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    Album Reviews
    Year 2008


    "SAHARA RAIN" was born in 2007.In a time not long ago great musicians crafted great music out of nothing.Today the guys in "SAHARA RAIN" follow their footsteps, having one foot in the past and the other one in the future.The vision was to create something unique that would move people and help them understand what it's all about. About havin fun and live your dreams and to always make the present a past that you can be proud of in the future to come."SAHARA RAIN" always do their very best as a live act to entertain the audience, taking them on a journey through time and space that will leave no one untouched. Share our vision, feel the SAHARA'n RAIN.
    (Taken from their official streeteam in Germany)
    Posted on 2009-01-23 16:12:32 and written by dimitris


    "KINGDRAGON" was formed in 2006 by "SPITFIRE","NIGHTFALL" and "RAW SILK" ex-keyboardist ASPIOTIS GEORGE (Vocals, Keyboards). Additional fellow band mates include KASKABAS B. (Drums),ANASTASIS F.(Guitar), ZARKOS M. ex-Raw Silk (Guitar). After 16 years of service in the Greek Hard & Heavy Rock scene ASPIOTIS decided to make a mixture of all his musical experiences gathered from the various bands he participated in and to merge them into one sound! A fresh, clear, strong and loud sound that stems from the powerful melody decades of the 70's and the 80's.On February 2006 ASPIOTIS GEORGE meets ANASTASIS F. and they spent the next 4 months re-recording the guitar parts for the whole cd promo album, which at that point included all 8 tracks. After several calls and fan persistence for a live performance, Kingdragon finally decided to appear live for the first time in front of the Athenian audience in November 2006 supporting the distinguished "GOTTHARD".It was the best that could happen for Kingdragon. They performed all their unreleased material plus a well known Journey cover (!) in front of an audience unfamiliar with the band! Kingdragon received excellent reports on that gig both from Greek magazines as well as webzines. The story has just begun ... Unfortunately, just before November's gig ZARKOS M.(guitar) decided (due to personal reasons) not to follow the band in any live appearance and to participate only in the studio production. Thus, following that gig BYRON T.(bass) completed the band's line-up.With the release of their first official EP (4 songs) (and limited edition,only 500 copies),"KING DRAGON" mark their carrier in the melodic hard rock scene.The Greek quartet is soon to break through with a full length album.Great sound,great songs,great performance,either in studio or on stage,"KING DRAGON" keep reminding us all,that AOR and melodic hard rock is still alive and kicking! 

    Posted on 2008-11-09 17:32:15 and written by dimitris


    "An Early Cascade" is a five-piece modern hardcore band from Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in the spring of 2004, the band's sound is viscously hardcore with evident metal and rock influences. After being hard-at-work in the studio, An Early Cascade is proud to present their new EP 'Your Hammer To My Enemy', released through Midsummer Records (GER), Tornado Music (AT/CH) and Glasstone Records (UK), in the fall of 2008. With the support of these three labels, their music is finally also available for fans outside of Europe.
    Previous EPs are, 'An Early Cascade' (March 2005), 'A Murderer's Day' (December 2006), one SPLIT album with Dramaqueen Hysteria (October 2007), and a video for "Baby, I Don't Have to Look Good!" (Decemeber 2006).
    Countless hours of band practice and time in the studio have contributed to their sound maturing into a more technical and complex one. The band has really found their voice on this EP as the sound and technique has comfortably become their own. As their vocalist Maik says, "This is the first time we really feel like this is the music our band wants to make. We feel for the first time like, 'Yeah, that's how An Early Cascade is supposed to sound!'."
    Since their formation in 2004, the band has gained substantial experience from playing an astounding amount of shows all over Germany and select cities in mainland Europe. Their live performances are intense catharses of musical ambition that have their audiences raucously enthralled. They're said to be "an amazingly tight band that makes no musical compromises" (Sebastian Zapf,, and to have "varied music that won't bore you" (Alexander Greve, Wastin!.com).
    The band plans to continue to promote 'Your Hammer To My Enemy' and to remain creating and working hard to keep evolving and perfecting their sound. Not only to stay true to their fans, but to themselves.

    Posted on 2008-10-30 15:06:44 and written by dimitris


    "RANDOM CONFLICT" began life in late 2005 and started the long process of writing, rehearsing, recording and working as hard as possible to play the music they love. Throughout these two years, countless shows including four full UK tours and a headline tour of Belgium have seen Random Conflict sharing the stage with the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder (USA), All Shall Perish (USA), The Chariot (USA), Becoming The Archetype (USA), MyChildren MyBride (USA), Knights of the Abyss (USA), An Albatross (USA), Eternal Lord, Azriel, Centurion, Shaped By Fate, Trigger The Bloodshed, Sylosis, Viatrophy, Clone The Fragile, Your Demise, Brutality Will Prevail, Test Switch Isolator, Skindred, Murder One, Annotations of an Autopsy, The Argent Dawn and hundreds more. Emerging as one of the leaders in a strong Midlands metal scene, Random Conflict have carved out a reputation for combining passionate, brutal songs with an intense and energetic live show. With 2 well received EP’s under their belt coupled with the imminent release of a full-length later in 2008, Random Conflict have cemented themselves as favourites amongst fans, promoters and bands alike.

    Posted on 2008-10-15 15:02:31 and written by dimitris


    Since 1998, "X-VISION"'s music hasn't stopped progressing & maturing, mixing death, hardcore, trash, a fraction of grind and many other ingredients from every other type of music they listen to, they created a unique, powerful and intense metal played with flawless precision and extreme sincerity.
    X-Vision's have played many gigs in France and Europe with bands such as ANTHRAX, PRONG, GOJIRA, and in festivals like the Furyfest (w/ SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, MEGADETH), The Eurockeennes de Belfort (w/ SLIPKNOT, KORN, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), the Dour Festival (Belgium, w/ WALLS OF JERICHO, OOMPH!).

    'So Close, So Far', is an album that is organic, warmer sounding and with lyrics (dealing with topics such as pollution, animal massacre, loss of humanity…) that house a clear political undertow, and from this the press and X-Visions fans recognize they've never been so emotionally involved in what they are writing and playing.

    X-Vision have had great great reviews from Major European magazines such as Rocksound,Rockone,Hard and Heavy (France), and major fanzine-webzines...who all agreed that this album was about to be a huge piece in the band’s career. And they were right! A massive European tour to support the realease, including several support slots for long-time famous acts such as SEPULTURA and MINISTRY.


    Posted on 2008-10-15 14:32:52 and written by dimitris


    "THE COTTON SOETERBOEK BAND" and their first full length album called "TWISTED". The band redefines rock and roll for a modern audience. By any standard, The Cotton Soeterboek Band is unique; they take the larger than life mystique of hard rock and modernize it with a driving attack. Few bands sound this powerful or versatile, a combination of English blues rock from the 70's with Southern rock sensibilities. Led by the gifted and soulful vocalist Robert Soeterboek and guitarist Alan Cotton, combined with the powerful rhythm section of bassist Wim den Boer and drummer Wilfried Broekman, the band can grind out an intense, bluesy riff such as "Twisted", the title track off their latest album, to the lush harmony sounds of "Colorado". This variety is unique and as Robert says that was the intention, "We wanted to write an honest rock and roll album, music that people could really latch onto, but each song has a totally different personality. That's what I really like about it. Something that's totally original but also reminded people of the great rock icons of yesteryear." The band was formed when guitarist Alan Cotton set about looking for a charismatic front man with which to launch his new band. With Holland born singer Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon, Wicked Sensation), fresh off a touring stint with Arjen Lucassen's Star One, they soon inaugurated a combustible songwriting partnership. The two originally came together in a cabin in the Rockies, unofficially dubbed "Old Jack's Cabin", for marathon song writing sessions, releasing their S/T EP in 2006. They soon went back in the studio with drummer Reynold "Butch" Carlson, bassist Mike Davis and keyboardist Joost van den Broek to begin recording ‘Twisted’, the bands first full length album. Later, bassist Wim den Boer and drummer Wilfried Broekman officially joined the band. While there are echoes of the past in their music, their fluid musicality recalls Deep Purple, they also have an honesty often associated with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd - it merely acts as a foundation for their music. They sound as earthy and raw as the Black Crowes, and as hard and bluesy as classic Whitesnake, yet there's a higher level of musicianship to their performances and songwriting that makes them like no one else. The bands new album, Twisted, stands out as a modern version of something so familiar and comfortable, yet blistering with heat. It is a successful attempt to come up with an album that forges a visionary blend of hard blues, crushing rock, pastoral folk and post-mod pop. As Alan Cotton says, "We went in and recorded it like they did in the old days. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle, as it were, that magic. It's all about the magic". This album captures the kinetic energy and force of the band's live show and it is proof that The Cotton Soeterboek Band are true originals. A straight ahead, in your face, real rock & roll band.

    Posted on 2008-10-12 18:00:38 and written by dimitris


    "AC/DC" with their new release for 2008,"BLACK ICE".It's the first full-length studio album of all-new material from "AC/DC" since the release of "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000. Produced by Brendan O'Brien at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, "BLACK ICE" premieres 15 new "AC/DC" compositions and performances.Another great album,based on the same and original sound of the band,that made them and kept them as the top hard rock / rock'n'roll band in the world!

    Posted on 2008-10-12 17:27:39 and written by dimitris


    "BLACKSUN" from our home country, Greece,with their new released album called "REBIRTH".The band was formed in 1993 by Minas P. (guitars) and Anthony A. (drums). After a while Konstantinos Dratzides (bass) joined the band. On April 1994 the band released the debut demo-tape called "Blacksun". This demo-tape includes 5 tracks of pure metal. Two tracks of this demo-tape were included in Greek metal underground compilations. After two years the second demo-tape came true, titled "Through Storm We Ride". The atmosphere was more epic in that three-track release. This demo-tape took interesting reviews in countries like Japan and Germany. After that, Anthony and Konstantinos left the band for personal obligations. The band went on with session musicians but the result was disappointing. After one year Anthony and Konstantinos rejoined the band. Two new members joined the band as well, Nikos Filippas (Vocals), Nikos Koulelis (Bass). With the new line-up created their third attack called "Crystal Edge of Time" in cd this time. The music of the band turned to be more melodic but heavy metal as well. The reviews were very hopeful and band continued to earn well reports on abroad again. Despite the well critics of this release, Nikos Filippas left the band due to personal reasons. After a while the arrival of Konstantinos Karayiannis (keyboards) helped the band by adding keys to the songs. He became an active member of the band helping on composing as well. Also he became the lead singer. More retirements came up. Nikos Koulelis left the band and Konstantinos Dratzides did also as well. Despite the difficult season, Blacksun managed to replace empty places. Panagiotis Charalambous (guitars) and John Tsimas (bass) joined the band. This line-up created a new cd called "Promo-cd 2001". The music turned to melodic, romantic metal with a variety of influences. This was the big step for the band in its music progress. Live performances came true and contact with some labels. Also a promising frontman Dinos Matsikas joined the band. But problems came up one more time. Minas P. and Anthony A. left because of army obligations. This was the darkest period of the band although new songs were arranged with the previous line-up. Nothing special happened except two live performances one of which was support to ex Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'' Anno. The last members split up. After these bad incidents and some time of inactivity, Minas P. and Anthony A. made a new start for the band, having the assistance of session musicians that proved to be both more sufficient and more consistent than steady members.This effort gave birth to Blacksun's new cd called Tragaedia Eternal.New replacements took place. John, Sissy and Marios could not participate in the band's obligations. So Minas took also over the bass section and Steve Venardo of Airged Lamh took over the vocals."REBIRTH" moves into metal and melodic metal sounds with catchy tunes and nice songs.For more information,you may visit the official site at:

    Posted on 2008-09-28 15:39:47 and written by dimitris


    "SHADOWSIDE" was born in 2001 and after a while rehearsing, the band recorded a self-titled EP with six songs. That material was responsible for the band to build a name in the national scene and be asked as support acts for bands such as Nightwish (Credicard Hall), Primal Fear (Via Funchal and Bar Opinião) and Shaaman (A.V.A. and Mythos). On those concerts the band gathered another new legion of fans. "Theatre Of Shadows", the first complete musical piece from Shadowside was produced by Fábio Haddad and mixed by Santiago Ferraz, at LCM Studio, in São Paulo. Santiago is famous for mixing Paul McCartney and Silverchair DVDs, besides winning the Latin Grammy award twice as the producer for Milton Nascimento and Tom Jobim. The mastering was done by the respect producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Jorn Lande, TNT), at the Jailhouse Studios, in Denmark. The album was released by Seven Music together with Universal Music. That is, a band starting their career very well managed, as it has always been, and with the deserved status. On "Theatre of Shadows", Shadowside show solos and heavy riffs, also catchy melodies, showing all the evolution and experience achieved after a lot of study, sweat and hard work during these years. Exhibits a musical variety full of technique and feeling, always leaded by the technical, sentimental, original and angry vocals from singer Dani Nolden. The songs contain from Power Metal and Hard Rock touches to more modern influences. Alongside with Dani Nolden, members show perfect synchrony on the guitars,  while play the precise and full of groove rhythm section. All that makes Shadowside a very sharp and admired band. Lyrics are about several different themes, such as emotions and nowadays subjects, but always emphasizing the positive side of things. One of the hightlights is the song "We Want A Miracle" with a very harmonic chorus and perfect vocal lines and also the track "Highlight“, chosen song for the first video.Besides, the japanese version of the album will feature the song "Don´t Change your Mind“, from the japanese singer Mari Hamada – which despite its title in english, is sang in the nipponic language. The american and european versions will be released with a cover of Ronnie James Dio’s "Rainbow in the Dark“.In its essence, the album makes clear, on the 12 tracks carefully written, the competence and professionalism of these young musicians. An amazing studio work that brings together the best Heavy Metal ingredients. "Theatre of Shadows" promises to make lots of headbangers lose their breath.

    -This is the official press release from Universal music/Chavis records-

    Posted on 2008-09-13 23:52:02 and written by dimitris


    "STONE GODS" with their debut album in 2008,"SILVER SPOONS & BROKEN BONES".The band are the three-fourths of the UK rockers "THE DARKNESS".When "THE DARKNESS" came to an abrupt and messy end,Justin Hawkins' illegal substance-fueled lifestyle took him out of the picture and the remaining members of the band,including his brother Dan,formed the "STONE GODS".No matter if you liked The Darkness or not,either way,you have a reason to listen to that album,because it turns a new page into music for the band.It is obvious from the opening song,that "STONE GODS",are not here to remind us of who they used to be.Audibly,visibly and musically,this rock is totally different,sometimes heavier,sometimes smoothier,more classic,more metal and no more glam rock! (we like glam rock and any kind of rock,anyway)."STONE GODS",are moving to another direction.

    Posted on 2008-07-29 15:40:48 and written by dimitris


    "EVERCLEAR" with their new release "THE VEGAS YEARS".The album features 15 instantly recognizable classic rock hits and other enduring tracks,from artist like daryl Hall & John Oates,Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Cheap Trick, Neil Young,Tomy Tutone and more! Ever since their inception in 1992,frontman Art Alexakis and his band have been crafting shiny pop-rock music,easy listening and radio friendly songs.Now with "THE VEGAS YEARS" they have a collection of covers taken from their entire career,and played with their own new style pop-rock sound.Covers.....with a twist.

    Posted on 2008-07-23 16:51:18 and written by dimitris


    "BLACKMORE'S NIGHT" with their new release for 2008 "SECRET VOYAGE".Another musical journey through time and space,incorporating and rearranging traditional melodies from all over Europe,blending the "old" with the new.The brilliant guitar stylings of Ritchie Blackmore,the enchanting vocals and lyrics of singer/songwriter Candice Night and the saturation of authentic Renaissance instruments,create a unique style of music they call Renaissance/Folk/Rock.The album was recorded by Candice Night,Ritchie Blackmore and their Band.This musical journey is inspired by nature and incorporates acoustic and electric guitars,strings,renaissance instruments and Candice Night s ethereal voice and mystical lyrics.

    Posted on 2008-07-17 16:01:35 and written by dimitris


    ALICE COOPER and his brand new album "ALONG CAME A SPIDER".The legendary rock artist has joined forces with 'SPV' for the release of his latest album.Along with the spider goes an American tour,a great marketing team and Alice,the icon,himself.Currently in his fifth decade of performing,Alice Cooper is back with his 25th album!  This “concept” album tells the story of a fictional serial killer named 'Spider' and features Cooper’s trademark theatrical heavy metal.From the beggining you can feel the power of his music.“Vengeance Is Mine,”with guitar work from Slash,rocks harder than Alice has in at least a decade and a half and “Wake The Dead” is a close second (the song is co-written by Ozzy Osbourne,who also plays harmonica on the track).The 'father' of heavy metal and theatrical metal,is back! 

    Posted on 2008-07-17 15:42:06 and written by dimitris


    "HAREM SCAREM" with their final studio album,called "HOPE".European pressing of this 2008 album the final studio release by this Canadian melodic rock band,featuring one bonus track: 'Higher' (Acoustic).After 20 years of active duty,"HAREM SCAREM" have decided to move on to other things.They have therefore decided to release one final record for their fans all around the world."HOPE" marks the final testament to the art and craft of this legendary band in melodic hard rock.Well done boys,but we still 'hope' for more of your great music!

    Posted on 2008-07-12 15:05:15 and written by dimitris


    "KING HOBO" with their debut self titled album.A band featuring members of "OPETH","CLUTCH" and "SPIRITUAL BEGGARS".This could turn into a big mess,but that's not the case here! Guitar, vocals: Thomas Juneor Andersson(Kamchatka), Drums: JP Gaster (Clutch),Bass: Ulf Rockis Ivarsson (Beat Under Control),Keys, guitar, vocals: Per Wiberg (Opeth) Guest: Eric Oblander (Five Horse Johnson).This album documents one week in Sweden when this small gathering of traveling musicians threw their ingredients into the collective and then departed as quickly as they had come.For this reason,they call the group,and its debut release,"KING HOBO".Just four guys who are out to have a good time,and they do.

    Posted on 2008-07-12 14:58:14 and written by dimitris


    "MUDCRUTCH" are back with a brand new,self titled album.Imagine being in a band and the singer goes off to become an American rock idol.And then you spend the next three decades wondering,what might have happened.That's what happened with guitarist Tom Leaden and drummer Randall Marsh,who were original members of "MUDCRUTCH" between 1970 and 1975,before Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers cohorts Mike Cambell and Benmont Trench gain worldwide success.Tom Petty says:"I just finished a record with "MUDCRUTCH",my old band before the Heartbreakers.I am over the moon about it.I couldn't have hoped for it to be as good as it came out".In summer 2007,Tom Petty reunited the band,consisting of himself,Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench,original bandmember Tom Leadon and Randall Marsh,who joined when "MUDCRUTCH" first went to Los Angeles in search of a record deal in the early 70s.Now,more than 30 years later,"MUDCRUTCH" finally has its debut album.With new Petty songs and a handful of covers,the self-titled album is impressive,classic,based in country rock,pure,clean and more alive than ever. 

    Posted on 2008-07-06 16:11:21 and written by dimitris


    "SHINEDOWN" with their third album,"THE SOUND OF MADNESS".The band hails from sultry Jacksonville, Florida.Their 2003 debut album,"Leave A Whisper" and sophomore follow-up,"Us And Them",have been RIAA-certified platinum and gold respectively and they have had songs featured on the WWE, ESPN and in various video games."SHINEDOWN" will be out on the road this spring and summer,playing a handful of radio shows and outdoor festivals including 'Rock On The Range' before setting out on their own headlining tour.Frontman Brent Smith says: "In the seven years of this thing called Shinedown,I’ve seen a lot of different things - what we’ve all gone through on the road,things in our personal lives or witnessed firsthand through the fans that we’ve made and the relationships we’ve built with our audience.I think the biggest thing was I didn’t want to sugarcoat the way life can be sometimes"."THE SOUND OF MADNESS" is an American modern rock album,mixed with hard rock,nice guitar riffs,melody,real life lyrics,good vocals,great rythm and full of passion for rock music.

    Posted on 2008-07-05 15:33:05 and written by dimitris


    "EVAREST" with their debut album "FEAR".The album is to be released later this summer,through 'Farvahar Records',in Ohio U.S."EVAREST" is a melodic metal band from Czech Republic with female vocals.The band is still working on completing the album for the release.Being female fronted,gives the band an extra melody in the sound,while keeping very clear the elements of classic metal and speed metal,without having to add any screaming or power music within,but releasing a very good feeling and passion.Melodic tunes,romantic lyrics,speed guitars,great rythm,all included in a package rapped into metal music.Don't "FEAR" their music,it is fresh and most of all is very touching.Prefered songs from the debut album of "EVAREST" are the melodic 'For Goddamned Love' and the speed melodic metal 'Hero's Fate'.

    Posted on 2008-07-05 15:07:18 and written by dimitris


    "INK" formed in august of 1999 in Alexandroupolis when long time friends Savas Karabalasis(guitars,samples,producer) and Kostas
    Apostolopoulos(lead guitar) were recording some new songs in Savas Home Studio,they were searching for a guy with a good voice and Kostas thought that he knew one.So he brought Chris Tsantalis(vocals)who was obsessed with seattle vocalists.In about a week they had 3 songs which reminded a lot of bands Alice in chains,Depeche Mode,The Doors.This primal demo got some very good reviews from greek magazines but it was nothing really special.Everyone was in diffirent places so they got back together in 2002 when Chris returned after a very long trip in Bulgaria.They started immediately to record their first complete demo which named NEW DAY.A lethal mix of heavy guitars,psychedelic melodies
    and soulfull vocals.The influences are the main reason behind their
    unique sound. Imagine a cross between TOOL,ALICE IN CHAINS,A PERFECT CIRCLE,SOUNDGARDEN,DOORS and you re nearly there.2004 finds "INK" with some new members in the city of Thessaloniki.They're bulding a fan base with their powerfull live shows in local clubs,new songs are on the way,and NEW DAY is one of the surprises for Thessaloniki's rock fans.In 2004-2008 "INK" are playing a lot of shows and they're sharing stages with bands like MY EXUSE,TESTUBE,MIKRO,BULLDOZA,SAMAVAYO,RAINING PLEASURE,LAZY EYE,LEAK,BLIND TENDRIL,SILENTPROOF,SHOCK ABSORBER,UNIVERSE217... they also appeared in ardas river festival.Trademark is their unique unplugged shows in places like SILVER DOLLAR and CARPE DIEM.New album,named "DIARY" is on the way,along with their first video clip.You can listen to the "INK" music on our 'on line' radio,here at RockAces.
    Posted on 2008-07-04 15:57:53 and written by dimitris


    "HOWLIN RAIN" with their second album "MAGNIFICENT FIEND".The band from Oakland California brings an updated and unforseen kind of rock in their music.Ethan Miller, the brainchild of the group, had it in mind to create something groovy and organic with fellow members of the New Weird America, and do that he did. Recruiting other technical-but-heartfelt players from the California scene, he succeeded in constructing a band that is by turns mellow and punchy, but never contrived and always inspiring.Folk rock with new rock mixed with melodies.Hammonds,guitars,power and mellow sounds and groovy rythm.

    Posted on 2008-06-26 16:32:26 and written by dimitris


    "MOTLEY CRUE" with their new release "SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES".The first album with all four original members in a decade! Considering that drummer Tommy Lee was absent from the band's last album "New Tattoo," (2000) that singer Vince Neil basically dubbed over John Corabi's vocals for "Generation Swine" (1997) and Neil was absent from the band's self-titled CD, "Motley Crue," (1994) in some respects Motley Crue's ninth album "Saints of Los Angeles" (2008) is the first "true" Motley album since "Dr. Feelgood" (1989).No matter what these dirty sleazy rockers do,their still alive and kicking and back again! All their rock filth and rock fury of their 80's great days has returned into "SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES".Glam guitars,arena choruses,great music based on their early days,good songs and lyrics,giving hints of their past lifes and present contitions.

    Posted on 2008-06-26 16:14:54 and written by dimitris


    "JUDAS PRIEST" with their 2008 release "NOSTADAMUS".A concept album on the life of 16th century French oracle.Faced with this nab of excess,"JUDAS PRIEST",have responded on a grand scale.To their great credit they have embraced their ambition and attempted something new.They use keyboards,orchestras and choirs into "NOSTRADAMUS".The "Gods Of British Metal",are back,but with a twist.The power and the headbanging,the gothic sections and the storytelling are the new "JUDAS PRIEST" into this concept album."NOSTRADAMUS" contains some of their greatest musical and performing moments! (How come Nostradamus never predict that!?!?!?)

    Posted on 2008-06-20 15:34:47 and written by dimitris


    "URIAH HEEP" with their new release "WAKE THE SLEEPER".This is the first studio album in almost 10 years."WAKE THE SLEEPER" is set to herald an exciting new phase for the band,taking their classic sound right into the future.The album see’s "URIAH HEEP" back to their very best and is set to become a future classic: sure to please their dedicated worldwide fan base and fans of progressive rock in general.Recorded in 2007 the album was produced by Mike Paxman ("Status Quo","Judie Tzuke").This is the band's first album without their long-standing and original drummer,Lee Kerslake who sadly had to leave the band due to ill health in January 2007.Filling the drum stool for the very first time is the hugely well respected Russell Gilbrook.The current band also features Mick Box,Trevor Bolder,Phil Lanzon and Bernie Shaw.The great quality and production,including the unique rock sound of "URIAH HEEP",is still alive and kicking in this new release,proving once more the strength and greatness of this legendary band.

    Posted on 2008-06-15 16:06:43 and written by dimitris


    Jorn with his release for 2008 "LONELY ARE THE BRAVE".Another unique and classic hard rock masterpiece from this productive and gifted Norwegian.Jorn is one of the great rock giants.His strong and diverse voice and solid songwriting skills have become powerful trademarks in the hard rock gerne.Jorn is mostly remembered for his role as front man in the German metal act "MASTERPLAN",which has achieved great success around the world."LONELY ARE THE BRAVE" is Jorn's fifth solo album of original material,recorded under the steady direction of Tommy Hansen ("HELLOWEEN","PRETTY MAIDS","TNT") at 'Jailhouse Studios' in Denmark.Jorn's band consists of Willy Bendiksen,Tore Moren,Jørn Viggo Lofstad and Sid Ringsby."LONELY ARE THE BRAVE" is into classic hard rock and heavy metal music,with adrenaline written songs and rythm.

    Posted on 2008-06-12 04:47:47 and written by dimitris


    "JOURNEY" with their brand new release "REVELATION".Neal Schon (guitar),Jonathan Cain (keyboards),Ross Valory (bass),Deen Castronovo (drums)--are proud to introduce fans all over the world to their new lead singer,Arnel Pineda ('pin-eh-da').He replaces Jeff Scott Soto,who parted ways with the band earlier this year after stepping in for Steve Augeri(Perry),who had to leave the band in 2006 for medical reasons.Arnel's voice is strong enough to be compared  a lot like Steve's! Even listening to cover versions of the old songs,there are times that one can get confused or at least think for a moment that the singer is Perry himself again! We would like to wish Arnel Pineda,the best and a good journey with "JOURNEY".As for the album "REVELATION",is a classic AOR and melodic rock journey to the past and the present sound of this legendary band,that left and will continue to leave its mark in the best rock sounds and songs for three decades! The album is released as a two cd's including a dvd.Great production with great brand new songs in the first cd,while the second cd includes older hit songs,with the new singer.

    Posted on 2008-06-12 04:33:20 and written by dimitris


    Michael Bormann with his third solo album and new release for 2008,"CAPTURE THE MOMENT".Another great album from our very good friend Michael! In this album,Michael does almost everything by himself! He sings,he plays the bass,the drums,the guitars and god knows what else."CAPTURE THE MOMENT" is a solid melodic rock/AOR style album,full of Michael's fantastic vocals and musicianship! Crystal clear production,by Michael Bormann himself! Michael knows all the tricks and the secret ingredients to make another great album like "CAPTURE THE MOMENT".Fourteen great tracks,also including a duet with Sabine Edelsbacher from the Austrian band "Edenbridge".(guitarist Lanvall of the very same band has also contributed a guitar solo).For those of you,that you are interesting about Michael's summer holidays and want to see him perform live on stage,contact us at:

    Posted on 2008-06-05 16:46:37 and written by dimitris


    "SUGARMATE" with their debut album "SOMEDAY YOU WILL BE MINE".The band was formed around 2002 in Thessaloniki (Greece) after the "Meskaline" split-up,by Chrys Christodoulou and Johnny Papaioannou,including Jenny Patika and Petros Theodorou.After a little while,Harris Markoglou jumped in and the band carried on as a quintet.On mid-2005,Jenny left the band and "SUGARMATE" decided to stay a quartet (with some helping hand from Dimitris Dalezis,every now and then).There was an 'unofficial' release from Sugarmate in the form of a Promo CD in the mid-2003,containing 10+1 tracks,which went a long way... (and a 'Track Of The Day' award from One of the most important moments for the band was as the supporting act for "ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN" in Thessaloniki (March 2006) and the very good reviews they got from the audience.As of April 2007,"SUGARMATE" have their own studio together with 'Scab Level'.Haris has left the band and Dimitris Tatsis joined in his spot.After a long rest,the band is ready to hit the road again,supporting their debut CD official release "SOMEDAY YOU WIIL BE MINE",by 'Play Our Music'.The album moves into pop-rock,indie and alternative music,with a very good production,clean sounds,nice music and good vocals.

    Posted on 2008-06-04 17:20:35 and written by dimitris


    "SHANNON" with their new release for 2008 "ANGEL IN DISGUISE".The French band "SHANNON" was formed in the beginning of 1998 by Patrice LOUIS (Guitar) and Thierry DAGNICOURT (Keyboards)."SHANNON" remarkably plays a melodic hard rock that sticks to its skin.During the spring of 1998,the band enroles ex-"JANNYLEE"'s singer Olivier DEL VALLE behind the mike,then Claude THILL (ex-"DER KAISER") and Maxence PILO (ex-"HEAVENLY") join the band to finally complete the line-up.Inspired by the US melodic hard rock and AOR from the 80's/90's,"SHANNON" is now ready to become one of the newest leaders and brightest hopes of the genre.Their debut and eponymous album released in November 2003 on the Anvilcorp. label and distributed by Wagram has been unanimously praised and regarded by the international press as one of the most impressive and brilliant record of the year in the Classic 80's US melodic rock style.With catchy hooklines,infectious choruses and a groovy and powerful rhythm section,"SHANNON" is the perfect alchimy between classic US melodic hard rock and typical european influenced NWOBHM sound,delivering a music as powerful as melodic.The band takes the road and shares the stage with re-knowned artists such as "AXXIS","PINK CREAM 69" and Jeff Scott SOTO in Paris.In the middle of 2005,"SHANNON" sees its first line-up changes with the departure of Claude THILL and Maxence PILO,immediately replaced by Nicolas FIXY (Bass) and Benjamin BERGEROLLE (Drums),both formerly with French Epic-Progressive band "TAÏ PHONG".Strongly encouraged with the success of their self-titled album,not only in France,but largerly abroad,the band has taken the path to the studio to record a follow-up,even more motivated than ever.The "WORLD OF DESIRE" EP,5 demo tracks, was released in 2007.Their brand new album "ANGEL IN DISGUISE" is world wide distributed by 'MusicBuyMail'.A profesional,well polished work,very good production,nice vocals,melodic riffs and sounds,mixed perfectly with the keyboards and the rythm.

    Posted on 2008-06-03 14:58:33 and written by dimitris


    "THE HELLACOPTERS" with their seventh and final album,clever mamed,"HEAD OFF".The Sweedish rockers feature a little sonic taste from every phase of "THE HELLACOPTERS" musical past,from the feed-backed and hum-bucked mayhem found on 1996’s Grammy winning "Super Shitty To The Max!",to the refined songwriting and production found on their last studio album "Rock & Roll Is Dead".Usually an album of covers is a sure sign that a band has hit a creative dead end,but the band sounds very energetic and powerful.Plus the benefit that by puting their own mark in the covers,many of the listeners are likely to discover bands that they hadn't known before,just by listening to this pure heavy rock'n'roll/full throttle sound of "THE HELLACOPTERS".

    Posted on 2008-06-01 14:45:43 and written by dimitris


    "THE CHARLATANS" with their new release,10th studio album and five different labels,"CROSS MY PATH".The indie legends fronted by Tim Burgess,has been hailed in some quarters as their best album since 1999's "US AND US ONLY".Recorded in Los Angeles,Ireland and the band's own 'Big Mushroom studio',"THE CHARLATANS" new set was produced by the band along with longtime collaborator James Spencer and mixed by Alan Moulder.The band follows the same route for succes as the for the previous album,doing nothing new,but keeping their standards that made them famous. 

    Posted on 2008-06-01 14:30:18 and written by dimitris

    H.E.A.T. - H.E.A.T.

    "H.E.A.T." from Sweeden,with their self titled debut album.In a time not long ago great musicians crafted great music out of nothing.Today the guys in "H.E.A.T" follow their footsteps,having one foot in the past and the other one in the future.The band was born in January of 2007 when two different bands with the same singer merged.The vision was to create something unique that would move people and help them understand what it’s all about.About having fun and live your dreams and to always make the present a past that you can be proud of in the future to come.So the European 80's rock revival continues to be 'alive' between us,with another great release,that can clearly point those glory days can still be recaptured in todays music and sound pure and fresh! A great melodic rockhard rock release with classic and catchy tunes,great riffs,great vocals and outstanding melodies!

    Posted on 2008-06-01 14:12:48 and written by dimitris


    Bret Michaels with his solo album "ROCK MY WORLD".The frontman from the legendary rock band "POISON".Bret Michaels has sold more that 25 million albums world-wide,has 15 Top 40 hit singles and has performed in front of millions of adoring fans."POISON" still continues to be one of rock’s top grossing concert attractions.And of course,as the star of Vh1’s hugely successful series 'Rock Of Love',Bret has charmed many of his female fans! Michaels is known for his trademark bandana and wild on-stage persona.He has also become widely recognized for his capabilities as a singer/songwriter collaborating alongside some of the biggest names in the music business.The album has a signature Bret Michaels sound featuring his classic voice.The songs perfectly blend the hard-charging rock beats with soulful ballads.Primarily recorded in his home studio in Los Angeles.Bret said: "I’ve always been a rock ‘n roll guy at heart and this album is true to that.I’ve taken the sound of a classic 70’s rock riff and embodied that in a more modern production.The entire feel of the album,musically and lyrically,is about that rock and roll core".The first single from the album 'Go That Far' was the theme song for the 'Rock of Love' television show and the last,'It's My Party',is a classic rock'n'roll song played in the Bret Michaels way.

    Posted on 2008-05-29 13:12:48 and written by dimitris


    Kip Winger with his third solo album,"FROM THE MOON TO THE SUN".The album features musical assistance from Rod Morgenstein and Ken Mary on drums,Andy Timmons and Rob Eberhard Young on guitars,Cenk Eroglu on songwriting/keyboards and Alan Pasqua on piano.Kip Winger says: "I am an artist that will continue to push the envelope into the direction that my ear and abilities are taking me,with no compromise.I worked hard to make this record my best yet.For sure it is musically very diverse… Hence the title,"From The Moon To The Sun".The music in this album is rock with no boundaries,from fresh rock,to pop sensibilities,acoustic moods and hard rock. 

    Posted on 2008-05-27 17:12:47 and written by dimitris


    Recorded in 1989,these previously unreleased songs,written and produced by Robin George and recorded in his studio in Wolverhampton,UK.Were the first step on the road back to the top for Glenn Hughes after his time in "BLACK SABBATH".A blast from the past as theese recordings finally surface from the selved project of the duo,completed in 1990 and came out now! Robin George plays all the instruments,nice vocals,good melodies and good stracture.The only familliar song is 'Haunted' and should be known by Gleenn Hughes fans,as the only song that was previously released from theese sesssions at that time,making it to the 'Highlander 2' soundtrack.

    Posted on 2008-05-22 17:36:00 and written by dimitris


    "FIRES OF BABYLON" with their self titled debut album.Their line up is one of highly skilled musicians: guitarist Lou St. Paul("WINTERS BANE"),vocalist Rob Rock(ex-"IMPELITTERRI"),basist Kelly Conlon(ex-"DEATH") and drummer Robert Falzano("SHATTER MESSIAH").In 1990 guitarist Lou St. Paul formed "WINTERS BANE" and since that time has consistently displayed his excellent songwriting skills,playing great riffs and shredding solos.'Metal Heaven Records' asked him to write the material and put together a band to record a classic 80's metal album so "FIRES OF BABYLON" were borned.Rob Rock's extensive discography includes classic albums with "IMPELITTERRI","WARRIOR",Ael Rudi Pell and "M.A.R.S. PROJECT DRIVER".Rob has recorded three excellent solo albums ("Rage Of Creation","Eyes Of Eternity" and "Holy Hell").His latest one "Garden Of Chaos",has just been released.Kelly Conlon is a member of the death metal bands "DEATH" & "MONSTROSITY".Kelly performed on the classic "DEATH" album "Symbolic",as well as the "MONSTROSITY" albums "Millennium" and "In Dark Purity".Kelly is also working with his own band,"INFINITY MINUS ONE".Robert Falzano while with "ANNIHILATOR" met guitarist Curran Murphy and both of them formed their own outfit,"SHATTER MESSIAH"."FIRES OF BABYLON" is a power metal/melodic metal 80's style album,with strong songs and solid music.

    Posted on 2008-05-22 16:53:14 and written by dimitris


    "YEAR LONG DISASTER" with their self titled debut album.Pure and clean,like comming straight from the 70's,heavy rock,with killer riffs,great rythm and good songs.The band’s singer and guitar player is Daniel Davies,son of "THE KINKS" Dave Davies.Rounding out the band’s line-up is bassist Rich Mullins (formerly of stoner/psychedelic rock band "KARMA TO BURN") and drummer Brad Hargreaves (of alt pop darlings "THIRD EYE BLIND").-Strange combination for a band-.The result is a great blend of classic rythm rock with hard rock,up to the point of just touching,but not being,just an idea of metal.For sure one of the very good releases for this year,that until now,it is not a disaster for rock music.

    Posted on 2008-05-13 14:58:07 and written by dimitris


    "THE DIRTBOMBS" with their fourth full-length album,"WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED".The album is full of the Detroit style,garage punk,fuzztone rock'n'roll sounds,that made them so popular,the past years."THE DIRTBOMBS" are also known for their tasteful selection of cover tunes as much their stunning originals.And this record carries on the tradition with fantastic takes on songs by comic artist Alan Moore,"PORTLAND","DEAD MOON" and "LABELMATES SPARKS".

    Posted on 2008-05-13 14:39:43 and written by dimitris


    "SAHG",Norwegian metalers,with their new release for 2008,"SHG II".Since their 2006 debut,("SAHG I"),the band has left their black mark on two continents and made much rumble along the way."SAHG II" continues the metal tradition.Propably one of the best power metal albums of the year.As guitarist / vocalist Olav Iversen said: "the songs are more diverse because we have allowed ourselves to think more freely and be more receptive to a wider range of inspiration.There are so many directions we want to explore with this band and this is just what we had time for in this round".

    Posted on 2008-05-11 16:19:43 and written by dimitris


    Guitarist Paul Gilbert with his second all instrumental album "SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR".Last year Paul Gibert toured on the legendary G3 tour in support of Joe Satriani and confirmed to a younger audience what Gilbert fans have known for over 20 years that Paul Gilbert is simply one of the greatest guitarists on the planet today.In terms of fretboard technique the man is a machine.This album is a more rounded collection with some vivid flashbacks to his "RACER X" days and dynamic playing. 

    Posted on 2008-05-11 15:34:58 and written by dimitris


    "DEF LEPPARD" Great Britain's premiere arena rock band,is back with a bang-kicking off 2008 with the release of their 14th studio album "SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE".The album contains 11 brand new songs including the highly-anticipated single "Nine Lives" featuring a groundbreaking collaboration with country singer music superstar Tim McGraw.Recorded last year during month-long stints at lead singer Joe Elliott's Dublin studio,the album's title refers to a backstage area called "The Sparkle Lounge" on "DEF LEPPARDS"'s 2006 tour where the band would go to write songs.Tracks from the album have been described by the group as written in the style of "HYSTERIA",with the production of "HIGH 'N' DRY"."The whole record's got a great '70s feel",said lead singer Joe Elliott."By our standards,it's a very different album as we've been very adventurous,musically,on certain numbers.On the album there are classic 'Leppard' songs and then there's also tracks that are very new-wave influenced while others sound like middle-to-late '70s "AC/DC".There will definitely be some moments on it where anybody that's familiar with our music will go,'Whoa! I wasn't expecting that!'". The foundation for the album's collaboration with country music superstar Tim McGraw was layed at "DEF LEPPARDS"'s 2006 'Hollywood Bowl' show where McGraw joined the band on stage for an encore performance of "Pour Some Sugar on Me".The artists stayed in touch following the performance and when the band started writing the song "Nine Lives" they immediately thought of reaching out to McGraw to sing on it.Guitarist Phil Collen flew to Nashville to play it for McGraw who loved it and recorded the song in Nashville shortly after.With more than 65 million albums sold worldwide and two prestigious 'Diamond Awards' to their credit,"DEF LEPPARD"--Joe Elliott (vocals),Vivian Campbell (guitar),Phil Collen (guitar),Rick "Sav" Savage (bass) and Rick Allen (drums),continues to be one of the most important forces in rock music.Over the course of their career,the band has produced a series of classic groundbreaking albums that set the sound for generations of music fans and artists.The group's spectacular live shows,filled with powerful melodic/classic rock anthems,have become synonymous with their name and they are an institution in the touring industry as they continue to sell out arenas worldwide!

    Posted on 2008-05-08 14:47:02 and written by dimitris


    "MGMT" with their debut album "ORACULAR SPECTACULAR". That is an album to be handled with care.It is very nice in a strange way.Starts with a techno psycho mix beat of a kind of "BEATLES" influenced song and that feeling of the 60's pop goes on through the album.The two band members,Vanwyngarden and Goldwasser's ability to use the 60's with new sounds is very impressive.If you like the retro modern feeling and the blending the70's, 90's and the 60's,with a lot of fun,glam with pop electro and psychedelic rock'n'roll,then "ORACULAR SPECTACULAR" is one theese albums.

    Posted on 2008-05-08 14:28:08 and written by dimitris


    "WITCH" with their second album "PARALYZED".The bands line up is: Dave Sweetapple (bass),J Mascis (drums)(from "DINOSAUR JR") and Kyle Thomas (guitar/vocals)."WITCH" have nothing to do,musically,with "DINOSAUR JR"."PARALYZED" is punk rock based,enough heavy rockish and aggressive.As "WITCH" say: “You don’t have to hit the right note every time.It’s ok,you can have fun with music,it doesn’t need to be life-and-death serious all the time”.And this is the feeling and the attidute throughout the album,trying to sweep aside everything on its way,always having fun.

    Posted on 2008-05-08 14:05:45 and written by dimitris


    "ALIBI" with their new release for 2008 and second album,"VOICE OF REASON".The British melodic hard rockers return again with Vince O'Regan on guitars,Rick Chase("MAMA'S BOYS")-vocals,James Wright-drums,Andy Mills-bass and James Screaton-keyboards."ALIBI" play a classic British hard rock / AOR.The difference with American or European AOR,i think is less keyboards and more guitars.Vince O'Regan production talents and guitar playing are well known to his fans.'Escape Music' wasn't interested in releasing the follow-up,but 'Z Records' was."VOICE OF REASON" has catchy tunes,nice guitar playing and solos and a good melodic hard rock rythm.

    Posted on 2008-05-06 16:15:01 and written by dimitris


    "CAVALERA CONSPIRACY" with their album "INFLIKTED". Vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera says: "is about a sense of being unleashed.You bottle a monster for 10 years and then let it out.It is explosive and we waited a long time for this beast to be set free". Many said it would never happen,that Max and Iggor Cavalera,the Brazilian brothers and visionaries that formed the groundbreaking metal band "SEPULTURA" in 1983 would reunite to make electrifying music together again.Despite having spent 12 years apart,the inescapable fact remains.Max and Iggor share blood and are musical soulmates.Their time away from each other fostered musical growth leading to the newly inspired metallic magic.So,the "CAVALERA CONSPIRACY" was born.While the band and their 'Roadrunner Records' debut album "INFLIKTED" may seem like the closest we'll get to a "SEPULTURA" reunion,the "CAVALERA CONSPIRACY" has its own maniacal,untamable beast with its own set of rules.

    Posted on 2008-05-04 15:29:09 and written by dimitris


    "THE GUTTER TWINS" with their 2008 release "SATURNALIA". Greg Dulli ("AFGAN WINGS") and Mark Lanegan ("SCREAMING TREES"),spent their formative musical years with a generation of music fans who were pessimistic at best.Dulli continued the deathly groove with the "TWILIGHT SINGERS",while Lanegan went solo and as a hired hand for "QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE".Usually their music is dark,but in "SATURNALIA" they seem to smile a bit.Mystical,unpredictable,ultimately masterful,the album both embodies and defies any expectations suggested by their previous principals.Produced by Dulli and Lanegan along with the band's unofficial third member Mathias Schneeberger.Rainy,dry,cold or even frozen reflecting feelings emerge throughout the album keeping the dark rock sounds,sometimes smilling at us.

    Posted on 2008-05-04 15:15:30 and written by dimitris


    "DOKKEN" with their new release for 2008 and their tenth studio album,"LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN".The album took its title from a track on the band's 1985 classic album,"UNDER LOCK & KEY",the new songs bring the group's sound full circle."DOKKEN" return to the band's roots for its 'Rhino Records' debut.Don Dokken says: "It's time that our brand of music is still valid,Our goal was to create an album that was our best since our heyday".Many are accusing Don Dokken that he cannot sing like he used to do in the 80's.It is almost true,but then again how could he still be the same after all these years? The "DOKKEN" sound like before and they try really good to do it.Jeff Scott Soto is doing the backing vocals.Guitarist Jon Levin has produced and did his best to make this album as good and as closest it can be to the old and cllasic heday sound of "DOKKEN"."LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN" has a great production,strong and memorable songs,good rythm and those that undrestand that we all grow older,will also accept the small difference in Don's voice.

    Posted on 2008-05-04 14:51:52 and written by dimitris


    "FROZEN RAIN" with their debut album,"FROZEN RAIN".The band is a personal project from the Belgian born Kurt Vereecke.Since he was a child,Kurt was fascinated by music,but when he discovered AOR,then his dream came alive.Kurt started his career as a singer & guitar player,but soon he switched to keyboards.In 2001 he started the preparations for the "FROZEN RAIN" album.He wrote new songs with the Sweedish lyricist Andy Flash and in search for good musicians.In 2002 the recordings started.In "FROZEN RAIN" project are involved: Tommy Denander,Steve Newman,Daniel Flores,Jim Santos,Johan Waem,Ollie Oldenburg,Ward Snauwaert and more! The production was made by 'Avenue Of Allies Music',a German record company ,specialized in AOR and melodic rock and the album was released in the beggining of 2008."FROZEN RAIN",a typicall pure AOR album,is full of catchy melodies,awesome guitars,powerful drums,sparkling keyboards and very good vocals.Each song in this album can stand out alone for the performance and musicianship.

    Posted on 2008-05-04 14:24:15 and written by dimitris


    Italian prog-rockers "LOOKING 4 A NAME" with their 2008 release "TETRAGRAM".The project "LOOKING 4 A NAME" was born in december 2001 from the collaboration between Francesco Panico (guitar) and Larsen Premoli (keys).The original line-up was completed by Deneb Bucella (drums) and Sandro Leoni (bass).The band started as an atypical cover band: the live tracklist was in fact made of classic hard rock tunes mingled with kicks and licks clearly inspired by the pure metal-progressive style.In March 2003 Deneb was replaced by the skilled drummer Mauro Bonini.Further on,in 2004 Sandro was replaced by the current outstanding bass player Federico Ghioni.Thanks to the constant stage and studio activity,the band was able to quickly refine its groove and sound,winning therefore many musical contests for young bands.Beside the developement of new covers,very soon rose up the strong willing to write and play new and original material: this led them to record its first promo-album “Looking for...”,which is a synthesis of tradition and creativity,coming from new ideas and different experiences,a complex and sophisticated album,but also light,bright and easy to listen to.After releasing its promo,the band forged a clear direction: the amount of covers was gradually reduced in order to increase the number of original songs in the tracklist.In September 2005 the line-up was once again altered: former drummer Deneb Bucella was called upon again.Short later,good reviews of “Looking for...” began to appear on many webzines and magazines: they showed a great enthusiasm for the promo-album and their excitement encouraged the band to start working on a new studio album."TETRAGRAM" followed: the first full-lenght signed,a vast concept album where different musical influences,fine sound and great care to the storyboard are carefully mixed to let the listener experience a real progressive voyage.The project is the result of 21 months of hard work and has been completely produced and supervised by the band in its studio.In june 2007 the band was selected out of 2500 different bands coming from all around Italy to perform in preview its new work on the first day of the “Heineken Jammin Festival” in Mestre (Venice)."TETRAGRAM" was officially released by 'Valery Records' in Italy.

    Posted on 2008-05-01 15:47:05 and written by dimitris


    "COUNTING CROWS" with their new release "SATURDAY NIGHTS & SUNDAY MORNINGS".Five years later since their last album in 2002 ("HARD CANDY") and over 20 million albums sold worldwide,eight Top 5 singles and three records that have broken the Top 5 on the Billboard 200,"COUNTING CROWS" are back.As Adam Duritz said: "It's a "COUNTING CROWS" album.We're back.We were only ever as far gone as you can go.It is the story of what happens when all the bright lights start to burn instead of glitter and you become more of a part of the shadow they cast behind you than the person you are in front.Produced in two parts by Gil Norton & Brian Deck,it's about a flood of sin and liquor and dissolution and insanity and it's about trying to rebuild the life you wrecked in the wake of that flood. It's about the way it feels.It's about me".The band was formed in California’s Bay Area in 1991, originally the duo of vocalist Adam Duritz and guitar player Dave Bryson.By 1993 they had grown to include bassist Matt Malley, keyboardist Charlie Gillingham and drummer Steve Bowman."SATURDAY NIGHTS & SUNDAY MORNINGS" is their first album to feature Jim Borgios on drums and Millard Powers on bass.International versions of the album include the bonus tracks “Baby, I’m A Big Star Now” (UK) and “Wennen aan September (feat. Bløf)” (Dutch).The sound in the album,although it is a typical "COUNTING CROWS",with the passioned vocals and the catchy guitar riffs,includes panjos,piano and a bit of country.Still remains rock,in the first faster part and on the slower second part. 

    Posted on 2008-04-26 18:23:58 and written by dimitris


    "THE KOOKS" and their new release for 2008,"KONK".The album was recorded over a six week period at the tail-end of 2007 in Ray Davies’ 'Konk Studios' in north London,plus a week at Los Angeles’ 'Sound Factory'.The sessions once again united the group with esteemed producer Tony Hoffer (Beck / "AIR"/ "THE FRATELLIS").Explaining how he came to suggest the album title,guitarist Hugh says: "I just started thinking how cool the studio is and how much of a part of our sound it is"."KONK" features twelve tracks.In the limited edition there are 2CDs with bonus tracks,demos and alternative versions.There’s ‘Gap’ which is classic "KOOKS" and ‘Shine On’ which finds Luke exploring hitherto unchartered lyrical territory over the loveliest of melodies.First single ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ is a tumbling rocker with a ‘do-do-do, do-do-do-do’ refrain that might just be the catchiest thing they’ve ever done. ‘Sway’ and ‘Mr Maker’ are other album highlights.Alternative rock at its best,good melodies and rythm. 

    Posted on 2008-04-24 16:02:32 and written by dimitris


    Subsonic "SUBSONIC" with their new album,"BLOOD GROOVE".The band was born in 1999 as a solo project founded by the multi-talented guitarist,Ron Marks,a third generation composer/musician.His grandfather founded and conducted the 'Carl Marks Concert Band' from the 1920’s through the 1980’s.Ron’s uncle,Carl Jr.,attended Julliard,was a world-class clarinetist and later founded Marks Music store in 1947 which is now owned and operated by Carl III.Ron’s father,Ron Sr.,attended 'Cincinnati Conservatory of Music' and was a consumate jazz musician and arranger in addition to being his son’s mentor.The "SUBSONIC" sound is a fusion of rock and metal with jazz influences,wrapped in a blanket of intriguing lyrics.Two albums have so far been released,"SUPER-VEL" (Outlaw Records) and "NO SUCH SOUL" (Sonic Wave Intl).The music looks at the darker side of society and reaffirms how liberating and essential satire is as a way of finding your own light.It is more diverse and ’radio friendly’ than Ron’s previous musical endeavours,most notably with "CELTIC FROST".This was validated in 2005 with preliminary 'Grammy Nominations' in three categories: 'Best Hard Rock Performance' -"Dream American" from "NO SUCH SOUL",'Best Rock Song'-"Dream American" & 'Best Rock Album' - "NO SUCH SOUL".Although only preliminary nominations it was felt by Ron that because "SUBSONIC" remained a rather unknown commercial commodity,such industry recognition at any level was quite an honour.Ron Marks is a remarkably gifted musician and producer with great versatility.He began playing the drums at 5 years old and by the age of 15 had learnt to play guitar because he wanted to write songs.He also teaches guitar privately at the family music store.Ron has been involved in several music projects throughout his career and joined "CELTIC FROST" after the release of their "INTO THE PANDEMONIUM" album release.This collaboration lasted for just a few short months although he did return briefly to help compose and record "VANITY/NEMESIS" in Berlin.Aside from his work with "SUBSONIC",Ron has an archive of over 400 songs,written,arranged,recorded and produced by himself.It is hoped that this material can be made available to other artists and/or production companies in order to utilise Rons talents to their full potential.In addition Ron is also working on a book of his life as a musician entitled,"DONT MISS ONE"."BLOOD GROOVE",is a rockier and groovier album,with catchy songs,heavy or light riffs when needed,great rythm,also 'radio friendly' and great vocals (sounds like Paul Stanley-"KISS")! The album also includes a rock version of "That's The Way I Like It" (originally by "K.C. And The Sunshine Band"),for those that still remember the '80s."BLOOD GROOVE" is a release by 'Nexiarde Music'. 

    Posted on 2008-04-24 14:07:09 and written by dimitris


    "PORCUPINE TREE" with their new EP "NIL RECURRING".The line up in this release is Steven Wilson-vocals,guitars,piano,keyboards,Richard Barbieri-keyboards and synthesizers,Colin Edwin-bass guitars and Gavin Harrison-drums,percussion,tapped guitar.For the EP,they also used these guest musicians: Robert Fripp-lead guitar,John Wesley-backing vocals and Ben Coleman-electric violin.It is a release of B-sides from the previous album of 2007 "FEAR OF A BLANK PLANET", recording sessions,that can stand on their own as an EP and make the connection-continium of "FEAR".Sounds more than jamming recordings,easy listening,coming from a band that keeps experimenting not only with rock,but more with the alternative.

    Posted on 2008-04-23 17:06:47 and written by dimitris


    Maria Kizirian and her 2006 release called "ON THE ROCKS".We present Maria and her album now,because of her new cd single called "Retro Man",that was released in 2008.So we meet and learned about Maria just a month ago.First a few words about her.Maria kizirian was borned in Finland in a music family and raised in middle America.From early age she was a violin player andadvancing also to a piano player.'EMI' in Finland courted her and she signed a deal with them.Maria started as a pop artist,but always keeping in mind her love for rock music and names like "HEART and "BON JOVI".In her debut album,"ON THE ROCKS",Maria combines her skills in violin and piano,with classical sounds,pop and rock music.But her biggest talent is her voice.Strong vocals capabilities,that can be into rock,country,blues or pop music in an instant."ON THE ROCKS" includes all of her talents and musical tastes.Moving with no trouble her catchy tunes,from pop to rock and from blues to country sounds.As a songwriter and singer Maria,will start releasing every 2-3 months digital singles and the first of them is "RETRO MAN".This cd single is a clean rock song,based on her great voice and songwriting.

    For more informations about Maria Kirizian please visit: 

    Posted on 2008-04-21 04:05:38 and written by dimitris

    KINGS X - XV

    "KINGS X" with their 2008 release "XV".The trio,Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass), Jerry Gaskill (drums) and Ty Tabor (guitars),is back with another great release.Almost flawless rock skills great compositions and with a superb production by sound maestro Michael Wagener in Nashville,Tennessee,the Texan trio have returned to their successful career.According to international music critics and rock gourmets,"KINGS X" are among the most unusual acts in the history of rock music.The technical skills of the trio,are above aproach and their creativity has impressed both their fans and the media."XV" is their fourteenth studio album! "XV" is another great example of "KINGS X" classic groove rock with elegance,power and such crystal clear sound.

    Posted on 2008-04-17 14:11:40 and written by dimitris


    "THE PARLOR MOB" with their debut album "AND YOU WERE A CROW".The band was formerly known as "WHAT ABOUT FRANK".Lead singer Mark Melicia,teamed with guitarists Dave Rosen and Paul Ritchie,bassist Nick Villapiano and drummer Sam Bey.Clean hard rock sound,with hard and soft riffs taken out of the '70s when needed,nice rythm and vocals that bring punk-rock ages in mind,"THE PARLOR MOB",keep rock'n'roll alive. 

    Posted on 2008-04-17 13:53:57 and written by dimitris


    "P.O.D." with their fifth studio album "WHEN ANGELS AND SERPENTS DANCE" and their first with guitarist Marcos since 2001’s "SATELLITE".P.O.D. (short for Payable On Death) formed in San Ysidro,California,a SoCal community not far from San Diego,in 1992.The seed of P.O.D. was sewn in the friendship between young guitarist Marcos and drummer Wuv,who both shared a background in jazz and reggae,but were heavily into punk bands like Bad Brains and Green Day.Eventually, they started a band with Wuv’s cousin Sonny (who brought a love of hip-hop to the group) and later,bassist Traa,a displaced Cleveland native.During the mid-90’s,"P.O.D." took a very blue collar approach to their music career.The band gigged up and down the west coast,expanding east as word of their sound grew.They founded their own label,'Rescue Records',where they released three Eps of raw rap-metal.Legend holds that the band moved 40,000 copies of those early demos,an unprecedented number for an unsigned band on their own indie.With their name spreading across the underground,it was only a few years of hard gigging before the majors came calling.The band signed a deal with 'Atlantic Records' in 1998."WHEN ANGELS AND SERPENTS DANCE",was released by 'Columbia and INO Records',(their first with Columbia).A mix of metal-rap with metal hip hop and hard rock.At the end the result is more rock than before,which we find it better.


    Posted on 2008-04-17 13:36:12 and written by dimitris


    "THE RACONTEURS" with their new release for 2008 "CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY".The album follows their 2006 debut album "BROKEN BOY SOLDIERS",which went Top 10,was
    Grammy nominated for best rock album and spun off a #1 modern rock hit.Led by singer-songwriter-guitarists Jack White of "THE WHITE STRIPES" and Brendan Benson,the band relocated to Nashville and moved to 'Warner Bros'.Fascinating,engaging and rocking,"CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY" fulfills the promise of the teaming of two masters of power pop-rock scene.Different from their debut album,harder and in times faster and more energetic."CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY",is looking forward to overcome the previous works of White/Benson,moving from punk rock,to garage and power pop-rock.

    Posted on 2008-04-17 13:11:20 and written by dimitris


    "FAREWELL" with their new album named "ISN'T THIS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!?".The bands line up is: Chris Lee (vocals,keyboards),Marshall Davis (vocals),Wil Andrews (guitar),Kevin Carter (guitar),Buddy Bell (bass guitar) and Jeff Ellis (drums).And yes,they do have fun.At least as far as their musicianship and their songs,them boys,really having fun making this record."FAREWELL"'s music is based on explosive powerchords,razor-sharp rhythms and a sense of being in a hurry to get on with it,before you get bored.Theese power-pop rockers are energetic giving catchy songs,probably non of them to stay in music history but good enough to enjoy.After all with music aren't we supposed to have fun?

    Posted on 2008-04-13 18:21:00 and written by dimitris


    "ASIA" return with a brand new album named "PHOENIX".Their debut album in 1982 was both ecstatically received and the biggest selling album of the year.It spawned a trio of US top 10 singles in "Heat of the Moment","Only Time Will Tell" and "Sole Survivor".Over the greater part of the 80's,"ASIA" racked up 15 million in global record sales! "PHOENIX",their new release is rising "ASIA" from the ashes.The multi-platinum supergroup returns with the first new album featuring the original line up in 25 years.With a revered musical pedigree,Geoff Downes ("YES","THE BUGGLES"),Steve Howe ("YES","GTR"),Carl Palmer ("ATOMIC ROOSTER","ELP","THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN") and John Wetton ("KING CRIMSON","ROXY MUSIC","URIAH HEEP","WISHBONE ASH"),have returned to their hit making roots."PHOENIX" revives the sound that gave "ASIA" radio hits and the fans great heart beats. 

    Posted on 2008-04-13 17:51:12 and written by dimitris


    "CROWN OF GLORY" with their debut album "A DEEP BREATH OF LIFE".Switzerland is allready known to us for the great melodic rock/hardrock/metal bands such as "GOTTHARD","KROKUS","CHINA","SHAKRA" and more.Now "CROWN OF GLORY" come with a very promissing debut album to continue that line.The mixing of the album was made by Dennis Ward ("PINK CREAM 69")."A DEEP BREATH OF LIFE" is moving inside that melodic metal gerne,with some epic tracks,some straight metal,some symphonic,some melodic."CROWN OF GLORY" is a new band and the fans will deside when the time comes.

    Posted on 2008-04-10 14:57:46 and written by dimitris


    "SECRET AND WHISPER" Canadian rockers with their debut album named,"GREAT WHITE WHALE".The album is full of passion,energetic hard rock,with influences from the new age metal and today's pop-rock,soaring vocals hard and softer melodies,all in a well given package of friendly radio listening sounds.Forming in 2006 when vocalist Charles Furney replaced ex-Stutterfly frontman Chris Stickney,the band changed its name to "SECRET AND WHISPER" to differentiate the sound which the new group hoped to perform from that heard on "STUTTERFLY" albums, "And We Are The Bled of Color" and "Broken In Pieces".Charles Furney vocals are a big part of what defines the bands style,along with high pitched whale cry(singing).Overall is a good solid album,with a good production and "SECRET AND WHISPERS" start making a name for themselves with this emotional musical experience,"GREAT WHITE WHALE".

    Posted on 2008-04-10 14:42:07 and written by dimitris


    "THE BLACK CROWES" return after seven years with a brand new release,"WARPAINT".No alternate takes,different versions,or rejected songs from previous albums.Ten brand new 'crowes' songs.All the ingredients that got them started back in their '90 debut "SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER" are also in "WARPAINT".Bluesy,country,southern rock music.A little more laid-back siyuation in this album and not much power.In the "THE BLACK CROWES" 18 year history,they have more "former members" than actual band members now.Sven Pipien on Bass has been with them long enough to be considered a veteran.Their former,long-time keyboard player,Ed Harsh finally called it quits in 2006 and has formally been replaced by Adam MacDougall.On,off again,lead guitarist Marc Ford left again in 2006 and has also been replaced by the former North Mississippi Allstars Luther Dickinson,who's doing well.At least Chris Robinson-singer is an unganged and steady value,hopefully together with his brother Rich Robinson!

    Posted on 2008-04-08 16:35:56 and written by dimitris


    Chris Catena with his second solo album "DISCOVERY".The Italian singer/guitarist continues also here with the same recipe of famous and less famous guest musicians,as he did also in his first album "FREAK OUT",in 2003.The list of names now includes Janne Stark, Bobby Kimball, Mathias Eklund, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Earl Slick, Tommy Denander, Timothy Drury,and more.Someone would expect a much better result with all these talented names.Not that it is a bad album.These musicians can play and they can play very well,but it seems all together,it gets too much."DISCOVERY" has a great production,great musicianship,good vocals,very good hard rock and rock melodies and songs.The performance is great,and the result,some might say,that could be better.

    Posted on 2008-04-08 15:42:25 and written by dimitris


    "THE STONE CIRCLES" from London,U.K.The five member band was formed late last year and recorded that four track demo for a start.Their influences are from the Brit-rock scene,classic rock and psychedelic rock from the '70's,till today.Clean music,well made production,nice vocals,nice riffs,rythm and melody,reminding us all the good taste these boys have for freshing up the good old rock sounds.For more information please visit :

    Posted on 2008-04-08 15:19:16 and written by dimitris


    "BLACK MOUNTAIN",the Vancouver,Canada,based retro rock band with their somophore release for 2008,"IN THE FUTURE". "We had tried like a year before to do some new stuff,but it just seemed that everyone was burnt out from touring",explains bassist Matt Camirand.But not all the early sessions were scrapped."We did use some of the tracks from the first recording that did work out",Camirand says."But the week before we went into the studio,we got nine tracks written in five days,which for us is a colossal feat".The group blazed through recording sessions at Vancouver's the Hive, taking two weeks to track and a week to mix."It was kind of a different process,because it was live",lead guitarist/vocalist Stephen McBean says."This one was more rehearsed and was way more collaborative".The result is 10 tracks of hard-hitting,'70s-inspired psychedelic rock,including epic songs as well as acoustic ballads."There's no sense rushing it and putting out something mediocre",McBean says."I think we differ from a lot of bands,who like to go into the studio after touring,because they are tight.For us,one of our strong points is spontaneity".

    Posted on 2008-04-06 15:37:12 and written by dimitris


    "R.E.M." with their 14th studio album and new release in four years "ACCELERATE".Their guitar driven alternative rock music,that "RE.M." helped discovered,puts them for one more time in the hall of fame of the gerne."ACCELERATE" was helmed by the band and for the first time with Jacknife Lee (co-producer of "U2"’s 2005 Grammy album of the year "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb","THE HIVES" and "SNOW PATROL").Michael Stipe even acknowledged the misstep,of the previous album and admitting that the group had lost focus and that he,guitarist Peter Buck and bassist Mike Mills,didn't talk… for a couple of records! "ACCELERATE",comes to prove that this situation was wrong and how fast relationships can be fixed.also the album proves how the "R.E.M." music power can return and 'accelerate' them to match the succes of the past.

    Posted on 2008-04-06 04:40:42 and written by dimitris


    "THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" with their 2008 release "THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES PEOPLE".The first album in four years from the alternative rock band and the first with Andrew McKeag on guitar,replacing Dave Dederer (guitarist and founding member),and bringing Seattle underground producer Kurt Bloch,into their most exciting album so far.Even though this release,may not achive the previous hits,for sure is a more electric and still a clear P.U.S.A. album.Their pop-rock/alternative radio friendly music of the 90's,returns with their reuniting and the voice of Chris Ballew,along with the rest of the presidents,will bring some 'good times to the people'!

    Posted on 2008-04-06 04:19:57 and written by dimitris


    Sheryl Crow with her new album "DETOURS".The album chronicles a turbulent period in Sheryl Crow's life,in wich she splits from her husband Lance Armstrong,then discovered she had breast cancer.For an artist who arguably peaked too early with her debut "TUESDAY NIGHT MUSIC CLUB",the new album is certainly bitter sweet.Reuniting with producer Bill Bottrell has galvanised Sheryl Crow,who previously worked with Crow on her breakthrough debut album,which earned the singer three Grammy Awards and sold more than ten million copies worldwide."This is the most honest record I've ever made.It's about being forced to wake up",says Sheryl Crow.

    Posted on 2008-04-03 16:02:00 and written by dimitris


    "DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS" new album,"BRIGHTER THAN CREATION'S DARK" is a southern-country-rock'n'roll great album with 19 songs adding up to over 75 minutes of pure music.The band continues its notorious 3-guitar attack with the promotion of longtime sidekick John Neff to full member.Patterson Hood contributes 9 songs to the album (The Righteous Path, Daddy Needs A Drink),7 songs from Mike Cooley (A Ghost To Most, Lisa's Birthday) and 3 songs from Shonna Tucker (The Purgatory Line).This it the first time Shonna has written the songs for a "DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS" album.All this is enhanced with musical contributions from he legendary Spooner Oldham.As Patterson Hood says about the songs on the album:"stylistically,they run the gamut from old-timey sounding country to a heavy R&B influence.Some songs that are quieter than any we've ever recorded and some that rock harder than anything we've ever done.In the end it's still all Rock and Roll,which is why that will always be the description of choice to us when describing our music in stylistic terms". 


    Posted on 2008-04-03 15:25:53 and written by dimitris


    "ALLIANCE" with their third album "THE ROAD TO HEAVEN".The band returns with even more melodic rock and all these small things to make their music more catchy to their audience.Robert Berry-vocals & bass("THREE","AMBROSIA","HUSH"),Gary Phil-guitarist ("BOSTON",Sammy Hagar),David Lauser-drumms (Sammy Hagar) and Alan Fitzgerald-keyboards (ex-"NIGHT RANGER").With these musicians and their rich melodic background,the music recipe,is a success.Classic melodic rock tunes,big choruses,good vocals,nice guitar riffs filled and mixed very well together with keyboards and the drum beat."THE ROAD TO HEAVEN" is for sure "ALLIANCE" best work so far.

    Posted on 2008-04-03 15:11:43 and written by dimitris


    Ringo Starr,the legendary drummer of "BEATLES",is back with his autobiographical 14th album,"LIVERPOOL 8".The album features 12 new tracks written and produced by Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart ("EURYTHMICS").Ringo Starr still believes in love and his 14th studio album is soaked in it.A third of the songs includes the word "love" in their titles.Ringo Starr reconciles age and playfulness nicely,demonstrating wide-ranging musical interests through his exploration of synthesizers,latin sounds,country pop and gypsy jazz.In his 67 years old,Ringo Starr is still young at heart and he remains,at least in his songs and music,impressively optimistic  and clear.If "LIVERPOOL 8" can make you happy and feel a little bit more love around you,then its purpose will be accomplished!

    Posted on 2008-04-03 01:12:34 and written by dimitris

    BRYAN ADAMS - 11

    Bryan Adams with his 2008 release "11".Actually this is the 11th studio album by the Canadian rocker."11" was recorded largely in hotel rooms and backstage dressing rooms around the world during the past two years and features the return of his long time collaborator Jim Vallance on three cuts.The Adams/Vallance partnership was responsible for many of Bryan’s classic hits including ‘Heaven’,’Summer of 69’ and ‘Run To You’.Bryan Adams return in this album is more mellow,more country pop-rock,still the sound and the music are him,but the result in the album will not remind his glory days."11" has a good production,good guitar,cello and keyboards,plus Bryan Adams knows well the tricks of the hooks and the choruses,to use in his songs.

    Posted on 2008-04-03 00:44:03 and written by dimitris


    "BAUHAUS with "GO AWAY WHITE".Some comebacks are historical news,like this one! Recorded in 18 days,some tracks in one take,"BAUHAUS" fifth studio album proves that even a quarter-century's hiatus can't kill a great band! "GO AWAY WHITE" picks up right where the band left off : a wet dream for original fans and a blast of recognition for the new ones.They have inspired countless bands and have mesmerized the masses with their ability to be simultaneously sparse,dark,anthemic and glam.With their new album, entitled "GO AWAY WHITE",Peter Murphy,Daniel Ash,David J and Kevin Haskins have created an album as exciting and relevant as their earlier work.Echoes of "BAUHAUS" have been heard in the work of their heirs and imitators for the past few decades and 25 years after their last studio release the band have returned with yet another undiluted glimpse into their world."BAUHAUS" are back,they are fresh,they are still unique and still capturing and bridging the gap that so bad others try to close without any succes for the past 25 years.

    Posted on 2008-04-01 15:49:30 and written by dimitris


    Ginger with his 2008 solo release "MARKET HARBOUR".Ginger is a unique U.K. artist: leader of "THE WILDHEARTS".Vocalist,guitarist,songwriter,lyricist,story teller and story maker.Whether its producing some of the best loved British hard rock music or touring with the "SCORCHERS" (Jason Ringenberger's band) as 'Ginger and The Scorchers' or solo albums or original stints in the "QUIREBOYS" and "THE THROBS".With no break in the music throughout "MARKET HARBOUR" and packed with a weird and wonderful array of samples and loops in addition to instrumentation,the album is a showcase for the diverse talent of Ginger and held together by a terrific cast of musicians that Ginger picked up along the way.

    Posted on 2008-04-01 15:24:23 and written by dimitris


    "THE B-52S" return to studio along with producer Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays, Doves),creating their new release "FUNPLEX".14 years since their last recording,(for the movie 'The Flintstones'),"FUNPLEX" sounds axactly like they did in the '80's.Four founding members on board,Fed Schneider still half-singing,half-shouting in his 50's style,Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson crooning away like pepretual small town prom queens and Keith Strickland can plunk out deceptively simple brain-ticklin' guitar riffs.Sci-fi sounds from the 50's mixed with rockabilly and fresh pop music,together with fun and theese dance rockers for sure you will have a good time.

    Posted on 2008-04-01 15:09:34 and written by dimitris


    "SMASHING PUMPKINS" with their EP "AMERICAN GOTHIC".Recorded on the hoof while on a siesta from touring,this acoustic EP shows that the band still has the ability to set aside their vitriolic looks and frustrations and create something to sooth rather than abuse.Following on from their 2007 release "ZEITGEIST",some fans might be strange to this luck of power and non agrressive EP,but the older ones will remember the early days of the 'pumpkins' and songs like 'tonight,tonight' and 'disarm'.After all is a recording between a tour and still has these ghostly vocals and trademark sounds of the "SMASHING PUMPKINS".

    Posted on 2008-04-01 14:48:11 and written by dimitris


    "WHITE LION" with their comeback and new release "RETURN OF THE PRIDE".Mike Tramp - Vocals and his friends,Jamie Law - Guitar,Claus Langeskov - Bass,Henning Wanner - Keyboards,Troy Patrick Farrell - Drums,are back with a great release.Some will complain and there is a point,where is mr Vito Bratta and why the name still remains "WHITE LION".Vito Bratta along side with Mike Tramp was the unique maestro of the original band from their begining back in the 80's.Together they brought millions of selling albums and worldwide fame between '83-'93.The album's name is related to one of their most succesful "PRIDE" back in '87 (#11 in the Billboard charts that year, with ’anthem’ singles 'wait' and 'when the childrens cry',scoring #8 and #3 in respect)."RETURN OF THE PRIDE" is a well done production,with Mike singing in a mature way and the rest of the boys giving their best for the 'lions pride'.Except from the voice of Mike Tramp that is not the same like before,also the other boys are not trying to copy the original members! This is a new sound,catchy and classy riffs and solos,dual quitar harmonies,some epic feelings,nice bass and rythm.Theese are the new 'lions',will they 'return the pride'?......That's up to the fans to decide.

    Posted on 2008-04-01 14:25:23 and written by dimitris


    "THE ROLLING STONES","SHINE A LIGHT" is the soundtrack to director MARTIN SCORSESE'S film of the same name,which documents "THE ROLLING STONES" performances at New York's 'Beacon Theatre' on October 29 and November 1,2006.With special guests Buddy Guy,Jack White III("WHITE STRIPES") and Christina Aguilera,joining the Stones onstage.The Oscar-winning director captures an extraordinary performance from the band.The deluxe version-2 discs set featuring 22 tracks with expanded packaging.Includes every track from the film,plus four bonus tracks from the shows that were not included in the film: "Paint It Black","Little T&A","Shine A Light" and "I'm Free".The only thing we can say about "THE ROLLING STONES" is that it's much more than rock'n'roll and we like it!

    Posted on 2008-03-29 18:08:17 and written by dimitris


    "WHITESNAKE" and "GOOD TO BE BAD".Finally the 'poet of rock music',Mr David Coverdale is back with his 'whitesnakes' and its good for us that they are back and they are'bad boys'! "GOOD TO BE BAD" is the band’s eleventh studio release,and the first release to carry the "WHITESNAKE" insignia,in many years."WHITESNAKE" are doing some of the best work in hard rock music for many decades and all of their signs and trademarks are included in "GOOD TO BE BAD".They came back with the same recipe of success,with more power,with catchy tunes,for sure they dont want to over run their own classic hits,but "WHITESNAKE" prove that hard rock is alive and even in a studio album they can give all the raw power of a live concert.The music,the songs,the rythm,the great 'concert like' masculine vocals of mr Coverdale,all point at one direction: "WHITESNAKE" are 'good to be back'! This is the result of an illustrious career from a band that went from a blues rocking combo to platinum hair metal/hard rock supertstars.As the only original member mr Coverdale essentially is "WHITESNAKE",but replacement guitarist Doug Aldrich acts as a songwriting collaborator for many of the recordings here.Co-produced by Coverdale/Aldrich and long-time friend of the band Michael McIntyre,"GOOD TO BE BAD" is the continium of the "WHITESNAKE" legacy!

    Posted on 2008-03-27 00:03:15 and written by dimitris


    "NOXIUS" with their promo EP "THE DYING EARTH"."NOXIUS" are a metal band from Barcelona,Spain.They have produced and promote their album themselves at 'Toxic Forest Studios'.Their music is influenced  by bands such as Iron Maiden,Rammstein,After Forever,Metallica,Epica, Children of Bodom,Dream Theater,Nightwish, Opeth."NOXIUS" started at the fall of 2003 when two members of the splited-up band
    Metalside,searched for a new project band in  agreement with their influences.These days,the line-up was formed by Miguel Vega-(guitars and vocals, now in ArboreA),Carlos Vela-(Bass and voices),Jordi Monfulleda-(guitars) and Adrià Monguillot-(Drums).Then,the bands style was near melodic thrash metal / heavy metal with punk attitude.The first and unique gig with that line-up were on a festival of their area,some months latter Miguel leaved 
    the band due to personal reasons. fter a time,the other members of the band decided to search for a female singer,a guitarist and a keyboardist and finally found what they searched for in
    Laura Gonzalez,Xavier Ameteller (Ex - Clincker) and Eduard Lasheras (Ex - Lycrosia).Then,the style of the band moved next to something more alternative and ecclectic,gothic,industrial metal with rock,heavy and thrash metal."THE DYING EARTH" is a critical capture about the world today and the human being  under the band's experimental vision of rock and metal.Themes like war,the future of the planet,the vision of mankind beeing enslaved under the whip of politics and the dreams for a way out."NOXIUS" current line up is: Laura Gonzalez-vocals,Carlos "LordDan" Vela-bass/vocals,Jordi Monfulleda-guitars,Xavi Ametller-guitars,Adria Monguillot-drums and Eduard Lasheras-keyboards.You can listen to the tracks of "THE DYING EARTH" on our 'on line' radio.

    For more information about "NOXIUS" please visit:

    Posted on 2008-03-26 21:24:40 and written by dimitris


    "ROYAL HUNT" with their sequel for "PARADOX",and new release "PARADOX II COLLISION COURSE".The whole concept of prog-metalers "ROYAL HUNT" starts and ends with André Andersen,the maestro himself.At the age of 14,André discovered a different genre of music aside from classical,by accidentally getting "DEEP PURPLE"'s “In Rock”.From that point on,he started to combine his classical chops with the rock form in every piece of music he writes.André speaks of Mozart and Paganini's work as his biggest inspiration aside from people like Rick Wakeman and Jon Lord,who invented the "rock approach" to the keyboards."ROYAL HUNT" went through several member changes during the last ten years and though for most of the bands out there it would’ve been a step back,André found an enormous amount of strength out of every new situation and turned it into a big leap forward with each new studio release.As is this time when the band introduces the new lead singer,Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen,"RING OF FIRE").Mark was born in Youngstown,Ohio,USA.In his early years,he learned to play the piano and bass,but his forte was singing,so as a teenager he gained a lot of experience as a vocalist in local groups.So "PARADOX II COLLISION COURSE" was coming to life with the help also from the other members of the band like Marcus Jidell-guitar,Per Schelander-bass,Allan Sorensen-drums.The album takes off from the idea and atmosphere of its predecessor.No ammunition’s being saved for this one – 6 months of recordings in 'NorthPoint Studio',mixes at 'EMI Studios',best musicianship possible (the band was there to define the term neo-prog with their first release back in 1991) and even a bunch of good friends as participants: Doogie White (Rainbow,Y. Malmsteen), Ian Parry (Elegy,Consortium Project),Kenny Lubcke (Jokers Wild,Narita),Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt,Evil Masquerade) among others.And yes, there are female voices,real violins,cellos and woodwinds thrown in for good measure.The lyrical concept is as controversial as the original "PARADOX" – this time concentrating on a "COLLISION COURSE" of modern Western world and “a new breed”,grown on Eastern religious movements.Musically you’ll have it all – the album runs in a non stop fashion (all songs are chained together).There are huge epics,intricate progressive arrangements and all well combined with killer metal melodies."ROYAL HUNT"’s music is used already in movies,TV serials,TV commercials,cellular phone rings and by 'WNO/WWF' wrestlers for their theme anthems around the globe.It’s not a surprise that André was just hired by a major TV network,to write a music score for a TV mini series containing seven episodes.It will air in the winter/spring of 2008.

    Posted on 2008-03-26 20:40:41 and written by dimitris


    "MYLAND" with their second full length album and new release "NO MAN'S LAND".The story line behind theese Italian melodic rockers goes like this.Paolo Morbini (ex "EVA","EXILIA","BRUNOROCK" drummer),after a long experience made into many Milan's area rock bands performing original material and cover repertoire from most famous rock bands of the world.Early 90's Paolo have been working in Milan for most important Musical Academy in Italy and there met brothers Stefano (keyboard) and Marco Andreasi (guitar) who were also huge Aor/melodic rock fans just like Paolo was and still is.Guido Priori (vocal) and Adalberto Rizzoli (bass) both grew up into many Milan's rock bands ,were also oldest Paolo's buddies and sometime they jammed into various rock venues performing mostly songs from "TOTO","JOURNEY" and "SURVIVOR".Paolo,after many years of live playing (credited around at 1.800 dates today) decided to record first debut album under "MYLAND" monicker asking the other members of the band to join his project.The album was wrote,arranged,mixed and produced by Paolo Morbini himself and was recorded and mixed into some different steps,using 4 different recording studios one at the time.The band decided to collect on "MYLAND"'s album their most important melodic rock musical influences,trying to capture the sounds as much as they could,concentrating their efforts on melodic rock lines,powerful choruses and vocals and instrumental parts as well.The fact that "MYLAND" still remains a project,all the members were busy with other band.Paolo started writing some new original material for the second "MYLAND" album to come.On 2007 "MYLAND" (Paolo Morbini-drums,Guido Priori-vocals,Stefano Andreasi-keyboards and Marco Andreasi-guitar),replaced Adalberto Rizzoli on bass by Claudio Corazza and add guitarist Marzio Ker on studio session.On early 2007 the band signed a deal with millanaise indie lable 'Valery Records' and have recorded their second pure A.O.R. album called "NO MAN'S LAND".The album was mixed by Marco Barusso at 'Massive Studios' in Milan and mastered by Kee Marcello studio in Sweden.The album will feature also some great special guests ex-"EUROPE" guitarist Kee Marcello,Swedish guitarist wizard Tommy Denander ("CHICAGO","TOTO",Richard Marx,Paul Stanley etc.),keyboards master Alex Del Vecchio ("EDGE OF FOREVER",Glenn Hughes),italian metal guitarist Steve Angarthal ("FIRE TRAILS") and extra vocals by Lia kant.The bands line up: Paolo Morbini-drums,Guido Priori-vocal,Clod Corazza-bass,Will Medini-keyboards,Massimiliano Passerini-guitar,Hox Martino-guitar."MYLAND" can really stand up to the mighty,the strength and the melody of the great melodic rock and A.O.R. giant bands of the 80's and early 90's! "MYLAND" move A.O.R. and its gerne one step further into the future,keeping it alive as it sould be! 

    Posted on 2008-03-24 00:43:55 and written by dimitris


    Our own Greek band "FIREWIND" with their 2008 release "THE PREMONITION".Two years since their last release and a one of the strongest melodic metal albums of that year,and a big tour,"FIREWIND" are back with their fifth album.Their style and based music was always melodic power metal,some might say the band sounds different,but i say they sound better,mature and a perfect match between them.Great guitar skills mixed with keyboards,making it sound more dynamic together with very good vocals.The bands line up is: Apollo Papathanasio-vocals,Gus G-guitars,Petros Christo-bass,Bob Katsionis-keyboards,Mark Cross-drums."THE PREMONITION" is finely crafted,with a good production,powerful and ready to send its 'winds of fire' around the world.

    Posted on 2008-03-18 16:35:57 and written by dimitris


    Don Dokken with his brand new solo album "SOLITARY".Mr Don Dokken returns this time to the limelight with more slow and acoustic melodies."SOLITARY" is totally different from the melodic hard rock and hair metal of the 80's,that we are used to hear from "DOKKEN" or Don Dokken himself.All of us that we have seen Mr Dokken on stage,we know very well of his music talent and voice.In this album we get to hear a more sincere side to Don Dokken's vocals and it's nice to chill out with him for an hour and actually listen to his voice.Yes it is a mellow acoustic based album,including nine great songs,superb crafted around Don Dokken's great vocals.Different of what we got used to,but that is the magic in it and that is the depth and majesty of Mr Don Dokken's music!

    Posted on 2008-03-16 16:38:50 and written by dimitris


    "BROTHER FIRETRIBE" with their new album "HEART FULL OF FIRE".Torsti Spoof and Jari Mikkola did a fantastic job mixing the album at 'Studio Audio',making another great AOR/hard rock release."HEART FULL OF FIRE" was mastered by Svante Forsbäck at 'Chartmakers Studios'.The release date for the album is April 2nd in Finland.UK release and a revised version of their outstanding debut "FALSE METAL"(under a new moniker "BREAK OUT" with bonuses) will be May 12th.The bands line up is: Pekka Ansio Heino-Vocals,Emppu Vuorinen-Guitar
    Jason Flinck-Bass/backing vocals,Tomppa Nikulainen-Keyboards and Kalle Torniainen-Drums/percussions.The melodic rockers from Finland are expanding their limits in AOR and melodic rock with their new album,establishing "BROTHER FIRETRIBE",for good in the gerne.Lush melodies,big choruses,catchy tunes,killer vocals and carefree attitude of the late '80s rock,all back in "HEART FULL OF OF FIRE".Guitar player Emppu Vuorinen states: "This is the kind of sound that comes to us naturally.A bunch of easy-going guys making the music they love,what could be better? Furthermore,as our music is certain to attract girls,we've got the best possible motive for making it too!".

    Posted on 2008-03-13 03:18:52 and written by dimitris


    "NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS" with their 14th studio album overall,"DIG!!! LAZARUS DIG!!!".Produced by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Nick Launay who worked with the band on their last album "Abattoir Blues" / "The Lyre Of Orpheus",this album was recorded over the summer of 2007 at 'State of the Ark' Studios in Richmond and mixed by Nick Launay."DIG!!! LAZARUS DIG!!!" transports the biblical character of the title to contemporary New York,as well as drawing inspiration from escapologist Harry Houdini.Featuring the majority of his usual personnel in The Bad Seeds (including violinist Warren Ellis and organist / pianist Conway Savage).

    Posted on 2008-03-11 04:57:41 and written by dimitris


    Steve Lukather with his 2008 and fourth solo album "EVER CHANGING TIMES".Steve Lukather is best known as guitar player and singer for the legendary "TOTO" and the creator of the holiday classic "Santamental"."EVER CHANGING TIMES" is another musical gem to be added to the list of top quality releases featuring his classic trademarks: exquisite playing,finely crafted productions and a very diverse range of music styles,encompassing heartfelt ballads,straight-ahead rockers and fusion.The list of special guests includes former "TOTO" singer Joseph Williams and "CHICAGO"’s Bill Champlin on background vocals.Leland Sklar on bass,Steve Weingart,Jeff Babko,Randy Goodrum on keyboards and synths plus a Steve Porcaro cameo on one track,Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums and other friends and guest stars who all lent their talent to ensure a truly exciting and fresh result."EVER CHANGING TIMES" is a great melodic rock record,different than "TOTO",but very same with the 'never changing' huge talent and passion of Steve Lukather.

    Posted on 2008-03-10 16:46:00 and written by dimitris

    ICONDEMN - EP (Promo cd) From the Upcoming Album

    "ICONDEMN" and just a glimpse from their upcoming debut album."ICONDEMN" are a Sweedish metal/new metal band created by René - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter,Rob - Bass,Benny - Guitar,Markus - Drums/Webtech.In the spring of 2007... René had created 14 unbelievable heavy and unusual sounding songs and presented them to Markus and Rob with the intent to create an amazing metalrecord.Rene says:"We rehearsed for 3 months and found ourself in the position that the world needed to hear such a hard hitting fist in the face-creation.After the recordings were done we found Benny who added an extra heavy riffin´guitar to the band. Uha (the magic Finish man),who lives in the deepest and darkest forest in Finland,did the mixing in 1 month and here we are,ready to condemn..."."ICONDEMN" have sended to us (, 4 of their songs,wich you can listen on our 'on line' radio.For more information about the band please visit

    Posted on 2008-03-10 16:00:40 and written by dimitris


    "HOUSE OF LORDS" with their new album "COME TO MY KINGDOM".The album will be released on March 14th 2008.James Christian and the rest of the 'Lords',return with a great melodic hard rock release,that will get them even higher in this gerne."COME TO MY KINGDOM" was written during summer of 2007 and recorded in the fall same year,mixed by Dennis Ward in November and December.With epic atmosphere themes,great melodic hard rock songs and ballads,catchy tunes,great song writing and perfect musicianship arrangements,"HOUSE OF LORDS" wellcome us to their rock 'Kingdom'! As James Christian says: “We really had an amazing time with this new CD.I can’t remember when things flowed so easily in terms of writing and recording.I think when people hear the new record they will be able to tell immediately that this is a band with direction and vision”."COME TO MY KINGDOM" was entirely written by the band along with the help of Jeff Kent.James Christian said about this: "Jimi Bell,BJ Zampa,Chris McCarvil and Jeff Kent have been an absolute joy to work with.They are my brothers and they share the same passion to write and perform classic rock songs that will stand the test of time”.And it is true that,"HOUSE OF LORDS",own the 'know how' to keep rock alive!

    Posted on 2008-03-05 12:36:42 and written by dimitris


    "OVERDRIVE" return with the album "LET THE METAL DO THE TALKING".Back after an absence stretching almost 24 years,Swedish  traditional metallers "OVERDRIVE" simply 'let the metal do the talking' with an album of 'no-nonsense metal'(as they said),which evokes the best of their 80's legacy with a production and delivery that will be more than welcome with todays metal fans.New vocalist Per "PerilOz" Karlsson joined the four original members of guitar duo Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath, Mountain Of Power) and Kiell Jacobsson,bassist Kenth Eriksson and drummer Kenta Svensson with a guest vocal on the final track from Chris Catena.On the new material Janne Stark comments:"As this is the first album since 1984 we felt quite a great pressure on our shoulders as we don't want to deviate from our old beaten path,at the same time as we didn't want the album to sound dated.Half the songs were actually written back in 1985.I think the combination of the band and young producer/engineer Johan Blomstrom has enabled bridge the gap between 1980-2008.And the new vocalist Per Karlsson,has definitely brought out the best of the band,plus he has done a tremendous job on the vocal arrangements and remedied the vocal shortcomings of our '80s output".If you like metal,if you like to connect the originality of the past with the sound of today,then "OVERDRIVE" will really "LET THE METAL DO THE TALKING" for them!

    Posted on 2008-03-04 22:44:55 and written by dimitris


    "LECHERY" with their debut album "VIOLATOR".The band is based on Martin Bengtsson (bassist for "ARC ENEMY" and "ARMAGEDDON").After that,Bengtsson made "LECHERY" and changed his ways as we knew him until now to a more classier metal sound.Martin Bengtsson is the guitarist and the singer of "LECHERY",creating a good classic/melodic metal album."VIOLATOR" has a well done production,including all you need and expect to hear from a metal album.Power songs,catchy tunes,heavy riffs,metal and melodic rythm and good lyrics.Like most of its gerne it is very hard to find originality,but this doesn't mean that the album is not good.Fans of the melodic metal and classic metal will find it very interresting.

    Posted on 2008-03-04 22:21:07 and written by dimitris


    "AVANTASIA" with their new release "THE SCARECROW".Five years later and Tobias Sammeth is working again with the new album of "AVANTASIA".With 'The Metal Opera' he released two fantastic power metal albums with vocal contribution of giants like Kai Hanse,David DeFeis and Rob Rock.This time Tobias Sammeth did it again and another great melodic metal release will get him even higher! Power riffs,melodic sounds,operatic arrangements,catchy tunes and a great production behind it,give "THE SCARECROW",a great advance for one of the best metal albums for 2008.The album might be a bit different than what we were used to by Tobias,because "THE SCARECROW" is rockier than his previous works,but it's in the same great quality.

    Posted on 2008-03-01 16:50:54 and written by dimitris


    "SANDALINAS" with their brand new release for 2008 "FLY TO THE SUN".Band namesake and Barcelona-born Jordi Sandalinas switched his allegiance from piano to guitar after hearing Maiden's Adrian Smith play. Jordi's musical career started at the Official Barcelona Conservatory of Music (Spain) and also he attended lectures at the New Milford Conservatory of Music (USA) where he took lessons from Terry Syrek, one of the most reputable US shredders. Andy LaRocque got really impressed by Jordi's compositions and produced the debut album of  "SANDALINAS", “Living On The Edge”,featuring "FIREWIND"’s  current singer Apollo Papathanasio.“Living on the Edge” received great reviews from the metal specialized press and other music magazines. Jordi also appeared in the Spanish magazine “Guitarrista”,centered as one of the most important guitarists and musicians of the moment.After the worldwide release of  "SANDALINAS" debut album and successful gigs supporting "SCORPIONS",Iggy Pop,"SAXON","Y&T" and Yngwie Malmsteen,“FLY TO THE SUN” is meant to be the definitive step for "SANDALINAS".The album also features the great vocal talents of singer Rick Altzi ("AT VANCE"),Patrik Johansson (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) on drums,Mick Cervino ("BLACKMORE’s NIGHT") on bass guitar in the studio and Elias Holmild ("DRAGONLAND") on keyboards.The album features also various guests including Derek Sherinian ("DREAM THEATER") on keyboards on the track “Seasons In The Sand”,Chris Caffery ("SAVATAGE") and Andy LaRocque ("KING DIAMOND") at various guitar solos.The cover was designed by Derek Riggs ("IRON MAIDEN").Good melodic metal songs,massive production done by Andy LaRocque,solid guitar riffs and choruses,including all theese big names, “FLY TO SUN” has the possibility to be amongst the genre’s finest of the year.

    Posted on 2008-02-23 16:27:09 and written by dimitris


    "BONFIRE" with their new album "THE RAUBER".The German rockers belong to the top bands of the melodic hard rock and one of Germany's most successful music exports ever! The bands line up is: Clauss Lessmann-vocals,Hans Ziller-guitar,Jurgen(Bam-Bam) Wiehler-drums,Uwe Kohler-bass and Chris Limburg-rythm guitar.Classical drama has never been Claus Lessmann's and Hans Ziller's thing.When director Pierre Walter Politz proposed to work on a project for the stage of the theatre in "BONFIRE"'s hometown Ingolstadt together,they answered: “We hate the theatre!”.But Politz had a clear idea,which material he wanted to work on with the famous melodic rock band: Friedrich Schiller's Storm and Stress drama “Die Räuber”.Schiller's play deals with a very German theme in a truly radical and fascinating way.Then,the "BONFIRE" started a creative process aimed with the original Schiller transcript and an English translation.They came up with twelve songs in a “wild hybrid” of German and English.“Good melodic hard rock with hot ballads”, that's how guitarist Hans Ziller describes the final result himself. During the shows at the theatre,the band will perform live on stage. What does the music sound like? As singer Claus Lessmann puts it: “Just like Bonfire”.No matter if it's a theatrical based album or a normal release,the truth remains the same,that it still is and sounds :"BONFIRE"!

    Posted on 2008-02-21 17:47:12 and written by dimitris


    "HELIX" with their new and 11th studio album of pure rock'n'roll "THE POWER OF ROCK'N'ROLL".The Canadian rockers have been rockin the world for more than 3 decades and they don't seem to slow down a bit.The album is exactly what it says! A retro blast of party,pure rock,classic rock and rock'n'roll songs.Produced by Gord Prior,the album closes with a three-minute re-make of the group's early '80's bust-out cut "Heavy Metal Love"."HELIX" still keep their originality and power,even though Brian Vollmer (with his trademark voice) is the only survivor from the original line-up! "THE POWER OF ROCK'N'NROLL" is an entertaining rock'n'roll/hard rock album
    keeping us on partying and keeping "HELIX" on their string of albums.

    Posted on 2008-02-21 17:19:38 and written by dimitris


    "MADRUGADA" are back in 2008 with a brand new stunning album,having the bands name "MADRUGADA".The album was produced by John Agnello in New York in May 2007,with additional recordings done at 'Svenska Grammofon Studio' in Goeteborg,'Magic Shop' on Manhattan and at 'Water Music' in Hoboken,New Jersey to finish what is most likely the last ever "MADRUGADA" album."Our Time Won't Live That Long" is the first and only "MADRUGADA" song featuring Robert on lead vocals.All songs except for one feature Robert Burås,with additional guitar work done by friends and former collaborators to finish the parts that he did not get a chance to do himself.The one song where he is missing was one that they struggled with for a long time,finally nailing it at a rehearsal the night before he passed away.Released in Norway on January 21st 2008.After the death of Robert Bures no one expected that the band would continue together or they would record a brand new album.But surprising us all "MADRUGADA" did it again,creating a great new age garage rock/alternative indie album.Robert Burås,passed away on 12 July 2007.He was 31 years old.Robert dedicated his life to music. He was guitarist and composer in Madrugada for 12 years.He spent this last year on his band "MY MIDNIGHT CREEPS" and also on composing and recording a new "MADRUGADA" album.Robert passed away at a time when he was at his most creative.Through his recorded work and from stages both domestic and international,he made his eternal mark on Norwegian and international rock history.The bands line up on this album is:  Sivert Høyem-vocals & guitar,Robert Burås-guitar & vocals (track 9),Frode Jacobsen-bass and Erland Dahlen-drums & piano.It seems that "MADRUGADA"'s unique sound will live for ever!

    Posted on 2008-02-20 04:19:21 and written by dimitris


    "BAD MEDICHINE" with their cd single "BREAKIN' DOWN" from their upcoming debut album.The band was formed in Athens at 2002.The purpose was to act as a tribute band playing stuff from the 80's Glam Hard Rock.After many live appearances at the local night clubs the band was stable (out of stage) for some time.Until then many members where added in their line up until the band cast was fulfiled so to provide the desired music influences,acting stage show, and more basically inspiration in order to be able to start working on their own songs.The band's purpose now is to make music absolutely based in AOR,hard rock,melodic rock,(of course the influences will be variable as all the members listen to many AOR Hard Rock Bands) and to be a vital member of this music starting from Greece and moving world wide! The first song released is titled 'Breakin' Down' and it is a promo release for 2008.Now the band is in the studio trying to complete the recording of a full length album.So the story begings! "BAD MEDICHINE" are personal friends of 'ROCKACES' and we wish them the best.The truth is that their music is very good,with influences from the 80's glam rock and hair metal,sleaze rock and melodic hard rock.The bands line up is: Ster Dante-Vocals,Chris Roxx-Drums & backing vocals,Jimi G-Bass & backing vocals,John Vendetta-Keyboards & backing vocals and Roy Davis-Guitar & backing vocals.It was about time for "BAD MEDICHINE" to emerge into the GREEK rock music scene and show off,their talent.Listen to them,maybe their 'medichine' will cure you with 'rock'n'roll'! For more information please visit:


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    "VINDICTIV" with their debut album "VINDICTIV"! But who are they? On vocals we have Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen,John Norum,"MADISON","BRAZEN ABBOT" and more) and on bass Nalle Påhlsson (currently in "TREAT").Starting from this,the album gets very interresting.Basically this is an AOR style album,with great vocals,nice music and rythm and guitars that sometimes can move into hard rock and melodic metal.

    Posted on 2008-02-14 17:23:36 and written by dimitris


    "AIRBOURNE" with their debut album "RUNNING WILD".Another original hard rock band from Australia.This kind of pure hard rock music and vocals,had to emerge again."RUNNING WILD" was recorded in L.A. and mixed by the legendary Andy Wallace.The album takes us back to the good old days when booze,girls and rock'n'-bangin' your head-roll parties was all that mattered.Screaming and stomping,with power riffs and great rythm "AIRBOURNE" bring their original hard rock today.Young Australians,but full of mature hard rock,long waited,music!

    Posted on 2008-02-14 16:58:38 and written by dimitris


    "SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS" with their first full length album "WE LOVE YOU".The New York glam rockers with a media savvy marketing plan,a clutch of irresistible cock'n'roll songs,an x-rated video that debuted on Perez Hilton's gossip blog (and ranked up to 57,000 plays in a week)."WE LOVE YOU" is a super sleazy-glam rock album produced by Tony Visconti ("T.REX" / Bowie / "THIN LIZZY" / Morrissey) and managrd by BP Fallon ("T.REX" / LED ZEPPELIN" / Johnny Thunders / "U2")."SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS" might as well be the band to bring back the 70's and 80's glam rock decadence.The best of all is,they're giving the stuff away for free! Singer Justin Trantor explains:"Our favourite thing is we just want to play live,as much as possible.We love the way our record sounds and we couldn't be happier with it.But i don't want to make records for the rest of my life,i want to play shows,so the more people that have our music,the more people will come to our shows".But that's not all! Justin created an industry out of band-related jewellery and clothing,all comes with an offer to download the album for free.If you like sleaze-glam rock'n'roll and glitter-punk style music,then "SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS" are the answer.

    "WE LOVE YOU" is available for free at: http:://

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    "THE MARS VOLTA" with their fourth album "THE BEDLAM IN GOLIATH".The two chief members,Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López,had a bad time with their previous release,so in this album they try harder and in a different way."THE BEDLAM IN GOLIATH" is about a cursed 'ouija board' from Jerusalem that brought ‘bedlam’ on the band.Bixler-Zavala told that the ultimate aim of the album is to reverse their perceived bad luck in artistic fashion.The band names this Ouija board "The Soothsayer", as it offers them a story.It's always about a man,a woman and her mother.About the lust and the pain floating between them. About seduction and infidelity.The music is a selection of tunes,of hard rock,strange lyrics,distorsion and some chaotic sounds.A bizarre album,written around an archaic Ouija 'talking board'!?!? A loud album,alive but strange.It's up to the fans to deside.

    Posted on 2008-02-12 18:29:03 and written by dimitris


    "CROSSFIRE" with their debut album "DIRTY GAMES".From their myspace page,it seems the Israeli band "CROSSFIRE" have had a fairly checkered and varied career.From doing "GUNS N' ROSES" tribute shows to performing in the Israeli pre Eurovision contest.Formed in 2000 it has taken until 2007 for the band to get their debut album out and thanks to 'Perris Records' this great music work is released to us."CROSSFIRE" capture the 80's rock,melodic rock,sleaze rock and glam,without repeating or copying the old days! It may sound like it is a simple stuff,but not everyone can do it well and effectively."DIRTY GAMES" have managed to combine good vocals,great riffs,massive bass,great verses,killer choruses and rythm.Good rock'n'roll,has no age,no decade,but the 80's rock was and will continue to be alive thanks to bands like "CROSSFIRE". 



    Posted on 2008-02-09 16:55:18 and written by dimitris


    "BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE" with their second full length album,"SCREAM AIM FIRE".It seems the band has changed to a bit heavier and stronger sound,more mature,but still will satisfy the fans."SCREAM AIM FIRE" has catchy tunes,aggressive parts,melodic and screaming vocals.Most of the album is into metal music,a couple of ballads,there's also a collaboration with Skindred's Benji Webbe on "Take It Out With Me".The Japanese version includes also a rockier version of Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way Out"."BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE" make an improvement in their sound,showing their talent and giving themeselves a future into music.

    Posted on 2008-02-09 16:28:15 and written by dimitris


    "INDIGO DYING" a debut and a project made for Gisa Vatcky (Chilean born, out of a surreal mix of Italian, Swiss, German and English descent).Gisa Vatcky is a singer who has been working with an incredible number of amazing artists.The list would include from Andrea Bocelli to Enrique Iglesias,Placido Domingo,Melissa Etherige,Luis Miguel,Perry Farrell,Meat Loaf and more."INDIGO DYING" is Gisa's debut as lead vocalist on an album.The project was put together specifically to develop her talents,by 'Frontiers Records' President Serafino Perugino and LA-based producer Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes,Starbreaker).Musicians include Mordechai "Mordy" Hauser (guitar),Fabrizio Grossi (bass,orchestrations,programming,acoustic guitar),John Macaluso (drums) ex "TNT",Malmsteen and "RIOT",Jamie Teramo (keyboards, piano) and Tommy Denander on additional guitars.Former Helloween singer Michael Kiske appears singing a duet in the song 'Breathe in Water',while former Malmsteen and "RING OF FIRE" shouter Mark Boals guests on vocals on 'Superman' and 'Fair Enough'.The result is an extra ordinary album that goes around hard rock,melodic rock,modern rock,even a bit of goth,keeping all the hi standards of musiciaship and of cource Gisa Vatcky's great vocals.

    Posted on 2008-02-05 17:19:18 and written by dimitris


    "KHYMERA" with their third studio album and brand new release for 2008,"THE GREATEST WONDER".Starting as a studio project featuring Steve Walsh ("KANSAS") and Italian multi-instrumentist Daniele Liverani ("GENIUS").Working along side on the complete songwriting with the British twin brothers Tom and James Martin ("HOUSE OF LORDS", TED POLEY) and a line-up following the amazing responses gathered by the second album "A New Promise" – features again Liverani's keyboards prowess,Dennis Ward ("PINK CREAM 69") on bass and vocals,Tommy Ermolli on guitars and Dario Ciccioni ("HARTMANN") on drums.Daniele Liverani says: "It was a great journey to produce and arrange these songs provided by the Martin brothers.I tried to give the songs the full and warm sound of the '80s with my keyboard work,but with a touch of modern style. Both Dario on drums and Tommy on guitars did a great job and of course Dennis delivered some incredible vocals and bass too.I truly think this new album is a step ahead for us as a band.With every album we gel better and better together.I can't wait to start working on the next chapter and hopefully to perform some shows during the new year!"."THE GREATEST WONDER" is a pure melodic hard rock album,with soaring vocals,great songwriting and musicianship,catchy tunes and rythms and a great production. 

    Posted on 2008-02-05 16:44:11 and written by dimitris


    "THE FRANTIC FIVE" with their second studio album "ON THE MOVE".The is actually 'on the move' for 13 years now,in the garage gerne.The boys from Thessaloniki,Greece,keep amazing their funs with their music.“ON THE MOVE” is the follow-up album after last year’s live CD “A Go-Go At A Cave Near You”.The CD is released by 'ON STAGE RECORDS' and soon the company will release the album on LP.Great compositions,well-structured instrumentation and awesome production in combination with the artwork,immediatly send us back to the 'era' of "THE FRANTIC FIVE".Usually the retro rock'n'roll,garage,psychobily bands,like to use distortion in their sound."THE FRANTIC FIVE" can achive the same sound with clear sounds,deeply respectful towards the originators.Starting from B-movie sounds,moving to farfisa,jumping to retro rock'n'roll,going to rock'n'roll,early fuzz-punk,throwing melodies and non stop swinging moods! "THE FRANTIC FIVE" will keep you 'on the move'!

    Posted on 2008-02-04 05:58:46 and written by dimitris


    Lenny Kravitz with his brand new release for 2008 and his eighth studio album,called "IT IS TIME FOR A LOVE REVOLUTION". As Lenny said in a youtube promo for this album:"We've all got our voice.And if I have this gift to play music,then I'm gonna talk about love".The album starts clearly with the pure Lenny's rock sounds and style,no matter if its an up-beat or a balland,Mr Kravitz can still rock like the old times! Drums pound and guitars get abused,hands in the air,stomping feet,well thats the Lenny effect.He can clearly use all of his rock'n'roll past and all theese artists that he ever loved.In the track "Bring It On" Lenny features the soothing sitar of Anishka Shankar."IT IS TIME FOR A LOVE REVOLUTION"???,then Lenny Kravitz can rock our way through.

    Posted on 2008-01-31 16:48:42 and written by dimitris


    "FREE SOUL" with their debut album "TEASING WOMAN".Another great rock'n'roll release by 'On Stage Records' in Thessaloniki Greece.Strting from the cover (we mean the girl),its a winner album.But the best is yet to come when you start listening to it."FREE SOUL" are: Andreas Christopoulos-vocals & rythm guitars,Jimmy Stuck-drums & backing vocals,Stelios Karaventzas-lead guitars & backing vocals and George Didas-bass & backing vocals.The band was helped in the recording of some tracks by Little Peter-piano and Alex Oikonomou-harp."FREE SOUL" dedicate their album "TEASING WOMAN" to the memory of ELVIS PRESLEY and JOHNNY CASH! Clean quitars,rolling pianos,great beat and sounds,all included in this pure rock'n'roll 'teasing' album.

    Posted on 2008-01-29 17:10:00 and written by dimitris


    "THE BULLETS" with their debut album "FINAL RACE".Finally after many years into the Greek rock'n'roll scene "THE BULLETS" come up with a great pure rock'n'roll album,released by 'On Stage Records'.The band knows the tricks and can easily move through all the styles of rock'n'roll,from teddy boy rock to classic rockabilly and from surf rock'n'roll to doo-wop and pure rock'n'roll."FINAL RACE" has a great production,clean sounds,very good vocals and great rock'n'roll beat! "THE BULLETS" are using a variety of session musicians in this album like: two of their female friends ,for backing vocals,Claire & Mary and then we have the session musicians mostly close friends of "THE BULLETS",such as "The Frantic Five","The Overtones","Blues Wire","Little Peter & The Bad News","Alexandros Perros & The Lone Stars","The Rockets","Dustbowl","Aroma Caribe","Breathless","Blues Mobile","Free Soul" and more, are giving their best to the contribution of the album."FINAL RACE" also includes four great cover-versions: 'Little Sister' by "Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman",'One Cup Of Coffee (And A Cigarette)' by Glen Glenn,'Baby Blue' by Gene Vincent and 'She’s Wicked' by "The Fuzztones",paying this way tribute and respect to the legends of the past.The boys are playing rock'n'roll for many years.Why they named the album "FINAL RACE" we dont know! But for sure,"THE BULLETS" are having their 'first race' with this great rock'n'roll production!

    Posted on 2008-01-29 16:44:00 and written by dimitris


    "WORK OF ART" with their debut and long waited album "ARTWORK" finally out by 'Frontier Records'.Lars Safsund,Robert Sall and Herman Furin are the "WORK OF ART".And not because i want to play with words but the album is a bit of an 'artwork'.Pure melodies,well played around A.O.R. and melodic hard rock style.Full of catchy tunes and melodies,that can't stop us from remembering the 80's rock,a shining jewel album for all those that want to keep A.O.R. alive,specially in our days of such confusing music.

    Posted on 2008-01-27 17:37:42 and written by dimitris


    "LEVERAGE" with their second album "BLIND FIRE".It seems Finland will continue to give out good bands in metal and melodic metal.Their debut in 2007,"TIDES",was a good production with catchy sounds and songs.This year "LEVERAGE" are doing it even better."BLIND FIRE" is better in every way,starting from the production,the music,the sound,the melodies and the rythm.Melodic metal will be strong in 2008 and theese Finish boys are gonna help a lot: Pekka Heino-vocals,Tuomas Heikkinen & Torsti Spoof-guitars,Valteri Revonkorpi-drums,Pekka Lampinen-bass and Marco Niskala-keyboards.

    Posted on 2008-01-27 17:09:10 and written by dimitris


    "SAINT DEAMON" with their debut album "IN SHADOWS LOST FROM THE BRAVE".Sweedish metalers have a strange title and a strange sound.Very clear production,not so much distortion for power metal album and great vocals.The bands line up is: Jan Thore Grefstad-vocals,Nobby Noberg-bass,Toya Johanson-guitars and Ronny Milianowicz-drums.A nice production in metal and power metal,nothing new,but "SAINT DEAMON" can play it well.

    Posted on 2008-01-27 16:50:34 and written by dimitris


    "STEREO FALLOUT" with their debut album "THE OTHER SIDE".If you are wondering what could happen when modern rock and pop music go along,then "STEREO FALLOUT" is the result.This album was made 'radio ready',if could say that.The band is lead by Steve Brown known from "TRIXTER" and his own band "40 FT.RINGO".He wrote and co-wrote all of the music in the album.Also played guitar and singing.Steve Brown got also Xandy Barry ("BACKSTREET BOYS","ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL"),grammy award winning producer Skidd Mills and Brian Malouf ("LIT","EVERCLEAR","BON JOVI"),helping out in the mixing of some songs."STEREO FALLOUT" will attract fans from many different styles of rock and not only around.The main sound is modern rock,fresh,nicely blending together pop-rock and hard rock styles,sometimes jumping from one to the other.Modern vocals,'classical' lyrics,rockish guitars and nice vibrating rythm throughout the album.

    Posted on 2008-01-24 04:24:33 and written by dimitris


    "LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM" with their yet to be released,by 'Escape Music',brand new album for 2008,"HUNTING SHADOWS".This review will be our first for 2008 releases and we wanted to start with something beautiful! What better than "LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM",a band that we like a lot.Lets start from the past: Mikael Erlandsson,from Gothenburg,is considered to be one of the best singers/songwriters in Sweden today.He recorded four successful solo albums and after being supporting act to Tina Turner and Brian Ferry and after the participation in the 'Eurovision Song Contest',Mikael decided he wanted to do something else.His Japanese record company came up with the idea of putting him together with the fantastic guitar player Andy Malecek from the successfull German hard rock band "FAIR WARNING" for an album project.Mikael and Andy were both hooked by the idea and a plan for the album began to grow.Ian Haugland,Mic Michaeli and John Leven of "EUROPE" were asked if they were interested to join,which they did and the band "LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM" was born! Their self titled debut album resembles the best Scandinavian melodic rock heritage,but also adds a distinctive "FAIR WARNING" influence coming from Malecek guitar playing and songwriting.The band loses 3/5's of their members due to the comeback of "EUROPE".On their second effort "II" founders Mikael and Andy are joined by three great musicians to keep the dream alive: bassist Marcel Jacob ("TALISMAN"), drummer Jamie Borger ("TALISMAN" / "TREAT") and keyboarder Thomas Lassar ("CRYSTAL BLUE").The third chapter "Winter in Paradise" sees the confirmation of the previous line-up,except for Thomas Lassar.On February 19 2007 the band released their fourth excellent album "Saturn Skyline".In 2008 is "HUNTING SHADOWS" to be released,the japanese version includes an extra track and it's been released since 12/19/2007."HUNTING SHADOWS" is the 5th album by Swedish/German melodic hard rock supergroup featuring Mikael Erlandsson on vocals,Andy Malecek ("FAIR WARNING") on guitars,Marcel Jacob (ex-"BILLIONAIRES BOYS CLUB", "TALISMAN", "HUMANIMAL", "YNGWIE MALMSTEEN BAND") on bass and Jamie Borgir on drums.The album will be released on February 22 across Europe."LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM" did it again by creating a masterpiece album in melodic hard rock,with great performances,marvelous melodies, and a perfect combination of quitars,keyboards,punchy bass and rythm! It is a talented piece of work,by four men that know how to write great songs,great music and for sure know all the tricks to dominate once more the melodic rock market."HUNTING SHADOWS" will go 'hunting' for the top! 

    Posted on 2008-01-24 03:50:44 and written by dimitris


    STEVE GRIMMETT with his 2007 release "PERSONAL CRISIS".(We review this album as a 2008 one because we got it just a few days ago).2007 was a great year in hard rock and metal music,so the ones that we missed we will present them now."PERSONAL CRISIS" will count as an NWOBHM(New Wave Of British Metal),as it is deep into that.Steve Grimmett started as the great voice behind "GRIM REAPER" and "ONSLAUGHT".Later at the end of the 80's he put together "LIONSHEART".Since then his voice sounds deeper but still sounds great even at high pitched songs.Steve Grimmett's personal album is a bit of a 'personal crisis',because this release will allow him,or not,to continue with the sharp quitars,melodic riffs and the killer vocals.Joanna Ruiz sings on the track "Enemy" along with Grimmett.The fine guitar work is by Ian Nash and the production was made by Dennis Ward.A great heavy metal album in the tradition of NWOBHM.

    Posted on 2008-01-20 23:55:39 and written by dimitris