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    WEEK 01 Apr - 07 Apr

    WEEK 01 April - 07 April




    Tony Franklin (ex-BLUE MURDER/THE FIRM) - April 2

    Mick Mars (MOTLEY CRUE) - April 3, 1956

    Chris Oliva (SAVATAGE) - April 3, 1963 RIP

    Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW) - April 3, 1968

    Josh Todd (ex-BUCKCHERRY) - April 4

    Dave Hill (SLADE) - April 4, 1952

    Gary Moore (ex-THIN LIZZY) - April 4, 1954

    Peter Baltes (ACCEPT) - April 4, 1958

    Vinny Burns (TEN) - April 4, 1965





    April 3, 1979: VAN HALEN's II goes gold.

    April 3, 2002: MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine announces that due to an injury to his left arm and hand he has decided to exit the band and explore other areas of the music business where he might make a contribution without being able to play his instrument.


    1997: Bill Ward IS NOT playing the Sabbath reunion. Ozzy didn't ask him.


    1998: THOR have reformed.

    1998: OVERKILL are forced to cancel a number of From The Underground And Below tour dates because frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellesworth, is diagnosed with nasal cancer.

    1998: TESTAMENT announces that Dave Lombardo has joined the band for their next album, The Gathering.

    1998: TALAS reform.

    1999: JUDAS PRIEST "pull out of Ozzfest '99 due to record company commitments."

    1999: AC/DC are presented with a Diamond Award in the U.S. for Back In Black sales of over 10 million units.

    1999: Spitfire Records signs TNT.

    2000: Al Pitrelli is announced as the new permanent guitarist for MEGADETH.

    2000: SHY ink a deal with Z Records.

    2000: BRITNY FOX sign with Spitfire Records.

    2001: MEGADETH''s new single, 'Moto Psycho', becomes the #1 most-added track at active rock radio in the U.S. in its first week of release.

    2001: Neat Records ink a deal with WITCHFYNDE.

    2001:  HOUSE OF LORDS reform their original lineup and sign a multi album deal with Now & Then/Frontiers Records.

    2001: IRON BUTTERFLY bassist Lee Dorman is hospitalized because of a severe heart condition.

    2001: SPV signs a deal with Ritchie Blackmore's BLACKMORE'S NIGHT.




    Posted on 2007-04-04 19:14:26 and written by dimitris