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    WEEK 5th - 8th MARCH

    5 March 1960: "ELVIS PRESLEY" is discharged from the U.S. Army with the rank of Sergeant.

    5 March 1980: "IRON MAIDEN" appear on Britain's Top Of The Pops, performing 'Running Free'.
    6 March 1975: "LED ZEPPELIN" is awarded a gold record for their classic double album Physical Graffiti.
    6 March 2001: "SAVATAGE" announce they've hired new vocalist, Damond Jiniya, and second guitarist, Jack Frost.

    7 March 1980: "IRON MAIDEN" head out on tour in support of "JUDAS PRIEST" on the British Steel tour.

     1984: Ian Gillan quits "BLACK SABBATH". He's replaced briefly by former "DEEP PURPLE" bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes. Born Again is the most overlooked Sabbath album to date.

    Posted on 2007-03-08 18:27:30 and written by dimitris

    WEEK 5th - 8th MARCH (BIRTHDAYS)


    Zachary Stevens : "CIRCLE II CIRCLE" ex "SAVATAGE" 5  MARCH 1966


    Luca Turilli : "RHAPSODY" 5 March 1972

    Peter Jensen : "D:A:D" 6 March 1965

    Michael Romeo : "SYMPHONY X" 6 March 1968

    Warrel Dane : "NEVERMORE" 7 March 1963

    Posted on 2007-03-08 17:22:27 and written by dimitris

    WEEK 1st - 5th MARCH

    1 MARCH 1993: IRON MAIDEN release the 'Fear Of The Dark' single.
    1 MARCH 1999: CONTROL DENIED hit Morrisound Studios.

    2 MARCH 1969: DOORS' frontman Jim Morrison is arrested in Miami for indecent exposure.

    3 MARCH 2001: ANGRA announce new bassist Felipe, vocalist Eduardo Falschi, keyboardist Fabio Ribeiro and drummer Achiles Priester.
    3 MARCH 2003: OZZY OSBOURNE and wife/manager Sharon appear on Larry King Live.

    4 MARCH 1999: SEPULTURA perform on Open Mike with Mike Bullard.
    Posted on 2007-03-02 03:55:57 and written by dimitris

    WEEK 1st - 5th MARCH (BIRTHDAYS)

                    BIRTHDAYS OF THE WEEK

    Roger Daltrey: "THE WHO" 1 MARCH 1942

    Rob Affuso: EX "SKID ROW" 1 MARCH 1963

    Jon Bon Jovi: "BON JOVI" 2 MARCH 1962

    Kevin Steele: "ROXX GANG" 3 MARCH 1962

    the "BULLETBOYS"

    Lonnie Vincent: "BULLETBOYS" 3 MARCH 1964

    Timo Tolkki: "STRATOVARIUS" 3 MARCH 1966

    Jason Newsted: "VOIVOD" & EX "METALLICA" 4 MARCH 1963

    Paul Bostaph: EX "SLAYER" 4 MARCH 1965

    Posted on 2007-03-02 03:51:40 and written by dimitris