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    WEEK 4th-11th February







    Tommy Skeoch (TESLA) - February 5

    Duff Mckagan (VELVET REVOLVER/ex- GUNS N' ROSES) - February 5, 1964

    Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) - February 5, 1965

    Axl Rose (GUNS N' ROSES) - February 6, 1962

    David Bryan (BON JOVI) - February 7, 1962




    February 6, 1983: YNGWIE MALMSTEEN arrives in North America.


    February 6, 2002: RATT guitarist Warren DeMartini and drummer Bobby Blotzer win the battle over ownership of the name "RATT" in a victory in the Lost Angeles Superior Court.


    February 7, 1964: The BEATLES arrive In New York.


    February 7, 1970: LED ZEPPELIN score their first UK Number One album with Led Zeppelin II. It goes on to sell 6 million copies.

    February 7, 2000: FOGHAT founding member Dave Peverett dies due to complications of cancer, he was 57.



    1996: OZZY OSBOURNE loses bassist Geezer Butler AGAIN due to weariness from the road. Butler is replaced by ALICE IN CHAIN's Michael Inez.

    1996: JUDAS PRIEST rejoin forces with drummer Scott Travis.

    1996: YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's cover-tune opus, Inspiration, is rereleased in Europe with a special bonus CD - Malmsteen's management buys up the entire run of 4,000 units for Sweden only.

    1996: DEE SNIDER releases Twisted Forever, a live CD from one of the shows with his Twisted Sister tribute project, Dee Snider's S.M.F.'s.

    1997: GUNS N' ROSES leader Axl Rose buys the rights to the name "Guns N' Roses, and can put out any music he wants under that moniker, played by anyone he chooses," according to (ex) G'NR guitarist Slash.

    1998: ROB HALFORD discusses his sexuality for the first time. "I think that most people know that I've been a gay man all of my life, and that it's only been in recent times that it's an issue that I feel comfortable to address and an issue that has been with me ever since recognizing my own sexuality," Halford told MTV News.

    1998: OZZY OSBOURNE tours Australia and announces that guitarist Zakk Wylde has returned to the line up.
    1998: YNGWIE JOHANN MALMSTEEN's Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra In E Flat Minor Op. 1 - Millennium is released in Japan.

    1999: OZZY OSBOURNE teams up with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane to unveil a new action figure in the metal godfather's image.


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    (4 FEB 1948)



    February 1, 1968: Universal International Studios offers THE DOORS $500,000 to star in a feature film. The band also announces plans for an ABC-TV special, a "humor book" by the whole group and a book of lyrics and poetry by Jim Morrison. Only the last project ever happens.


    February 1, 1977:   LED ZEPPELIN's is postponed indefinitely because of vocalist Robert Plant's trouble with tonsillitis.


    February 1, 1980:   IRON MAIDEN head out on the Metal For Muthas Tour, their first UK headling trek.


    February 3, 1959:

    The day the Music Died'  47 years ago.

     BUDDY HOLLY, BIG BOPPER and RITCHIE VALENS are killed in a plane crash.


    February 3, 1978:   VAN HALEN signs with Warner Bros.


    February 3, 2000:   DREAM THEATER's concert at the Palace Theater in L.A. is shut down by the fire marshalls an hour into the band's performance. Apparently, the Palace Theater had over-sold the venue and the fire marshalls insisted that the show would be stopped. The band, however, refused to leave the stage and continued to do 'The Spirit Carries On', with Mike Portnoy and the audience singing. They continued to play as the electricity on stage was cut off, and the police squad was brought in to force the audience out of the venue.


    February 3, 2002:   ZAKK WYLDE plays the National Anthem at the LA Kings game


    February 3, 1998:   SLAUGHTER guitarist Tim Kelly dies from injuries suffered in a collision on State Route 96 in Arizona. Kelly was 34.


    February 3, 2004: the long-running RATT/ Stephen Pearcy litigation came to a merciful closure on this day in 2004. A United States judge orders that WBS Inc.'s motion for summary judgment be denied. WBS is the corporation name for band members Warren DeMartini (guitar), Bobby Blotzer (drums) and Stephen Pearcy (vocals) and was at the center of all the litigation.






    2001: OZZY OSBOURNE is rumored to be making a sitcom, a spoof of the 1950's US sitcom, Ozzie And Harriet.


    2001: FATES WARNING sign to Metal Blade worldwide.


    2001: KISSonline reports that Eric Singer, the last drummer in KISS, has rejoined the band to complete the Farewell World Tour, their celebration of the band's 30 year history.


    2001: ROUGH CUTT reunite.


    2001: LIEGE LORD guitarist Paul Nelson is hired to collaborate and record tracks for the new WWF owned and founded football league, XFL.

    2002: former GUNS N' ROSES members SLASH, DUFF MCKAGAN and IZZY STRADLIN begin work on a new project.

    2003: AGENT STEEL sign to Scarlet Records in Italy for their forthcoming release, Order Of The Illuminati.


    2003: KROKUS's comeback album, Rock The Block, debuts on the Swiss album charts at #1.


    2003: MASTERPLAN's debut album enters the German charts at #42.

    2004: IRON MAIDEN manager Rod Smallwood and SLAYER manager Rick Sales were involved in a fistfight with record executive Happy Walters at the recent BMG Grammy party at Hollywood's Avalon.


    2004: former DOKKEN bassist JEFF PILSON inks a deal with Z Records for his new project, WAR & PEACE, and their new album, The Walls Have Eyes, due out through the label in April.


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