A&M' Records issues a press release stating that the members of "SOUNDGARDEN" have mutually and amicably decided to disband.

    9 April 2001 : YNGWIE MALMSTEEN is forced to cancel a weeks worth of shows after a backstage dispute with Jorn Lande which leads to the singer leaving the band. Drummer John Macaluso leaves with him.

    10 April 1973 : "LED ZEPPELIN"'s 'Houses Of The Holy' goes gold.

    10 April 1982 : "IRON MAIDEN" releases 'The Number Of The Beast'. The album goes straight into the UK charts at #1.

    2003 : SEBASTIAN BACH is fired from the cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar".


    3 April 1979 : "VAN HALEN"'s "II" goes gold.


    3 April 2002 : "MEGADETH" leader Dave Mustaine announces that due to an injury to his left arm and hand he has decided to exit the band and explore other areas of the music business where he might make a contribution without being able to play his instrument.

    1 April 1980 : "IRON MAIDEN" perform their first major headline gig at the Rainbow in London.

    1 April 1985 : DAVID LEE ROTH leaves "VAN HALEN".

    1 April 1994 : "NIRVANA" frontman Kurt Cobain commits suicide in Seattle.

    1 April 1998 : legendary drummer Cozy Powell (RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH) is killed in a car crash near Bristol, England at the age of 50.


    1999 : "AC/DC" are presented with a Diamond Award in the U.S. for "Back In Black" sales of over 10 million units!

    2002 : Chris Cornell ex "SOUNDGARDEN" withdraws from the "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE" project, effectively scrapping plans to participate in the annual Ozzfest festival.

    2002 : "LED ZEPPELIN" sue their label Atlantic for unpaid royalties on their first five albums.

    2003 : MTV (Europe) suggest that the following videos, among others, NOT be played during the current outbreak of war in Iraq: "AEROSMITH"'s 'Don't Want To Miss A Thing' (contains footage from the film Armageddon), "SYSTEM OF A DOWN"'s 'Boom!' (anti-war video containing facts and figures about, amongst other things, the projected casualties in the war in Iraq), "BON JOVI"'s 'This Ain't A Love Song' (contains war scenes and victims in distress) and "MEGADETH"'s 'Holy Wars' (song title may offend).

    Posted on 2007-04-01 18:33:15 and written by dimitris