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    Album Reviews
    Year 2007


    "THE PYTHONS",Italy's hard rockers,with their debut album,"NEVER:ENOUGH".Since October 2000 the band has continued to propose a granitic rock and roll,which has its greatest strength in the compactness of the arrangements and the melodic component of American Rock.The bands line up is: Frank (vocals),The True (guitars),Nick Donati (guitars),Andrea Valenza (bass) and George Costa (drums).Every musician has its own musical background.Nick Donati comes from the melodic rock-blues scene,whereas the other members have their roots in heavy metal.In particular,The True played in a prog metal band,"THY SIRMA",while Frank and George played together in a power metal band.Furthermore,Giorgio plays also in a band which proposes sonorities linked to the dark wave,the "BLOODY MARY".So,the music of the band presents many features and its American rock sound is enriched by the different experiences of its members,which create an original and personal atmosphere. The band,in its almost seven years of activity,has played in a lot of clubs around Italy.On September 2001 the band has recorded its first studio work,"IN THE RAIN".One of the songs contained in this mini-cd has been inserted in the 'Saturday Night Live' Compilation (Sony Music).In june 2003 the band has been selected to partecipate at the national contest Sund’n’Sound and came in third among ten finalist bands.During the summer of 2004 'Rock Hard magazine',the biggest hard rock magazine in Italy,has choose one of the songs contained in "FOUR STONES" (Texas Queen) for its July/August-issue compilation.During the 2004 the band has continued to play a lot of gig everywhere.In May 2004 Luke Minichiello,the first bass player, has quit the band and after many auditions Andrew Valenza has joined the band."THE PYTHONS" keeps on rockin’ around Italyeven with the "WHITESNAKE" original giutar heroes,Mickey Moody and Bernie Marsden,during their Italian tour,with Alice Cooper,at 2005 summer edition of the 'GlamAttakk'.The first full-lenght cd of the band,"NEVER:ENOUGH",is out from late September 2005,produced by 'Valery Records' and distribuited in Italy by 'Frontiers Records'."NEVER:ENOUGH" is a full classic hard rock sound,with great melodies,nice riffs and rythm,catchy tunes and songs. 

    Posted on 2008-05-02 04:35:11 and written by dimitris


    "BLOODY MARY",the Italian goth-rockers,with their new EP for 2007,"DIG UP FOR THE PARTY".But first a few words about the band.The "BLOODY MARY" project originated after the meeting between guitarist Stranger and bass player Larouge in Spring 2000. Within its first month,"BLOODY MARY" defined their sound and got settled with the addition of guitarist Lamountain,drummer Juerghen and singer Aldebran,a solid line-up that still stands today.The band then laid out ten tracks before the summer and the development of their own sound allows them to break free from various influences,like: ("H.I.M.","THE CULT","FIELDS OF THE  NEPHILIM") and find their own personal style.Aldebran's deep and melodic voice,mixed up with the riffs and the rythm that blends 80's wave and American hard rock,before getting beyond the bounds of heavy metal.When the "Red" promo CD saw the light in 2003,"BLOODY MARY"'s mark was already well-know within Milan's underground scene and the four tracks allowed the combo to get noticed abroad,gaining good reviews.The band hell-bent on being a strong live act,which has seen them perform all over the most popular nightclubs in Milan and its surrounding areas,plus a show in London at the end of 2004 for new UK-based 'SixSixSix Records'.The band then returned to Milan to complete the recording of their debut album "BLOOD'N'ROLL" which was released in May 2005.When the album came out the press was enthusiastic,awarding a 7.5 on Terrorizer and KKKK on Kerrang, just to name a few.In the autumn of 2005 "BLOODY MARY" played at the 'Meanfiddler' in London,which preceded their first tour across England.They played in Ipswich,Cambridge,Coventry,Brighton,High Wycombe,Norwich and finally at 'Camden Underworld' in London,when the concert was filmed by Redemption TV.Following the successful Bar Monsta show in Camden,London on 27th August 2006,the band now plan to return to Italy for more shows in early November.A show at the 'Zoe Club' in Milan,was played on Friday,08 September 2006.The band's debut album "BLOOD'N'ROLL" was released in France on 16th October 2006,via 'Active Entertainment'.In february 2007 'VALERY RECORDS' has released the four songs EP "DIG UP FOR THE PARTY" that includes "THE RAMONES" cover "Pet Sematary".The EP has been given away exsluselively at the London Show that "BLOODY MARY" head-lined at The Electrowerktz " the 23th of march.Now the band is recording the new album "PARTY MUSIC FOR GRAVEYARDS". Posted on 2008-05-01 15:04:25 and written by dimitris


    Lindsey Boullt with his debut album "COMPOSITION",that was released in June 2007.First a few words about Lindsey.Picking up the guitar at 21 years old,Lindsey received his music degree three and a half years later and then graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles at the age of 27.Now an established guitarist,composer and instructor in San Francisco and working with some of the finest players in the world,Lindsey teaches at the renowned Guitar Institute and has just released the 10-song original work.These compositions are a continuing demonstration of Lindsey’s ability to musically communicate how culture,chaos and the reverence for odd time can be organized into precision and power.As Derek Sherinian puts it: “It’s very Zeppli-Vishnu”.The album includes rock and metal instrumental original compositions by Lyndsey Boullt.But it is very important to mention all the musicians included in this album.Jerry Goodman-violin (Mahavishnu Orchestra,Dixie Dregs),Derek Sherinian-keyboards (Dream Theter,KISS,Malmsteen,Billy Idol,Planet X),Stu Hamm-bass (Joe Satriani,Steve Vai,Frank Gambale),Atma Anur-drums (Cacophony,Tony MacAlpine,Richie Kotzen,Journey),Jeremy Colson-drums (Steve Vai,G3,Marty Friedman),Jon Herrera-bass(Sinior editor of 'Bass Player Magazine',Oz Noy),Sukhawat Ali Khan-vocals (a member of the Ustad Salamat Ali Khan family representing a 500 year lineage of pakistan musicians),Peter Van Gelder-sitar (Zakir Hussain,Chitresh Das,Lalgudi Krishnan) and Mingo Lewis-percussion (Al Di Meola,Return To Forever,John Mclaughlin,Chick Corea,Miles Davis).With such originality and talent and with the magic of all theese great musicians,i think it is impossible not be touched by Lindsey Boullt's "COMPOSITION".

    Posted on 2008-03-06 17:22:08 and written by dimitris


    "LYNN ALLEN" with their 2007 release "AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON".A very western style (American based band) cover and a very melodic rock album.The band was formed in 1982 by lead vocalist/guitarist and sole remaining original member Billy Peiffer.The band has so far released 5 studio albums and with this one they have just added a sixth one to their 25 year history."LYNN ALLEN" can mix in a strange way A.O.R. and melodic hard rock creating hooking riffs,nice melodies and lyrics,good vocals,combined together with some of the 80's/90's pop-rock style,making it an easy listening album.The bands line up is: Blly Peiffer-guitar & vocals,Mark Dekalb-drums and Hal Williamson-bass.

    Posted on 2008-03-01 17:27:01 and written by dimitris


    The Swedish power trio "MIND'S EYE" with their 2007 release "A GENTLEMAN'S HURRICANE".The album is a musically and a lyrically story telling affair with nice vocals,rich musical hooks,mixed with always changing keyboards and a progressive metal rythm and beat.The band are: Andreas Novak-vocals,Johan Niemann-quitars & bass and Daniel Flores-drums/keyboards & executive producer."MIND'S EYE" are delivering to the world the first cinematic prog metal triple cd pack of CD/COMIC BOOK & 'MAKING OF' DVD,wich is: "In a dark and foggy day in September, three shots are heard in the deep dark woods of “The Mother Of Presidents” state of Virginia. Adam Evangelista, a 53 year old top assassin whose ice cold walls have now been worn down by his continuing growing guilt, searches for an answer to it all. Acknowledging that he can’t continue without finding a way to ease his mind, he seeks refuge at the town’s church where Adam meets the now retired head priest Father Cavallero Di Mori, coincidently visiting his old church and parish. Adam tries to get into the depths of his own disturbed but genius mind. Describing his life and assassinations for his new friend Father Cavallero during sessions of confessions, both men reveal deep secrets unknown to the outside world - dark secrets they are both ashamed of. Adam’s sins and stories stretch from Sweden, Ireland, Italy, France, to the former USSR , Mexico and the USA. Taking orders from the well known secret society ‘The Illuminati’, Adam’s “marks” are some of the most important people in our time. But there is a catch; only seven days to poor his heart out before his very last job and time is running out.
    Twelve Murders in Seven days"."A GENTLEMAN'S HURRICANE" album artwork and comic book have been produced by leading graphic artist Mattias Norén visualising the concept and the music was written by Daniel Flores adding this great atmosphere and metal to the story.

    Posted on 2008-02-20 04:46:16 and written by dimitris


    Richie Kotzen with his 2007 release "THE RETURN OF THE MOTHER HEAD'S FAMILY REUNION".The album is featuring eclectic styles,great songwriting and Richie’s melodic voice,having everything a fan of blues-based rock could want or need.Starts from classic rock of the 60's to melodick rock,from slow tempo to faster guitar techniques and huge choruses.All played and performed by the great blues-rocker Mr Richie Kotzen.

    Posted on 2008-02-09 17:35:39 and written by dimitris


    Johnny Lima with "VERSION 1.2".Johnny is a melodic hard rocker! And one the purest of the gerne.With a new album only coming every couple of years or so,one could understand some frustration from fans that Johnny's new album is a re-recording of his out of print 1996 self-titled debut.But "VERSION 1.2" is quite an improvement on the original and having heard the result we understand Johnny's perfectionist tendencies nagging at him to correct the errors he saw in that original album.Back to the roots then,with his first melodic days,but with better version!

    Posted on 2008-02-05 17:38:59 and written by dimitris


    "VERTIGO" with their 2007 release called "TAKES ME BACK".The band was formed in 1990 by Rob Begg,Rick Spolar and Cam Van As.After a short period with another member,the original trio,changed their plans.Rob began writing songs with members from the Tom Petty's band,as well as with "THE KNACK".Later on the meeting of the trio and their love for pop-rock and melodic rock,inspired the "VERTIGO" to become what they are today.The band played along side with names like "THE ROMANTICS","NAZARETH" and Bob Rock.Their sound was polished from all theese influences,including the producer Jack Richardson.For "TAKES ME BACK","VERTIGO" are using producer Jim Buckshon,well known for his melodic rock releases at 'Renegade Sounds' and 'Matrex'."TAKES ME BACK" will take us all back to pure melodic hard rock of the 80's!

    Posted on 2008-01-31 00:11:30 and written by dimitris


    "THE SMOKERS" with their second release "STILL GIVING".They are from Estepona,in Malaga,Spain.The band was formed in 2002 and loves rock.The line up is Gaspar Gil-vocals and rythm guitar,Jose To Seoante-bass,Javier Molina-guitar and David Branches-drums.They released their first record in 2004,with the title:"Giving Up"."STILL GIVING" is more into 70's and 80's rock and classic rock,with solid riffs,rythmical bass and drums.Even the vocals keep reminding of the old and original rock sounds.The mixing and the mastering were made by Sergio Cascales and Javier "Wolf" Molina.Smoker or non smoker,if  you like the classic rock sound,then "STILL GIVING",is one of theese albums. 

    Posted on 2008-01-30 23:47:25 and written by dimitris


    TARJA TURUNEN former "NIGHTWISH" singer with her solo album "MY WINTER STORM".2005 saw the departure of soprano singer Tarja Turunen from Nightwish,one of the most well known bands in the gothic/symphonic metal scene.Since then,both artists have struggled,with Tarja releasing a Christmas album soon after the split and Nightwish bringing in singer Annette Olzon for their 2007 effort,"Dark Passion Play",neither of which was terribly good.The album is not pop neither is metal or goth.Maybe something in between but not with enough hooks in the music to make any fans happy.Tarja's voice is great and some of the symphonic elements too.Also the version of "poison" originally by Alice Cooper sounds good,but the project as a unite album its not impressive at all.

    Posted on 2008-01-17 16:56:23 and written by dimitris


    "THE CODEX" is an exciting new project featuring the world renowned singer MARK BOALS (ex MALMSTEEN,"RING OF FIRE") and guitarist MAGNUS KARLSSON (known for his stint with "STARBREAKER","ALLEN / LANDE" and "LAST TRIBE"). Musically this is one of the heaviest albums where both artists have been involved in.A great melodic metal album with influences ranging from neoclassic Metal to epic hard rock.The  album was composed solely by Carlson while Mark entered the picture later on as the lead vocalist,so it comes as no surprise that this release leans more towards hard rock rather than the prog- classical sound of Mark's previous works.But the result is impressive.Great quitar solos and riffs,very good performance in vocals by Mark Boals and stunning beat by drummer Daniel Flores exceeding all expectations.Almost all the songs can sound both progg and melodic metal and the production is well made.

    Posted on 2008-01-17 16:41:16 and written by dimitris


    "MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK" with their third release called: "EVEN IF IT KILLS ME".Their return finds even better on this album,a smart pop-rock production,with catchy tunes,filled with infectious songs from start to finish.This indie-pop-rock sound clearly is a modern sound that bands like "MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK" can play well and keep it alive on stage.The production is a two-thirds split by tag-team "FOUNTAIN OF WAYNE"’s Adam Schlesinger / "GIRLS vs BOYS"’ Eli Janney and the man with a pop-rock super resume,Ric Ocasek (WEEZER,"THE CARS").

    Posted on 2008-01-17 16:27:38 and written by dimitris



    JOE BONAMASSA with his 2007 release "SLOE GIN".Child blues guitar prodigy,Joe,opened up for BB King at the age of 12! Since then he became bigger and better,from hit singles and chart-climbing albums to superstar collaborations,like: Miles Davis's sonErin to Jason Bonam."SLOE GIN" has been on top of Billboards Blues Chart since its release in August 2007.Joe Bonamassa was also voted by 'Guitar Player' readers as 2007's Best Blues Guitarist,blues-rock guitar virtuoso,vocalist, and songwriter! Bonamassa's fourth release,re-teams him with producer Kevin Shirley (Joe Satriani, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Led Leppelin)."SLOE GIN" ranges through heavy blues and acoustic numbers,with some of the most searing blues guitar and songs you can listen to.

    Posted on 2008-01-12 18:09:32 and written by dimitris


    "ODD ZERO" and their selftitled debut album.The band was formed in January 2004 and since then had played in many shows in New York City and around U.S."ODD ZERO" recorded their album with legendary punk-rock producer Don Fury at 'Cyclone Sound Studios'. Our New Yorker friends,"ODD ZERO",have an aggressive punk rock sound and nicely screaming vocals,but non provoking lyrics.Their music is based on hard rock and metal,but the boys gave it a total twist into punk rock.The songs are intense with many bass grooves(reminding rockabily sounds),heavy quitar riffs,blazing solos(reminding hard rock and metal) and great punk-rock drums."ODD ZERO" are: Mike Friedman-vocals,Tay Malloy-bass,Milton Hernandez-drums and Mike Fujii-guitars.The band is now recording their second album with Joey Z ("LIFE OF AGONY").

    Posted on 2008-01-10 15:22:56 and written by dimitris


    "TOTO" with their live album "FALLING IN BETWEEN LIVE",recorded at the 'ZENITH',in Paris on 26th March,2007.The band gives the usual great performance including new and older songs in this double live cd.The sound,for a live recording,is great,rich and warm,keeping the live sensation.The vocals are crystal clear.No more to say but a great production,a great live by one of the freatest rock-soul bands ever,"TOTO"!

    Posted on 2008-01-10 14:55:23 and written by dimitris


    "CINDER ROAD" with their debut cd "SUPERHUMAN" that was produced by Marti Frederiksen ("AEROSMITH","DEF LEPPARD",OZZY)."CINDER ROAD" were formerly known as "PLUNGE".After being heralded by 'Union',a collective which manages iconic rockers,the band inked on with 'EMI Records' and began recording.The band's music wound up in the hands of Idol hero Chris Daughtry,who gifted "CINDER ROAD" with a coveted slot on his band's sold out spring tour.Well the boys from Baltimore,Maryland play melodic hard rock,but with modern quitar sounds.This way they can keep up with the demands of our times and giving out the rock'n'roll feeling.

    Posted on 2008-01-08 17:16:13 and written by dimitris


    "STATUS QUO" with their 2007 album "IN SEARCH OF THE FOURTH CHORD".The British rockers still lead with their music even after 40 years! Singing guitarists Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. The follow-up to their hit album "THE PARTY AINT OVER YET",sees Quo reuniting with producer Pip Williams who produced many of their late '70s and '80s albums.What can anyone say about "STATUS QUO".......they are classic,they can rock'n'roll and that is a 'status quo' that cannot be changed! No weak tracks in this album,all great songs,great production and non stop "STATUS QUO" rythm and beat from the begining to the end.The party will go on......."STATUS QUO" are alive and kicking!

    Posted on 2008-01-08 16:38:56 and written by dimitris


    "SHADE" with their debut album "ONE WAY LINE".Fronted by Emma Shade,a beautiful girl with a great voice and supported by ex- "DARE" members Simon Gardner and Andrew Moore,the album has a great production.The band line up is: Oliver Kilthau-Guitar & vocals,Marc Schroth-Bass & backing vocals,Michael Heck-Keyboards,Chuck West-Drums & percussion."ONE WAY LINE" is a pop-rock album with melodic hard rock elements and sounds but keeping a modern feeling inside,with great vocal abilities by Emma and great musiciaship from the rest of the band.

    Posted on 2008-01-05 16:27:32 and written by dimitris


    "CRAZY LIXX" from Sweeden,with their album "LOUD MINORITY".It was at the end of 2002 when founders Dirtchild Danny and Vic Zino decided that the hardrocking community needed a band of the old school,the kind of rock music that dominated the hardrock scene in the late 80s and early 90s.Joey Cirera filled the drummer spot and the core of "CRAZY LIXX" was formed.With the latest addition,basist Luke Rivano,the band seems to have a complete set."LOUD MINORITY" is a classic sleaze hard rock album.'Dirty' vocals,catchy riffs,glam shows,sleazy music and good melodic sounds that keep reminding us of the good old 80's and early 90's quality hard rock.

    Posted on 2008-01-05 15:57:17 and written by dimitris


    "ROAD TO RUIN" with their debut selftitled album,and a common person with "LION'S SHARE".Mr Lars Chriss is also in "ROAD TO RUIN",but this time with a melodic hard rock release.Matti Alfonzetti supplies the vocals,Lars Chriss is doing an excellent work with guitars,Sampo Axelsson-bass and Thomas Broman-drums. Alfonzetti recorded his vocal parts at his studio and the album was mixed during Summer 2007."ROAD TO RUIN" transports the classic rock of the 70s and early 80s with some melody into our time.Their sound is fresh,exciting and offers skilled musicanship which truly stands out with a top notch production added. 

    Posted on 2007-12-31 17:08:13 and written by dimitris


    American rockers "ENDEVERAFTER" with their debut album "KISS OR KILL".The album starts with retro rock'n'roll sounds,going to more pop/rock styles,and continues with melodic rock style,touching also the classic rock.Theese young Americans do a pretty job in"KISS OR KILL",having big choruses thrasy drums and many riffs.

    Posted on 2007-12-30 19:48:21 and written by dimitris


    "THE CLICK FIVE" with their new album "MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES".The band hails from Boston, Massachusetts and the band members are: Kyle Patrick on vocals and rhythm guitar,Joe Guese on lead guitar and vocals,Ethan Mentzer on bass and vocals,Ben Romans on keyboards and vocals and Joey Zehr on drums and vocals."THE CLICK FIVE" return is a bit more rockish,but always keeping the original pop-rock,guitaristic happy rythm.

    Posted on 2007-12-29 15:55:57 and written by dimitris


    "LION'S SHARE" new album is called "EMOTIONAL COMA".This album is the heaviest and more powerful "LION'S SHARE" record to date".It features guest appearances by Bruce Kulick ("KISS"),Glen Drover ("MEGADETH") and Mats Levén ("THERION",Yngwie Malmsteen).The band features guitar player and founding member Lars Chriss,along with vocalist Patrik Johansson ("ASTRAL DOORS","WUTHERING HEIGHTS"),bass player Sampo Axelsson (Glenn Hughes) and well-known session drummer Richard Evensand("CHIMAIRA","SOILWORK","THERION")."EMOTIONAL COMA" is full of riffs,strong and melodic vocals,heavy beat and nice power new metal songs.

    Posted on 2007-12-29 15:37:00 and written by dimitris


    "JIMMY EAT WORLD" one of the top pop/rock/indie bands,return with a new album,called "CHASE THIS LIGHT".The first album since 2004's("FUTURES") finds the band partnered with legendary producer Butch Vig ("NIRVANA","SMASHING PUMPKINS"). Largely recorded in the band's own studio in Arizona,"CHASE THIS LIGHT" has a powerful optimism like 2001's platinum break-through album "JIMMY EAT WORLD"/(aka "BLEED AMERICAN"),each song finds a way to compel the listener to keep coming back discovering a new favorite.

    Posted on 2007-12-26 19:08:40 and written by dimitris


    After more than 3 million albums sold,"YELLOWCARD" return with their new album called "PAPER WALLS".The band emerged from Jacksonville,Florida with a completely infectious and original blend of rock and pop that made them a sure thing to break out of the pack.The line up is: Ryan Key-vocals guitar,Peter Mosely-bass,Sean Mackin-violin/vocals,Ryan Mendez-guitar and Longineu Parsons III-drums.The album title "PAPER WALLS" comes from the song of the same name,which begins: “Let’s burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls in this empty house”.It’s a reference to the barriers that built up between the band members over the years and everyone’s desire to tear down the obstacles and heal old scars,as "YELLOWCARD" mentioned.The album is a pop/punk with modern rock mixture,emerging through the indie backround of the band.  

    Posted on 2007-12-26 18:54:34 and written by dimitris


    "TOXIC VIRGIN" from Germany with their forth album called "SULPHUR".The album was released in 2004,but it was given to us just a few days ago."TOXIC VIRGIN" were formed in 1995 and since then had four albums and a few concerts with bigger band names such as:"STATUS QUO",THERAPY?" and "BONFIRE".In "SULPHUR" the singer was Markus Litsch.Now the band is having a new female singer called Angel ,preparing their new album.The rest of the band members are:Dirk Reiners-guitar,Carlo Bertini-guitar,Klaus Peltzer-bass and Frank Ecke-drums.The band as musicians are proving themeselves in every songs.Mixing in a very nice way the classic rock sounds with hard rock and metal.The vocals are strangely nice,reminding of a punk-rock way.The rythm is great and the songs have catchy tunes.The passion for rock music is alive in "TOXIC VIRGIN" and with "SULPHUR" rock'n'roll is coming home.

    Posted on 2007-12-24 03:54:49 and written by dimitris


    "ACTION" with their debut album called: "ACTION".Maybe debut but the members of the band have almost or more than 20 years of history in rock music! "ACTION" is a trip to the past! A journey to the glory days of the 80's rock and aor! The recording is brand new,but the style is fresh of todays tunes,taking us to the magic age of the 80's.A great melodic hard rock/aor album,with great songs and production."ACTION" are:  Jack Marques: Vocals,David Chip Ramos: Guitars,Chris Longo, Mark Duane: Drums,Chris Sutherland: Bass and Ruben Demello: Keyboards.

    Posted on 2007-12-20 17:51:19 and written by dimitris


    The latest release from the frontman of "XYZ" Terry Ilous,called "HERE AND GONE".Well,here or there,remembered or forgotten,the album is a collection of rare tracks,acoustic songs and litle heard off tracks,both from "XYZ" and Terry Ilous solo years.The point of the album is to give us a full size of Ilous career and voice! Great vocals as we know and great songs as we know,or we remember with this album.Hard rock,melodic rock,southern sounds,all classical "XYZ" and Terry Ilous songs.

    Posted on 2007-12-20 17:22:02 and written by dimitris


    Swiss "CRYSTAL BALL" with their sixth album "SECRETS".It seems that the band knows many of the secrets for making a success.And that it because in the beggining "CRYSTAL BALL" started as a cover band and followed the steps other Swiss bands like "KROKUS" and "GOTTHARD".This is not necessarily a bad thing."SECRETS" is a pure hard rock,also getting melodic at times with a heavy metal twist,album."CRYSTAL BALL" are: Mark Sweeney - Vocals,Scott Leach - Lead guitar,Marcel Sardella - Drums,Hungi Berglas - Rhythm guitar,Sven Sieber - Bass and Philip Meier - Keyboards.Easy listening hard rock,with a good production and some catchy tunes.

    Posted on 2007-12-20 16:57:17 and written by dimitris


    Sebastian Bach,the former lead singer of the legendary hardrock-metal band:"SKID ROW",with his first solo cd,since 1999.His band includes guitarists Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford) and Johnny Chromatic,bassist Steve DiGiorgio ("DEATH","SADUS") and drummer Bobby Jarzombek ("PAINMUSEUM").Even though Sebastian's voice is not the same like before,now he sounds harder and more agressive,he still has his passion alive  & kicking inside him."ANGEL DOWN" has a variety of songs,from hard rock to heavy metal and power ballads.All songs sound influenced by the modern rock scene.Axel Rose does a couple of duets with Sebastian and all the band sounds great.Bach has kept himself busy over the years.He did theatre,TV shows and lots of music.First there was "THE LAST HARD MEN",a mid-90s project he did with Kelly Deal and Jimmy Chamberlin (it was released in 2001).Also a live album with a couple new songs and an album with "FRAMESHIFT". "ANGEL DOWN" was produced by Roy Z (producer of Dickinson,Halford).Bach's new album has almost nothing to do with his previous work with "SKID ROW",but sometimes changes are for the best.

    Posted on 2007-12-14 17:41:51 and written by dimitris


    Ian Hunter (the frontman from the great 70's band "MOTT THE HOOPLE"),is back with a new solo album: "SHRUNKEN HEADS".Co-produced by Hunter and Andy York (guitarist for John Mellencamp),the album mixes: country with classic rock,rock'n'roll with ballads.Fine crafted music from one of rock legends,always keeping his humor,honesty and world weariness in a way only a few poets,let alone rockers,can do.

    Posted on 2007-12-13 17:48:14 and written by dimitris


    "KULA SHAKER" with their third album "STRANGE FOLK" and eight years since the last one.Typically in the psychedelic pop rock style,the indie music inspired "KULA SHAKER",continue proving their strength in this area.Front man Crispian Mills says: "In many ways,I think the world is a much more exciting place than it was 10 years ago.War,oppression,mass communication,ridiculously skinny jeans,that's what rock n' roll thrives on.We were inspired to make another album.The time was right.It's a time for musical independence,the power is going back to the artists.It's up to each of us what we make of the opportunity"."STRANGE FOLK" is a good production,keeping the rock alive inside the indie music.

    Posted on 2007-12-13 17:21:10 and written by dimitris


    After 22 million records sold in the US and a three year hiatus,Kid Rock is back with the brand new album "ROCK N ROLL JESUS"! The ninth album by Kid Rock,who still says in his lyrics:"its all sex drugs and rock'n'roll,a so sensation you can't control".But thats the good lyrics,because Kid Rock is using again even harder language."ROCK N ROLL JESUS" really rocks! Kid Rock hustled in the Detroit underground for over ten years before he burst into the mainstream in 1999 with the timeless rock anthem "Bawitdaba".Other hits like "Cowboy" and "American Bad A**" followed while ballads like his "Picture" duet with Sheryl Crow and "Only God Knows Why" helped moving him forward as a great artist.Also in "ROCK N ROLL JESUS",Kid Rock is mixing hard rock and classic tunes,with hip-hop,country and blues.And he can do that very well.The album was co-produced with Rob Cavallo ("GREEN DAY","GOO GOO DOLLS","MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE").Kid Rock says: "I am proud of every single song on this record.It works from start to finish".Maybe Kid Rock is not Jesus,but he can rock'nroll for sure!

    Posted on 2007-12-12 18:58:51 and written by dimitris


    One more release,the second in 2007,from Lana Lane,the album is called: 'RED PLANET BOULEVARD".Recorded in The Netherlands and in San Francisco,California,the album is combining both worlds passion in symphonic melodic metal,with her great voice and songwriting.Eric Norlander (producer / keybordist) is now on the bass,Peer Verschuren-guitar and Ernst Van Ee-drums.The art work was made by the polish surrealist Jacek Yerka,who also did others for Lana Lane,in the past.Lana's great melodic rock voice with the symphonic metal atmospere created by the guitars and the keybords,give us "RED PLANET BOULEVARD",a very good symphonic  and melodic metal album.

    Posted on 2007-12-12 18:34:38 and written by dimitris


    When it is about female rock bands,is always a good thing to watch and listen to! "THE DONNAS" with their new studio album "BITCHIN'"!(We like that in women!).Their story begins at 1993 at north California high school,starting as a teen punk rock band and now being well fixed hard rock / rock'n'roll band.Fifth album,"BITCHIN'",introduces the girls best sound and music ever.Fourteen tunes,all written or co-written by "THE DONNAS" and co-produced by Jay Ruston ("The Polyphonic Spree",Meat Loaf).Sexy voices,rockin guitars,arena party groove and great hard rock and rockabilly music,mixed with pop ellements,gives out a 'bitchin' album! Leather trousers and dope-smoking feather on the cover of the album,wich was self produced by "THE DONNAS".

    Posted on 2007-12-09 22:21:53 and written by dimitris


    The 2007 release from the British "STEREOPHONICS" and their sixth studio album: "PULL THE PIN".Allready high at the U.K. charts,"PULL THE PIN" proves ones more the strength of the Brit-pop-rock scene.Typical "STEREOPHONICS" sound,wich in this occasion is a very good thing,the band shows that they can continue with their music and their proffesionalism."STEREOPHONICS" at their best,can 'pull the pin' with even more albums to come.

    Posted on 2007-12-09 21:02:55 and written by dimitris


    "GODIVA" with their third album "DESTRUCTION".Just to set things straight,theese boys and their name has nothing to do with the Belgium chocolate company with the same name! "GODIVA" are Swiss! And they play metal,pure heavy metal.The first things someone will notice are the great vocals of Fernando Garcia (ex-"VICTORY",ex-"WICKED SENSATION",ex-"BISS").The rest of the band members are: Steve Papacharitos (our own Greek!)-guitar,Sammy Lasagni-guitar,Mitch Koontz-bass & backing vocals and Peter Gander-drums.Crystal clear,high pitched and low extreme vocals mixed with heavy riffs,screaming solos and a drum beat straight to your heart.

    Posted on 2007-12-06 17:19:02 and written by dimitris


    Americans "KAMELOT" are back with their new release called "GHOST OPERA".This is the follow up to their big hit album "THE BLACK HALO".Power,epic and melodic metal at its best by vocalist Roy Khan,who can still emit his signature siren wail voice and guitarist Thomas Youngblood riffs that really give the passion and power needed for this work.In "GHOST OPERA" the band checks a new area in their story,trying to stand on new ground into metal.It's not that the album is that different from the previous ones,but "KAMELOT" dont look afraid to walk through new metal directions.

    Posted on 2007-12-06 16:46:14 and written by dimitris


    "BANG CAMARO" with their self titled album "BANG CAMARO". The band was formed in 2006 and are already nominated for the best new band,the best live band and song of the year! Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea are the two guitarists that formed "BANG CAMARO",but actually the band is about 18 more musicians and singers depending on who is avaliable each time! The rest of the basic musicians are  bassist Dave Riley,keyboardist Maclaine Diemer and drummer Andrew Dole.So only this fact makes "BANG CAMARO" a unique band,but thats not all.Their mixing and combination gives out a power and passion,very rare to be seen or to listen around anymore.Almost all the styles of rock are included in this album.Classic,retro rock,80's,hair metal,even tips of glam rock and metal! Many solos,strong and soft guitar riffs,good mood,different singers and vocals in each song and the backround music screaming for more!

    Posted on 2007-12-05 23:50:58 and written by dimitris


    "GOODBYE THRILL" with their self titled debut album "GOODBYE THRILL"! Great melodic rock,great mood,great songs,great riffs,catchy tunes and great rythm n' beat! All the music is more than very good in this album! The band is comprised of seasoned musicians from the NY,MD and VA area.Marc Ferreira on lead Vocals/Guitars is the driving force behind this new melodic rock act,with his soulful and melodic smooth voice.Together with guitarist Dean Cramer ("FUNNY MONEY"), Dario Seixas-bass from the legendary "FIREHOUSE" and Pete Eisleman-drums.The mix of theese boys together,the combination of their great talents and their passion for music,is the result of a great melodic hard rock album! "GOODBYE THRILL" brings back memories from the best of 80's,early 90's rock and AOR! The album is released by 'Kivel Records'.As Kivel said: "A while back we talked about a new band we were working on.Both band and label took its time,as we wanted to make sure that the band's 1st album would be as good as melodic rock gets!! So we are happy to announce a band we are hoping will become a fast favorite in the melodicrock genre,with their mix blend of "FIREHOUSE","HAREM SCAREM","DEF LEPPARD"sound"."GOODBYE THRILL" is a 'welcome back thrill' of melodic rock!

    Posted on 2007-12-03 14:39:49 and written by dimitris


    From Montreal,Canada come "SPECIAL OPS" with their second full length album "PHASE 2:ADMIST THE MADNESS".The band members are: Abe Froman-vocals,Akbar Johnson-guitar & vocals,Waldo Thornhill-bass and Clarence Mcgillautty-drums.The album was prodused by Murray Daigle ("NOT BY CHOICE","EMERALD RAIN","PAIN").It seems that the band is using a short of typical music formula of the new prog rock age,wich is:a hard rock sound mixed with heavy riffs,melodic and agressive singing.The result though is tottaly different."SPECIAL OPS" have their own unique way of doing their music.No song or album are very simillar to eachother,and that is very interesting! The double vocals are coming out good and strong.The guitars give distorting riffs or power melodies and the rythm is a bombardment,(as they like to say)."SPECIAL OPS" have an original and diverse sound "madness",that keeps them a bit apart from the rest of the kind.

    Posted on 2007-12-02 05:57:53 and written by dimitris


    The third solo album from ex-"MSG" vocalist Gary John Barden called "LOVE AND WAR".The album was made with the same style and team as the previous ones including the help of Michael Voss.Gary with his great voice and the very good melodic hard rock songs and ballad in the album create a good atmosphere,that maybe all is allowed in 'love and war',but we will stick to 'love'!

    Posted on 2007-11-30 16:52:02 and written by dimitris


    One more great Sweedish band "HOUSE OF SHAKIRA" with their fifth studio album "RETOXED".The band members are: Andreas Eklund-vocals,Mats Hallestensson / Anders Lundstrom-guitars,Tony Andersson-drums and Per Schelander-bass.The boys give their best again in this album,giving us good melodic hard rock sounds and songs.

    Posted on 2007-11-30 16:39:05 and written by dimitris


    "AXEL RUDI PELL" with his fifth and new release of cover songs called "DIAMONDS UNLOCKED".It seems that the co-operation of Axel with Johnny Gioeli,the singer of "HARDLINE" works very well.This album is different than other cover albums,because of the rich music enhanchments and changes that were given to each song included.The album includes 'diamonds' of rock songs that are put out with a good production,great passion and the very good voice of Johnny Gioeli.The formula is still the same for Axel,concerning the position of each song in all of his albums.But theese songs sound more of "AXEL RUDI PELL"'s than the original! And that is the 'unlocking' of the 'diamonds'!

    Posted on 2007-11-30 16:23:55 and written by dimitris


    Sweedish "DOGPOUND" with their third album,obviously called "III".The band seems to change their sound,a bit,with each album release.From more classic sounds then more AOR and now mixed hardrock and AOR with a heavier and melodic sound. "DOGPOUND" are:Henrik "Hea" Andersson-vocals,Micke Dahlqvist-guitars,Calle "Tuka" Boman-drums and Figge Danielsson-bass.Fantastic quitar riffs,great vocals,nice rythm and ofcource good hard rock and melodic hard rock music are included in "DOGPOUND"'s, "III".

    Posted on 2007-11-30 15:50:56 and written by dimitris


    GARY HUGHES with his new solo and long waited album "VERITAS".Gary Hughes is considered to be one of the best melodic hard rock singers/songwriters in the U.K.He was involved in Bob Catley solo albums (both as a producer and songwriter).Hugo's solo debut (as a producer) and not to mention his albums with the band "TEN PLUS THREE" solo albums and one rock opera in 2 chapters! "VERITAS" is the successor to ''PRECIOUS ONES'', Gary Hughes's last solo output dated 1998.Well once again we see the class and power of  the British hard rock,no matter melodic or not.Musicians on the album include: Gary Hughes himself on keyboards and orchestrations,"TEN" bandmates Chris Francis and John Helliwell,drummer Dave Ingledew and bass player Rick Stewart ("DEVIL TO PAY"),Jason Robinson on drums ("ABSENT MINDS") and Simon Brayshaw on bass ("NIGHTSIFT")."VERITAS" as a result,is an album of a good production in melodic hard rock and in some songs prog rock,astablishing once more the reputation of Gary Hughes as producer and songwriter. 

    Posted on 2007-11-27 02:56:59 and written by dimitris


    "HUMAN ZOO" with their 2007 release "OVER THE HORIZON".Germany's melodic rockers are: Thomas Seeburger-vocals,Ingolf Engler-guitars & backing vocals,Marcus Ratheiser-bass & backing vocals,Zarko Mestrovic-keyboards & backing vocals,Tommy Strobel-drums & backing vocals.As well as the previous album,also "OVER THE HORIZON" was produced by Dennis Ward ("PINK CREAM 69") and their first release at 'AOR Heaven' label.Great melodic hard rock and AOR sound,from "HUMAN ZOO" on their stronger follow up,wich really is 'over the horizon'.

    Posted on 2007-11-22 18:03:07 and written by dimitris

    SAGA - 10,000 DAYS

    "SAGA" with their 2007 release "10,000 DAYS".The album can also mark the 30th anniversary of the band.Unfortunally the 'saga' for Michael Sadler,lead singer and co-founder of the band,ends with "10,000 DAYS",but not before giving us a great album and a final tour with "SAGA".The extraordinary artwork of the album was designed by Warren Flannigan who created the visuals for Hollywood blockbusters such as "Blade","X-Men" and "The Hulk" as well as designing the packaging for the latest "SYMPHONY X" release! The first 3,000 copies of 10,000 Days will be shipped in a lavish digipak."10,000 DAYS" has all the "SAGA" high standards of progressive melodic hard rock and production.The mixing of the keyboards with the guitars,those unstopable riffs,the great vocals and the rythm,is something that one must listen to it,to understand.

    Posted on 2007-11-21 03:35:16 and written by dimitris


    "DOWN" with their third release and the first full length album in 5 years "OVER THE UNDER".Featuring Philip Anselmo,Rex Brown,Pepper Keenan,Kirk Windstein and Jimmy Bower.As before and now "DOWN" deliver a southern hard rock sound like it is mixed with prog metal,strong vocals and power music.In the past,the boys,were using the 'Down' project as a relief from their day jobs.Now it seems they wanna do a more serious work and the result is: "OVER THE UNDER".The album is very tight together and a very good production,showing out all the abillities and the strength of the band."OVER THE UNDER" documents the lives of these New Orleans natives through the last 5 years of catastrophe,tragedy and ultimately triumph.

    Posted on 2007-11-21 03:03:31 and written by dimitris


    "COHHED & CAMBRIA" with their fourth album "NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW".The saga continues in this album.The band's title refers to a pair of dire lovers who believe themselves duty-bound to slay their offspring to protect the world from a genetically transmitted virus in those kids.This saga runs throughout "COHEED & CAMBRIA"s recorded output, and has not prevented the group from hitting number seven on the 'Billboard 200' with their third album."NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW" is another theatrical hard-rock metal album,with power and melody,full of passion and a bit agressive,while the songwriting is dramatising the story sequel of  Coheed and Cambria's saga.

    Posted on 2007-11-18 17:48:11 and written by dimitris


    "THE RAVEONETTES" and their new album "LUST LUST LUST".It seems that the Danish Sune Rose and Sharin Foo,like this album or the word 'lust',they had to write it 3 times.And why not,since it is a very good production.Different label,now with '429 Records',but still keeping the psychedelic rockabilly-rock'n'roll and the love for the vintage older american music.With distorted guitars and melodies straight out of a 50's.This time "THE RAVEONETTES" are doing all  by themselves : recording,production,songwriting.The album could be easily used as a soundtrack for a David Lynch or a Tarantino movie!

    Posted on 2007-11-18 17:27:28 and written by dimitris


    The second album from "ALTER BRIDGE" called "BLACKBIRD".This album is the follow up to their debut and gold certified "ONE DAY REMAINS",wich went  #5 on the bilboard top 200 albuns the week it was released! Comprised of Mark Tremonti,Scott Phillips,Brian Marshall and Myles Kennedy,three of the four members of "ALTER BRIDGE" made up the 30+ million selling band "CREED".Almost all the songs in this album has to do with freedom and freedom is what thisw band is looking for.The way to be free from the shadow of "CREED"! Also they are free from their older record company,now "ALTER BRIDGE" are with 'Universal Republic'.Heavy sound,long and strong riffs,metal beats,longer songs and generally a harder edged album.Totally different than before,"BLACKBIRD" is into new and prog metal."ALTER BRIDGE" are having a new beginning.

    Posted on 2007-11-16 05:46:03 and written by dimitris


    Legendary German power metal band "HELLOWEEN" with their 2007 release "GAMBLING WITH THE DEVIL".This is the 12th studio album from "HELLOWEEN",keeping their standards in quality of production and music."GAMBLING WITH THE DEVIL" has great musicianship,very good vocals and songwriting.The album has strong melodic metal songs,hard core beats,collecting all the "HELLOWEEN" sounds,ready to gamble and win!

    Posted on 2007-11-16 04:55:32 and written by dimitris


    "APOCALYPTICA" and "WORLDS COLLIDE",their 2007 release.The band members can easily be mistaken for an extreme metal combo! In a way it is true,but theese boys are doin'it their own way! In 10 years of career "APOCALYPTICA" sold more than 4 million albums.The band started in Finland covering "METALLICA" with cellos and not guitars! On "WORLDS COLLIDE" guests include Corey taylor ("SLIPKNOT" / "STONE SOUR"),Christina Scabbia ("LACUNA COIL") and Till Lindemann ("RAMMSTEIN"),who sings "Helden",David Bowies's "Heroes",in German! Other guests are Dave Lombardo ("SLAYER"),Tomoyasu Hotei (superstar Japanese composer,whose credits include the "Kill Bill" soundtrack and Adam Gontier ("3 DAYS GRACE").The result is a "WORLDS COLLIDE",a great metal album,the way only theese Finish boys can play,an excellent production and great heavy,melodic and power metal to enjoy!

    Posted on 2007-11-14 18:02:50 and written by dimitris


    "QUEENSRYCHE" with their 2007 release of cover songs,called "TAKE COVER".The band pays a tribute to a variety collection of some of their favorite songs.From "PINK FLOYD" to "BLACK SABBATH" and "BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD" to Broadway and many more,even from "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR".The result is just a good production,but not excactly what we could and should expect from a great band like "QUEENSRYCHE".It sounds like "QUEENSRYCHE",so the fans will maybe be pleased.Our opinion is that "TAKE COVER" is not an album with the same musical value as the rest of "QUEENSRYCHE".

    Posted on 2007-11-14 17:34:16 and written by dimitris


    "W.A.N.T.E.D." from Thessaloniki-Greece,with their first full length album,"NEON NIGHTS".The album is an oasis for melodic hard rock & A.O.R. music in the new century,coming straight from Greece! "W.A.N.T.E.D." were formed in 2001,the line up is : Mekky Mess-vocals & harmonica,Strutter-bass & backing vocals,Harry Tsironis-keyboards,Constantine Matis-drums & percussions and Stevie A.-guitars.Since 2001 the band has performed in some of the best live stages in Greece and openned for many well-known musicians and bands such as : Steven Adler,Paul Di'Anno,"DOKKEN","STAR STAR","FIREWIND","BONFIRE","WHITE LION" and "WHITESNAKE"! In 2003 recorded their demo ep : "SHIT HAPPENS" and participated in "FIREHOUSE" tribute cd : "DON'T TRIBUTE BAD" in 2004."NEON NIGHTS" is the band's debut album,recorded at 'Lil' Garden Studios' & 'Strutter's Studio' while mixed and mastered at 'Fragile Sound Studio'.All the music and most of the songwriting are made by "W.A.N.T.E.D.".The artwork on the cover takes us back to the 80's,but the sound of "W.A.N.T.E.D." is fresh and alive.Heavy or slow riffs when needed,melodic sounds,great vocals,groovy beat,the passion and the love for rock'n'roll,created "NEON NIGHTS".The album includes also a couple of very touchy ballads combined with the rest of the melodic hard rock songs,giving us a very good production."W.A.N.T.E.D." can now be some of the 'most wanted' in A.O.R. and rock'n'roll music!

    For more information visit : &



    Posted on 2007-11-11 18:06:26 and written by dimitris


    Dave Wyndorf and his company,the legendary by now, "MONSTER MAGNET" roar back into action with a brand new album of pure rock perfection."4 WAY DIABLO" features 12 Wyndorf-penned compositions plus a masterful cover of the "ROLLING STONES classic "2000 Light Years From Home"."MONSTER MAGNET" holds endless credibility among fans and critics and they always deliver the best to us including their 2007 release of "4 WAY DIABLO".Maybe the effect of Dave's illness are visible in the album and his voice does not,or cannot,reach the previous limits,still has the power and the melody they need! Simply this is an another amazing hard rock'n'roll album from one of the very best in the genre!

    Posted on 2007-11-10 16:37:34 and written by dimitris


    "ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION" and a re-issue digitally remastered album with 7 bonus tracks.Originally released in March 1988 "TATOOED BEAT MESSIAH" was hailed as the new rock album of its time.Full of rock rIffs,sleazy grooves and swagger the album received critical acclaim in 1988.19 years later the band are still touring.The band were the single most hilarious spoof of rock'n'roll excess ever created.Five leather/drug/rocking maniacs led by a man who called himself the 'High Priest Of Love'! This re-issue includes all the 70's/80's-punk-rock'n'roll-sleaze sound,plus bonus tracks.

    Posted on 2007-11-10 16:18:11 and written by dimitris

    ALABAMA3 - M.O.R.

    "ALABAMA 3",that strange U.K. band of country,techno,rock'n'roll,electric and even more styles,are back with their sixth album,called "M.O.R.".The nine members of the band from Brixton,London and beyond,give us an album so electric and mixed of different music styles."ALABAMA 3" are approaching their 15th anniversary and are also the composers of "The Sopranos" title theme and even for "The Simpsons"! The "ALABAMA 3" have been called, amongst other things, "the best live band in Britain".Celebrity fans include Irvine Welsh and the world's biggest selling author,Stephen King.They are undoubtedly the greatest American act the U.K. ever did produce.

    Posted on 2007-11-10 15:42:27 and written by dimitris


    The 2007 collaboration of legendary ROBERT PLANT ("LED ZEPPELIN"),with Alison Krauss brings out mixed emotion.Alison Krauss from illinois,is the delightful singer and fiddle player of "BLUEGRASS".Together with producer T BONE Burnett Plant creates 'RAISING SAND".The album goes back to the roots of the original though 'strange' american country,folk and blues music.Alison's voice is magical and soft,as for Mr Plant,words are not enough to speak! As "LED ZEPPELIN" take their place as rock's biggest band,Plant should be proud for this work also.

    Posted on 2007-11-08 17:59:29 and written by dimitris


    "PRIDE TIGER" from Vancouver-Canada,with their debut album "THE LUCKY ONES".The album will also be released on old school LP vinyl! This is because of  the love for the 70's rock and the love for a comeback of the old days that "PRIDE TIGER" have! Matt Wood-singer & drummer,Bobby Froese-guitarist and Sunny Dhak,used to play in the extreme metal band "3 INCHES OF BLOOD".The trio left this band,out of love they shared about 70's rock style music.Later bassist Mke Payette joined them and "PRIDE TIGER" were borned."THE LUCKY ONES" is a pure rock,hard rock retro album,straight from the 70's! Heavy riffs but classic ones,big choruses,nice sound and a lot of passion! An album not only for the 'lucky ones',that have been in the 70's,but for all the classic rock fans.

    Posted on 2007-11-08 17:12:14 and written by dimitris


    Italy's finest sleaze-metal band "THE DOGMA",with their second album,called "A GOOD DAY TO DIE"...............maybe,but not today and for sure not for "THE DOGMA"! Aready famous in Italy,the band is establishing their music into the rest of the world.A great production of mixing power metal with symphonic elements epic riffs and vocals using also a sleaze sound.It seems that the "THE DOGMA" were trying to create a metal opera including as many different music styles as they could.The result is "A GOOD DAY TO DIE",wich needs to be heard incase to have a better opinion.Please dont take the album title literally!

    Posted on 2007-11-06 18:17:47 and written by dimitris


    Sweedish sleaze metal rockers "HARDCORE SUPERSTAR" with their new release for 2007: "DREAMIN' IN A CASKET".The album was partly recorded at 'In Flames Studio',Gothenburg and was prodused by Adde and Martin Sandvik.A limited edition of the album will include a  documentary dvd.Allready known in Sweeden,"HARDCORE SUPERSTARS" are ready to hit the world.With a blowing and powerful music,a mix of sleaze hard-rock and metal,"DREAMIN' IN A CASKET",will make their dream come true.Heavy riffs,strong beat and a steady groove throughout the album.

    Posted on 2007-11-06 04:55:54 and written by dimitris


    "POETS & PORNSTARS" from Los Angeles U.S. with their self titled and debut album "POETS & PORNSTARS".The band is using a classic,though it is new,sound to get us back to the original clasic rock & hard rock music and its doing a great job! The bands line up is: Hal Ozsan-vocals/guitars,Domo-guitar,Sally Hope-bass,Randy Austin-keyboards and Dave Plesh-drums.The album is a masterpiece of pure rock.Some of the songs included,were previously recorded with a different line up members and limited releases."POETS & PORNSTARS" will do the trick to all the listeners and make them remember how old time classic rock sounds like! From the cover of the album,from the first till the last song we get power riffs,good rock'n'roll heart beat and a very good production.

    Posted on 2007-11-04 17:14:25 and written by dimitris


    "ROXY BITCH" with their 4 song EP! That was a surprice for the Greek sleaze and glam rock music scene! "ROXY BITCH" are from Thessaloniki-Greece.They were formed in 2000.At that time the 2 founding members 'SWEET' & 'ROXX ZTAR' wanted to form a band that would sound,perform and look like the original 80's hard rock / hairmetal bands that inspired them.So their style can be described as glam rock'n'roll.Since their early days the band has gone through many band members changing and appeared in many places.Just to mention one of their best giggs with "WIG WAM" in 2005! Now "ROXY BITCH" are feeling 'ready 'n willing' to release their first cd and put the stages on fire! We were lucky to meet those boys in Thessaloniki and have a few words with them.The line up is:Julian Rawnie G-vocals,Alex Kidd-guitars & vocals,Lick Arppegio-lead guitars,Sweet-bass & backing vocals and our friend Roxx Ztar on the drums.

    You can check out "ROXY BITCH" at:


    Posted on 2007-11-04 16:20:57 and written by dimitris


    "THE EAGLES",one of the most famous ever bands in the world,are back with their brand new album for 2007:"LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN",after 28 years!!! Maybe they were gone for a long time but for sure they have never been forgotten and "THE EAGLES" seem to remember excactly what made them so popular and kept them this way! "LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN" is a 20 song double album of great music.It relly sounds like 70's,it really sounds brand new and all the album sounds like "THE EAGLES" never stoped playing music at all! Great melodies,great voices,great musicians! "THE EAGLES" are now running their own label and have chosen 'Wal-Mart' as the album's exclusive retailer.There is an inevitable contradiction in buying a record that attacks corporate greed and blind consumerism from a superchain with a bleak record on employee rights and health care."LONG ROAD OUT OF EDEN" is available direct at

    Posted on 2007-11-03 17:43:21 and written by dimitris


    "DAYDREAMER" with their 2007 release "DAYDREAMER".The Swiss metal band that was formed in 2003 and already being popular int heir country are ready for the rest of the world.With a heavy sound strong and melodic riffs,"DAYDREAMER" are about to make their 'dreams' come alive in the metal music scene!

    Posted on 2007-10-31 05:32:17 and written by dimitris


    Nikki Sixx is one of the founding members of the famous rock band "MOTLEY CRUE",and for sure a great rocker and songwriter even with his new band:"SIXX:A.M."."THE HEROIN DIARIES",is a very strange album! Pure rock mixed with pop,sometimes slow sometimes fast.Nikki Sixx has nothing to do with "MOTLEY CRUE" in this album but his talent remains sky high."THE HEROIN DIARIES" is full with great music,great lyrics and an unbelievable melodic rythm!"THE HEROIN DIARIES" is the gripping soundtrack to Nikki Sixx's forthcoming book,"Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star".Penned and produced by "SIXX:A.M." (Sixx, James Michael, and DJ Ashba),the dark and decadent album serves as the perfect backdrop to Sixx's provocative tome about his tumultuous relationship with heroin and his multi-platinum band.

    Upcoming national television appearances with Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly, Conan O’Brien, & more. Other upcoming national television appearances include Heroin Diaries Headbangers Ball Special (premiering week of soundtrack street date), and Vh1 Storytellers- Breaking an Addiction (hosted by Nikki Sixx). Album reviews/interviews/features to hit with street date in major publications like Spin, Rollingstone, Billboard, Blender, & more. BWR is handling publicity for the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.

    Posted on 2007-10-31 05:06:38 and written by dimitris


    "THE CULT" return with their 8th studio album after six years,called:"BORN INTO THIS".New sounds and old sounds mixed perfectly together in this 2007 release taking us back to were the cult were "born"! "BORN INTO THIS" will try to get the fans of the band back to the original roots.Using again classic rock with new experimental and progressive sounds,"THE CULT" are trying to get started back from the begining! Great album from a legendary band,with great music,that will bring many question marks between the old fans and the new! The moment you will start listening to the album,you will know it is "THE CULT". 

    Posted on 2007-10-28 17:16:03 and written by dimitris


    2007 release of "PURESSENCE" fourth studio album that was recorded at 'Revolution Studios' in their hometown of Manchester, England.The sessions were produced by Andy Macpherson.Ten years of music and having many fans all over the planet,for various reasons,"PURESSENCE" come back with "DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER".An album with no new sounds but still keeping their way into pop-rock indie music.The songs can really be catchy and sad again,as always.Not a bad album,for those who like this dramatic pop-rock sound.We must admit that the production is great,thas giving us a good music and vocals in this album.

    Posted on 2007-10-28 16:57:36 and written by dimitris


    The debut album by the Greek melodic hard rock band "REDRUM",called "NO TURNING BACK",having Michael Bormann as the lead singer! The line up of the band is: Athan "Lyssa" Kazakis-guitars,Panos Baxevanis-guitars,Michael Bormann-vocals,Vassilis Topalidis-bass,Thanos Sarketzis-drums and Sakis Bandis and Sotos Noukas share the keyboards work in the album."NO TURNING BACK" was produced by Baxevanis and Kazakis.Mixed by Michael bormann,Athan "Lyssa" Kazakis,Panos Baxevanis at RMB studios,Duisburg Germany.The recording was made at 'Underground Studios' Thessaloniki Greece! Michael Bormann and Athan "Lyssa" Kazakis are good friends of mine,so we've been waiting for this album to be released.The production,the art work,the music,the appearance of the band,the music,the sound of it,the songs,all together make "REDRUM" one of the best upcoming melodic hard rock bands in Greece,in Europe and soon in the rest of the world! "NO TURNING BACK" uses the great voice of  Michael Bormann and the some of the best musicians,Greece can offer to Rock Music and to the world.The songwriting,the riffs and the rythm,create catchy tunes,great atmosphere and place "REDRUM" between the best melodic hard rock bands in the world!

    "REDRUM" can be reached at:

    Posted on 2007-10-27 15:15:10 and written by dimitris


    The German melodic hard rock-metal band "JADED HEART" are back with their second album,without Michael Bormann,called "SINISTER MIND".The only reason that we mention Michael Bormann is that he is a personal friend of us and we do love his voice and his music.The line up for "JADED HEART" in this album is: Johan Fahlberg-vocals,Peter Ostros-guitar & vocals,Michael Muller-bass & vocals,Henning Wanner-keyboards & vocals and Axel Kruse-drums.Together are a great band with great passion in their music."JADED HEART" counts more than 15 years in music.The production is really powerfull,recorded-mixed and mastered by the band and the help of Michael Voss("MAD MAX","CASANOVA","DEMON DRIVE"),Chris Lausmann and Dennis Ward("PINK CREAM 69").From start to finish "SINISTER MIND" is hard,it's melodic,with great vocals,strong riffs,excellent guitar work,rythm and songwriting.With fast music or mellow songs,"JADED HEART" prove to us that their future is wide open into melodic hard rock!

    Posted on 2007-10-24 04:45:04 and written by dimitris


    Ross Copperman with his debut album "WELCOME TO REALITY".Ross is an american singer/songwriter based in U.K., who is actually singing and writing like a British! Ross can really handle well the Brit-pop-rock sound,making nice melodies and choruses.Nice voice and songs,for sure the album is catchy and propably make a few hits.Ross Copperman's record company describes its new act as "a cross between "Coldplay" and early "Radiohead" with the charisma of Robbie Williams.

    Posted on 2007-10-13 05:06:09 and written by dimitris


    Ted Nugent with his new album "LOVE GRENADE".What a title and what an album.A true bomb of hard rock'nroll! Ted Nugent's legendary guitar identity is truly unique and special.If ever there was an unadulturated classic full bluntal, natural Gibson guitar tone, Nugent has created and perfected it.From the "AMBOY DUKES" of the 1960s,through classic American anthems with his "TED NUGENT BAND",the 1990s "DAMN YANKEES" right to this very day,Ted can rock'n'roll.Here on "LOVE GRENADE",once again surrounded by worldclass virtuoso musicians Barry Sparks and Tommy Clufetos.The album has a non stop powerful sound of pure hard rock-rock'n'roll,even including the re-recording of the 40 years old "Journey To The Center Of The World".Ted seems to be unstopable!

    Posted on 2007-10-13 04:51:44 and written by dimitris


    John Fogerty and his new album in 3 years "REVIVAL".Mr Fogerty is a legend and words are not enough for his life and music.Combining blues,country,folk,soul and rock since the days that he so memorably created in "CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL".And now we have just "REVIVAL",his new album,with his great and sometimes unique voice and quitar playing! Fogerty's songs and music are about real life problems,the working class,towards politics and the decades in his past."REVIVAL" is a triumph,with a timeless,still always in place sound.A perfect mix of blues-rock-country,with a great band,Mr John Fogerty is back to rock us all!

    Posted on 2007-10-12 03:24:52 and written by dimitris


    After 10 years since their last album,finally "LOVERBOY" are back for good,with a new album,"JUST GETTING STARTED".The famous Canadian band of the 80's,with more than 35 million record sales,still rock and rule in AOR music! "LOVERBOY" have collaborated with veterans in songwriting,such as Steve Kipner, Eddie Schwartz and Def Leppard on "JUST GETTING STARTED".

    "LOVERBOY" are driven by the powerful vocals of Mike Reno,the relentless rock groove of lead guitarist Paul Dean,bassist Scott Smith,keyboardist Doug Johnson and drummer Matt Frenette,built its reputation on-stage,bringing the energy from their radio hits to coliseum rousing excitement.

    "JUST GETTING STARTED" is a mature but still pure "LOVERBOY" album,with great songs,powerful AOR and melodic-rock music.


    Posted on 2007-10-12 03:04:10 and written by dimitris


    Melissa Etheridge,the multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician and her 9th studio album,"THE AWAKENING".The album was co-produced with David Cole and recorded with her band: bassist Mark Browne,drummer Mauricio ‘Fritz’ Lewak and guitarist Philip Sayce.Etheridge acknowledges that her 2004 breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment brought new perspective to her life and achievements and freed her to be so open on this album.A great album,with Melissa's beautiful voice,still over all theese years and health problems.Great songs and lyrics with a great band.Melissa is a wise woman telling us her story.Really touchy!!! 

    Posted on 2007-10-11 05:06:36 and written by dimitris


    Ted Poley started his musical career as drummer in the pomp rock gods "PROPHET".With them he released one self titled album which has now become a true collector’s item.In 1988 he joined the legendary melodic rock masters "DANGER DANGER" as their lead singer.The band was signed to 'EPIC Records' and together,they had worldwide success and released 3 albums (“Danger Danger”, “Screw It!” and “Cockroach”) and toured with bands like "KISS", Alice Cooper,"WARRANT","EXTREME" and others.In 1994 he formed a new band called "BONEMACHINE" with guitarist John Allen III.They released their first album titled “Dogs” which was supported with a UK tour in 1995.The band recorded some of the shows which brought the release of the live album “Search and Destroy”.In 1996, they released their last album titled “Disappearing, Inc.”.The album is noted for featuring an eerie premonition of what would happen in the 2001 9/11 attacks in the cover art.In 2000, Ted formed the band "MELODICA" with Gerhard Pichler on guitar, releasing two studio and one acoustic album.In 2004 Ted rejoined "DANGER DANGER" as the lead singer but in 2006 he released independently his very successful debut solo cd entitled “Collateral Damage”,which also fetaured appearances from Pete Lesperance-"HAREM SCAREM",Bill Leverty-"FIREHOUSE",Vic River-"ADRIANGALE" and Andy Timmons ex-"DANGER DANGER". So after this big success it was natural to have a sequel.The result is "SMILE",the brand new solo album by Ted Poley,recorded together with famed guitarist JK Northrup ("KING KOBRA,"NORTHRUP" / "SHORTINO").The album also features Eric Ragno ("RAMOS", "TAKARA") on keyboards and Dan Zoid on drums with Vic Rivera appearing on guitars on “Smile” and “Will Ya”.Ted co-wrote most of the songs together with Tom and James Martin ("KHYMERA","HOUSE OF LORDS").The sound is nothing else but Ted Poley at its best,including all of his experience through the years,always keeping that great melodic rock sound on top!

    Posted on 2007-10-09 15:29:34 and written by dimitris


    Spanish band "HARD SPIRIT" with their debut album,"WALK THE WILD".The album has a straight and clean hard rock production,with heavy and melodic riffs,that keep reminding us of an older hard rock sound! Still the band has a younger 'look' in the music,keeping the hard rock throughout all the album.(Well,any resemblance,with older hard rock bands,or album covers,might be..............).

    Posted on 2007-10-09 15:06:39 and written by dimitris


    "THE LEC ZORN PROJECT".It all began in the 80's! And this album brings back alive all the best of this time and music! Lec has been working for many years on his album and gathered some great musicians out of the music business around him to assist him in this album.Except for the amazing cover version of  "Play The Game Tonight" from "KANSAS",Lec wrote all the songs,plays bass and does many of the synthesizer parts.Guitar and more synthesizer are done by Tommy Denander,Michael Riesenbeck and Mike Walsh are doing guitars,drums are handled by Eric Ragno and Ivan Arnold and no one less than guys like Phil Vincent and Tracy White are responsible for some of the great vocals."IT BEGAN IN THE UNDERGROUND",could be a classic in the 80's.Well for all the nostalgic and AOR lovers,here is a brand new album,to live the momment again!

    Posted on 2007-10-06 15:02:27 and written by dimitris


    Legendary bluesy hard rock band "MOUNTAIN" are back with "MASTERS OF WAR" a Bob Dylan tribute album with original mountaineers Leslie West and Corky Laing, Ritchie Scarlett, Brian Mitchell, Kenny Aronson and Todd Wolfe.In the same way Dylan used his songmenship to protest against the Vietnam War,the very same lyrics could apply to our current state of affairs.The only difference is that West has completely rewired the sound,sending new electricity through the tracks,adding the 'mountainship' into each song! "MASTERS OF WAR" puts "MOUNTAIN"'s soulful signature on some of Dylan’s most memorable songs.

    Posted on 2007-10-06 14:39:38 and written by dimitris


    "BLOOD RUNS COLD",the new album from "SOUL DOCTOR" and the fourth in the roll.This album sounds easier and softer from the ones before,but still we must say that changes between albums are not always a bad thing."SOUL DOCTOR" are the brain child of "FAIR WARNING"'s vocalist Tommy Heart,who right after the split of "FAIR WARNING" started releasing hard rock albums.The album starts strong and heavy,continues in a softer  hard rock and also gets mellow with ballads.

    Posted on 2007-10-04 16:55:27 and written by dimitris


    "NEW RELIGION",is the seventh album from the german melodic metal band:"PRIMAL FEAR".With a new record company now,seems that a 'new religion' and era is starting?We hope its for the best of the band and their music."NEW RELIGION" is a heavy album,both metal and melodic.It has power and passion,a very production and "PRIMAL FEAR",also have guest with them.The line up is: Ralf Scheepers - Lead & Backing Vocals,Stefan Leibing - Lead Vocals, Guitars,Henny Wolter - Guitars,Randy Black - Drums,Mat Sinner - Bass.Guest Musicians:Simone Simons - Vocals on "Everytime It Rains", Tobias Lundgren - Backing Vocals, Ronny Milianowicz - Loops & Support, Matz Ulmer - Keyboards, Magnus Karlsson - Lead Guitar.

    Posted on 2007-10-02 15:04:38 and written by dimitris


    Canadian band "PRIESTESS" with their debut album "HELLO MASTER".Their name has nothing to do with "JUDAS PRIEST" and nothing at all with the 70's rock.At least this what the band claims.The music in the album is hard rock,with heavy riffs and it does sounds sometimes like the 70's!Frontman Mikey Heppner says:'I dont really think in terms of decades,the initial spark of formoing the band came from all sort of music.I listened to Nirvana and the sex pistols as much as Led Zeppelin'."PRIESTESS" got Frank Frazetta to draw their record cover.This remixed and remastered version of the group's debut proves that while the boys may not yet be masters of their genre,they're certainly good students of the old school of rock!

    Posted on 2007-10-02 14:13:03 and written by dimitris


    After 13teen years "THE HOOTERS" are back with a brand new album,with the title:"TIME STAND STILL".And from what we hear,time stood still indeed for this band!The same country-rock sound from the same boys,still having the power and the will to rock,still melodic and always keeping the time 'still',including "The Boys Of Summer",wich is a classic and nostalgic song."TIME STAND STILL" generally is not overly noisy album.

    Posted on 2007-10-01 03:48:03 and written by dimitris


    Although it is their sixth studio album,"DARK PASSION PLAY" marks the beginning of a new era for Finnish symphonic goth-metal masters "NIGHTWISH".With new vocalist Annette Olzon onboard,the band returns with their most accessible material to date. Firmly rooted in their trademark symphonic sounds featuring elaborate keyboard and guitar parts blended seamlessly with intricate string and choir sections,Olzon’s vocals have more pop sensibility as they are far less operatic than those of her predecessor. "NIGHTWISH" mastermind Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards) not only wrote all the lyrics and all but two songs on the album,but also helmed the project as one of the producers along with T.C. Kinnunen and Mikko Karmila,who also mixed the album."DARK PASSION PLAY" has already made history as Finland’s most expensive recording project to date with massive string sections and choirs and it is clearly evident in the impeccable production."NIGHTWISH" have taken the symphonic elements of their prior works and infused them with a new voice to creating a new sound representative of the album title: dark - passioned - and enough playful enjoyable!

    Posted on 2007-09-29 15:56:47 and written by dimitris


    In 2006,the thunderous four-man "BLACK SABBATH" line-up fronted by Ronnie James Dio reformed in the studio to record three new tracks for Rhino’s "BLACK SABBATH": The Dio Years.The chemistry between Dio,Vinny Appice and original Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler was so explosive that they agreed to officially reunite under the group name "HEAVEN & HELL" the title of their revered first album and hit the road.Marking the first time the hard rocking quartet had played live together in fifteen years,the launch of the "HEAVEN & HELL" tour has unleashed furious sonics and an awesome metal spectacle that’s been ecstatically received by fans.Recorded on 30 March 2007 at 'Radio City Music Hall' in NYC,this extraordinary concert album captures the band bashing through Sabbath’s Dio-era best at a show that sold out in a matter of minutes.

    Posted on 2007-09-29 15:42:13 and written by dimitris


    From his most recent sold out tour of Japan,this release features some of Setzer's most searing guitar work to date.Includes his biggest hits ("Rock This Town", "Stray Cat Strut", and more) alongside songs from his recent "Rockabilly Riot" and "13",all with a new energy that could only be captured in a live setting among his most rabid fans in the world.Adding a piano player and second guitarist to the line-up presented an opportunity to take some of his Stray Cats classics and solo hits up to date.

    Posted on 2007-09-28 16:58:24 and written by dimitris


    This is the definitive "QUEENSRYCHE" collection featuring 17 hits and classic tracks including 7 mainstream rock Top 10 chart hits.This deluxe edition features a second cd of 15 unreleased demo,live & bonus tracks, including the new track 'Justified' featuring original guitarist Chris DeGarmo.

    Posted on 2007-09-25 02:31:48 and written by dimitris


    Bruce Springsteen and his new studio album "MAGIC".What else can you say....the 'BOSS' is back,alive and kicking!This album is his first with the "E Street Band" in five years.Produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien,the album features eleven new Springsteen songs and was recorded at southern tracks recording studio in Atlanta,Ga.Mr bruce knows how to rock and in this album his 'magic' and his friends does the best. 

    Posted on 2007-09-25 02:23:18 and written by dimitris


    "BUGGIRL" .A duo rock band from Australia! A smashing female on guitar and vocals and a four-handed man on drums! The result is a pure rock and raw sound,melodic or hard,soft or razor sharp,when needed,but always ROCK! As taken from the bands official web site: ""Fueled on a daily diet of Blue Kangaroo carcass, and flooring four to the floor, Australian Rock n’ Roll Warriors BugGiRL deliver a brand of rock that cracks through the burnt earth of their barren homeland.Following the dusty footsteps of their rockin’ ancestors "AC/DC","ROSE TATTOO" and "THE DIVINYLS", "BugGiRL" are a band of attitude,guts and glory"".Well,e, who exactly the duo are,i mean their names,i dont know.

    The band are Ms Buggirl herself on vocals and guitar and drummer Mallets Of Mayhem.They came together in 2003 making live shows and having songs in various disc compilations around Australia.In 2004 they release their debut album called:"LOOMING SHADOWS",wich recieved good credits at least in Australia as far as we know.

    This year "BUGGIRL" have released their second full length album called:"ROCK'N'ROLL HELL".This album seems heavier than the first and a bit into the punk sound and in the modern demand of rock music industry,but keeping the power of  the rock duo straight and clean.Please remember that they have taken the music and stripped it to its most basic elements: a single guitar and drums!!! And that my friends is the base of rock'n'roll !!!

    The album is not avaliable everywhere yet,but you can listen to it on  our "on line radio",here at Rock Aces.

    Find more about "BUGGIRL" from our "links" page.

    Posted on 2007-09-24 04:32:00 and written by dimitris


    Ten cracking rock vocalists bought together by Michael Voss ("CASSANOVA" / "SILVER" / "MAD MAX") and Chris Lausman ("BONFIRE" / "JADED HEART") and they are ably backed by top draw musicians including Tommy Denander and Angel Schleifer ("BONFIRE")This really is a treat for melodic rock fans and the songs on the whole are very strong and stand up to repeated plays.Ten different vocalist with ten great songs! Thats excactly what this album is!

  • James Christian - Voodoo Woman
  • Dan Reed - Over And Done
  • Harry Hess - Irresistible
  • James Christian - Vodoo Woman
  • Jean Beauvoir - Wild Thing
  • Terry Brock - Nighingale
  • Dan Reed - Over And Done
  • Johnny Gioeli - Phoenix Rising
  • Harry Hess - Irresistible
  • Göran Edman - China In Your Hands
  • Robin Beck - Underloved
  • Steve Overland - Slip Away
  • Gary Barden - Love Is Blind
  • Posted on 2007-09-22 15:34:36 and written by dimitris


    Finland strikes back,with the legendary "HANOI ROCKS" and their new album "STREET POETRY".Recorded at Finland's 'Seawolf Studios' this year,the album includes the #1 European hit single 'Fashion',which also remained in the Finnish charts for three weeks. Michael Monroe,the bands enigmatic front man comments of the new cd: "The new "HANOI ROCKS" album redefines the Hanoi sound in this day and age in the best possible way."STREET POETRY" is a great production of melodic hard rock,great sound and music by: Michael Monroe - vocals,Andy mccoy - guitars,backing vocals,Conny bloom - guitars,backing vocals,Andy Christell - bass,backing vocals and Lacu - drums.For sure "HANOI ROCKS" continue their musical tradition of melodic and pop-sleaze rock,from the 80's till today and into the future!

    Posted on 2007-09-22 13:19:38 and written by dimitris


    More than 20 years that little was heard about Ms Jett and she is just impossible to be forgotten! The black hair,the black eyeliner,the white skin covered with leather and her unique voice!!! How can a man forget those things? One of the best female rockers ever,with classic hits and No1's.Some could easily say:'lock up your sons and your daughters,while Joan Jett is in town!'.The album is a release from 2006 but we do the review now(2007).A pure rock and rock'n'roll music throughout all the album with all the familliar sounds of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts! And the title of it:"SINNER"! Yes it is true will love women that know how to sin and sing!

    Posted on 2007-09-18 16:41:14 and written by dimitris


    "HEARTLAND" are back with their 10th studio album called: "MIND YOUR HEAD".Once again the band marks its return with a great production and song writing.Chris Ousey on Vocals,Steve Morris on Guitars/Bass/Keys (multitalented!) and Fredrik Oscarsson on Drums,give their best in this album.Good tempo,nice hard rock sound and songs,ups and down of the music,nice quitar work,good vocals and nice rythm,all theese you can find it in "MIND YOUR HEAD".

    Posted on 2007-09-18 16:24:46 and written by dimitris


    After their debut album in 2005 "ALL WE KNOW IS FALLING","PARAMORE" return more confident and secure with their new release: "RIOT".Fronted by a great female voice: Hayley Williams,the band can easily move between the songs and the feelings that hide inside them.The album was produced by David Bendeth (Hawthorne Heights, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)."RIOT" is concidered to be as one of the most anticipated releases of 2007.

    Posted on 2007-09-16 16:56:00 and written by dimitris


    "BIG COCK"s release of "YEAR OF THE COCK" is the pure rock / rock 'n'roll album of the year! Even though this is the debut album by "BIG COCK",(in 2005),it is been re-released again in 2007.I am sure the girls will love it and the boys will be thrilled with it! The album is full with power riffs,heavy but underground lyrics,melodic songs and always keeping you on the beat. 

    Posted on 2007-09-16 16:41:02 and written by dimitris


    "BURN" return after 12 years with their new album: "GLOBAL WARNING".U.K.'s melodic hard rock original band members are: vocalist Jeff Ogden,bass player Marc Stackhouse and keyboard playing/ album producing brother,Barney Stackhouse.Julian Nicholas and Phil Hammond ("ALIEN") were recruited to play guitar and Benjy Reid ("TED NUGENT" / "PRAYING MANTIS") to play drums."GLOBAL WARNING" is an excellent album of melodic hard rock music,with catchy tunes and a great production."BURN" as they are now,give us a great musicianship and place hi standards with this album.

    Posted on 2007-09-16 16:27:35 and written by dimitris


    The second album from the 22 year old Norwegian born singer / songwriter,"SET ME FREE".Raven was half of the pop duo "M2M",along with Marit Larsen.Raven was marked as a pop-rock artist with the release of her 2005 debut Album,"HERE I AM".She sang with Meat Loaf on "It’s All Coming Back To Me Now",taken from the album "Bat Out of Hell III".Collaborators on this Album include Nikki Sixx,Desmond Child and Keith Nelson ("BUCKCHERRY").Raven was described by Nikki Sixx as 'the Most Talented New Artist I've Worked With'."SET ME FREE" has a melodic pop-rock sound,pointing out ups and downs in every song,but keeping Marion's voice always on top. 

    Posted on 2007-09-14 16:17:11 and written by dimitris


    "EMIGRATE" with their 2007 release called: "EMIGRATE".The band led by Richard Kruspe,the lead guitarist and founder of "RAMMSTEIN".It began as a side-project in 2005,when "RAMMSTEIN" decided to take a year off from touring and recording.The band features Kruspe on vocals and guitar. Henka Johansson("CLAWFINGER") on drums and Arnaud Giroux ("AXEL BAUER") on bass and background vocals.This project does not sounds like "RAMMSTEIN".Still is a progressive metal album with strong and melodic riffs,including also ballads.

    Posted on 2007-09-13 16:40:53 and written by dimitris


    The famous hard rockers with pop hooks the "RATT",are here with their new release for 2007,but not with new songs,"TELL THE WORLD : THE VERY BEST OF RATT".This album is a collection of "RATT"s greatest hits and some previously unreleashed songs that never hit the decks before.

    Posted on 2007-09-12 16:49:21 and written by dimitris


    Sixth album from Finnish goth rockers "HIM",follows 2005's 'Dark Light'.Working once again with producer extraordinaire Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, The Mission, Ozzy Osbourne),they have pulled out all the stops to unleash what they have called their heaviest album yet, describing it as a cross between 'Metallica' and 'My Bloody Valentine'."DOOM" guitars roar while frontman Ville Valo delivers,in his dulcet croon,dark tales inspired by his battle with alcoholism.Another great album about love-pain-death and heavy sound,for the young boys and girls that try to escape from the ordinary pop sounds.

    Posted on 2007-09-11 17:05:20 and written by dimitris


    "HARD FI" are getting into a new state in their career.Critically acclaimed,commercially successful and tower block tall,the West London four-piece continue to reinvigorate music with raw sounds and instant,merciless beats.Neither bound by musical restriction or industry expectation,they follow their blazing,genre-defining Number 1 U.K. debut "STARS OF CCTV" with the eagerly anticipated "ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST".The album sees the band returning with full indie-pop sounds,melodic beats and rock ‘n’ roll hooks.Maybe not the success of the previous album,but still a good sound.

    Posted on 2007-09-11 16:28:23 and written by dimitris


    Jake and his company from Sweeden "THE POODLES" are back with another brilliant album : "SWEET TRADE".Based on the succes of their debut "METAL WILL STAND TALL","THE POODLES" keep the same sound but with different and new tunes that keep biting us all over! Jakob Samuel-vocals ("THE RING","TALISMAN","JEKYLL & HYDE"),Pontus Norgren-quitars ("THE RING","TALISMAN"),Pontus Egberg-bass ("LION'S SHARE") and Christian Lundgvist-drums.The result in this case is a great hard rock melodic metal album! We know Jakob Samuel for about 17 years,(when he was in Rodos island,Greece)! It was and still is a pleasure to listen to Jakes singing and music.But what makes us really happy is knowing that "THE POODLES" continue together the rockin' years! Well done POODLES!!!

    Posted on 2007-09-04 15:23:28 and written by dimitris


    "ROONEY" with their second album "CALLING THE WORLD".It is a pop-rock album based on the early british pop style.With an average age of 22 years old "ROONEY" are: Ned Brower - Drums/ backing vocals,Taylor Locke - Guitars/backing vocals,Robert Schwartzman - Vocals/Guitar,Louie Stevens - Keyboards,Matthew Winter - Bass.Lead singer Robert Schwartzman wrote all of the songs on "CALLING THE WORLD" after searching for a sound that would at once rock and "also make people dance".

    Posted on 2007-09-04 14:45:38 and written by dimitris


    "SILVERCHAIR" are Australia's most successful rock band with five #1 albums and global sales of over 6 million cd's.Since exploding onto the alternative rock scene as teens in 1995 (around 15 years old!),"SILVERCHAIR" have grown up into a much more eclectic and melodic band.They've built a large and passionate fan base and have garnered high regard among critics and peers that once seemed unlikely."YOUNG MODERN" is the fastest selling album of the band's career in their homeland - propelled by the #1 hit single "Straight Lines".They just cannot do the same music twice!In "YOUNG MODERN" we have producer Nick Launay ("INXS", "Talking Heads"),mixer David Bottrill ("Tool","Muse"), and legendary composer Van Dyke Parks ("U2","Beach Boys")."SILVERCHAIR" are consider to be a rock band,but,"YOUNG MODERN" is not a rock album! It is a mixture of indie pop-rock alternative style.

    Posted on 2007-09-04 14:24:18 and written by dimitris


    "OPERATOR" with their debut album "SOULCRUSHER".This album will crush you,but not by putting you down with pessimism,but giving you the strength to do it yourself! Fronted by Johnny Strong,(a relly big size guy!!!) and quitarist Paul Phillips(ex-"PUDDLE OF MUDD"),"OPERATOR" think its all about believing in yourself embracing the moment and making the impossible happen."SOULCRUSHER" is a hard rock sometimes alternative album.Strange but worth listening.

    Posted on 2007-08-29 15:09:51 and written by dimitris


    JORN with "LIVE IN AMERICA" is set to be released at the end of September 2007.Recorded live during JORN’s first ever concert in the USA,at the 'ProgPower VII Festival' in Atlanta,where he performed as headliner of the day on September 16th 2006.The incredible set saw JORN offer a wide selection of songs taken from his solo albums,collaborations and a mindblowing "WHITESNAKE" medley, who made him one of the most successful acts ever in the history of the festival.

    "LIVE IN AMERICA" is a permanent testament to JORN’s capabilities as an entertainer and to the incredible power and strength of his now legendary shows.The album also includes three studio tracks: a brand new recording of the title track of his third solo album "OUT TO EVERY NATION", a "BLACK SABBATH" medley ‘Lonely Is The Word/Letters From Earth’ and the unreleased ‘Sacrificial Feelings’.The line-up featured on the album includes: Jorn Lande on vocals, Tore Moren and Jörn Viggo Lofstad on guitars, Steinar Krokmo on bass and Willy Bendiksen on drums.

    Posted on 2007-08-29 14:48:44 and written by dimitris


    Ann Wilson's first debut album called "HOPE & GLORY".Her sister Nancy Wilson did that in 1999 with a live acoustic album.Now Ann is doining something totally different.The album is full of duets,but, the songs deal with wars,pain,social and political problems.Even the relese date has a meaning on the 6th anniverssary of the terrorism hit of 9/11! Ann's voice is the mainsteam in this album but she is being helped by many great other names and voices."HOPE & GLORY" is not made by Ann's matterial,but it can stand out as a very good effort about the problems in our world.

    Posted on 2007-08-24 14:51:17 and written by dimitris


    The Sweedish "SHADOWLAND" with their debut album called "FALLING".The band members are: Robert Forse-vocals (ex-"HEADS OR TALES",ex-"AFTERGLOW"),Tobias Andersson-guitars (ex-"SEVEN WISHES"),Olle Rode'hn-drums (ex-"POSEIDON") and Magnus Ignsson-bass (ex-"DAMNED NATION").Robert and Tobias formed the band a few years ago and with the help of the others recorded and produced this album at 'rose Valley Studios'.The result is "FALLING", a very good melodic metal debut album,with power vocals,strong riffs and good music.

    Posted on 2007-08-24 14:35:41 and written by dimitris


    "WHITE WOLF" with their 2007 release "VICTIM OF THE SPOTLIGHT" by 'Escape Music'.The Canadian band was founded in 1980,as a cover band but 5 years later they had rheir debut album.20 years later and after a split,we have this new album and the bands line up is: original members Don Wolf-vocals and Cam MacLeod-lead quitar/vocals are now back on track,assisted by Martin Kronlund-guitars,Richard Quist-bass/keys and Imre Daun on drums.The truth is that if you listen to the album,you get the feeling that theese 20 years gap is only a day away! "VICTIM OF THE SPOTLIGHT",is a pure melodic,some times,hard rock album.Don Wolf's voice is great after all theese years,the riffs are alive and it has catchy tunes.As for the beating heart of "WHITE WOLF",it has a great production by band member Martin Kronlund.For sure melodic hard rock is the leader in this album and not 'a victim of the spotlight' !

    Posted on 2007-08-20 13:52:50 and written by dimitris


    From Sweeden the female fronted band "JET TRAIL" and their debut album "EDGE OF EXISTANCE" by 'Escape Music'.The band are:Carolina Lindwall-vocals,Jon Stavert-guitar,Christian Sundell-drums and Johan Holst-bass."JET TRAIL" are one of the rare melodic-hard rock bands,fronted with a female voice.And Carolina is good! So in this album we have great vocals,hard and slow riffs,powered songs and ballads,all of theese mixed into good hard rock music!

    Posted on 2007-08-19 16:24:26 and written by dimitris


    "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" were formed in Norway in 2000.The line up of the band is: Mike Eriksen-vocals,Mats Haugen-quitar,Truls Haugen(Mats brother)-drums,Glen Mollen-bass and Espen Storo-keyboards.The band has already released a full length album in 2005,named "THE 1ST CHAPTER" by 'Frontier Records' in Europe and by 'Sensory Records',for the rest of the world."CIRCUS MAXIMUS" do gigs with names such as "JORN","KAMELOT","PAGAN'S MIND" and "GLENN HUGHES".Their new album is called "ISOLATE".It is a power metal album,with many keyboards.But the strongest thing in this album are the vocals! Mike Eriksen's voice can easily remind you of Geoff Tate(QUEENSRYCHE),but for sure he sounds some times like James LaBrie(WINTER ROSE / DREAM THEATER)So,we have a power metal band that can take us from the 80's untill today and bring to us AOR and hard rock,mixed memories,but still beating in a modern metal sound!

    Posted on 2007-08-14 05:07:08 and written by dimitris


    "EDEN'S CURSE" are formed by different members of other european bands and their line up is: Paul Logue by "Cry Havoc"-bass,Pete Newdeck by "Steve Grimmet Band"-drums,Thorsten Koehme by "Demon Drive" / "Attack"-quitars,Ferdy Doernberrg by "Rough Silk" / "Axel Rudi Pell"-keyboards and the singer Michael Eden.The result is their debut album with the same name "EDEN'S CURSE".A great melodic hard rock album with  a metal and an epic touch! Catchy tunes,power music and songs that can be fast and ballads,but always remaining classic hard rock in the backround."EDEN'S CURSE"'s not cursed,"EDEN'S CURSE" is a blessed album!

    Posted on 2007-08-14 04:35:24 and written by dimitris


    "MASS" with their 2007 release "CRACK OF DAWN"."MASS" is a band from Massachusetts,U.S.,which was founded in 1980 and which already released five studio albums so far.In the 90's the band was not active,probably because of the musical changes.The next decade the band got together again in almost the same line-up as in the 80's.The only new member in the "MASS" team is bass player Lou Spagnola.A collaboration with Escape Music brought up "CRACK OF DAWN".The rest of the band members and the original ones,are: Loius D'Augusta: Vocals,Gene D'Itria: Guitars,Joey Vadala: Drums.

    It took us a great deal of time,here in 'ROCK ACES', to get this album,but it seems to worth every minute of it! The album can cover the 80's music era,with songs and rythms that really take you back in time.But they can also be modern when needed.Classic rock tunes,melodic rock songs,some sleaze sounds,maybe a bit of blues."MASS" can make it sound all of that in a "CRACK OF DAWN"!

    Posted on 2007-08-08 14:15:01 and written by dimitris


    The Australian band "KORITNI" with their new album "LADY LUCK".The second album from rocker Lex Koritni and his band was recorded at Studios 301 and Pulse Studios,Sydney and mixed at the Warehouse Studio,Vancouver.Koritni himself produced and expert mastering was done by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York.The album was named as "Album Of The Month" in France's "Rock Hard" magazine! They have a french manager Sam Prevot! For sure this album has a classic rock sound with catchy tunes and nice songs and good musicians."KORITNI" were also known as "GREEN DOLLAR COLOUR".Many times they were compared to the sound of "AC/DC" (Australians!),but they have a classic-hard rock 80's style.

    Posted on 2007-08-04 16:32:03 and written by dimitris


    The 2007 release by "GREAT WHITE" and seven years since their last album,are back with "BACK TO THE RYTHM".The band seems to have a little bit of everything for everyone in this album.It starts with classic "GREAT WHITE" sound,goes to bluesy tunes and ballads! Some tracks are reminders of the old days and some have a modern style.

    2007 marks "GREAT WHITE"'s 25th Anniversary,so original members Jack Russell (vocals),Mark Kendall (lead Guitar),Audie Desbrow (drums),Michael Lardie (Guitar/keyboards) and Sean McNabb (bass),have been in studio the last few months writing and recording."BACK TO THE RYTHM" was mixed,produced and engineered by band member Michael Lardie while collectively all are adding their sounds to the mix."The songs sound fresh to me, very GW,but with an approach of what we sound like in a live performance situation," explains Michael Lardie. "Kendall and I are having fun channeling our 'Stones' roots and playing off each other in the Richards/Woods tradition."
    Posted on 2007-08-04 16:07:04 and written by dimitris


    The 2007 release by 'Escape Music',for "ALLIANCE",a double cd with 8 new songs.This American AOR band are: lead vocalist/bassist Robert Berry ("Hush,"GTR"), guitarist Gary Pihl (Sammy Hagar,"Boston"), drummer David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) and keyboard player Alan Fitzgerald ("Montrose","Gamma","Night Ranger").So far "ALLIANCE" has released two albums through Escape Music,a self-titled album in 1997 and “Missing Piece” in 1999.Since then nothing was heard from them.A brand-new "ALLIANCE" album is to be released later this year.So 'Escape Music' combined the first two albums onto another brilliant digipak, provided with a brand-new cover and eight bonus tracks (four on each CD),some of which have only been previously available in Japan.Well if you know "ALLIANCE",then your 'destination is known'!!! If you never heard about "ALLIANCE",then "DESTINATION KNOWN" will show you the way to pure AOR!

    Posted on 2007-08-04 15:55:34 and written by dimitris


    2007 release,by Cyclone Records,Anne 'Holly' Woods and her album "LIVE IT UP!".But the recording is more than.....25 years old! Holly Woods was the singer of the great Canadian rock band "TORONTO",untill 1985 when they were forced to disband.Holly Woods and her fellow band member Scott Kreyer continued to record new songs and music in 1985,with producer Sonny Limbo.The death of Sonny Limbo leads theese songs to be stored and hidden in a safe place and not to be released untill 2007! Theese 8 'lost' songs are in the album "LIVE IT UP!".This album is a pure connection with the past.A perfect example to listen and understand the music,the song writing and the feeling of the 80's rock! Holly's song writing and the great range of her voice,wich can really touch your heart,brought us back from the past a very good rock-soul album with a great production.

    Posted on 2007-08-01 18:05:19 and written by dimitris


    "CAGE" with their fourth album "HELL DESTROYER".An American heavy metal band with their own style.High and sometimes low dark vocals,heavy riffs and double bass drums.Still violent but also melodic! Good performance,songwriting and a good production.Actually it is a concept album with some small breaks and speeches,wich forces you to listen to it from beggining to end.The line-up on the album is:
    Vocals: Sean Peck
    Guitars: Dave Garcia
    Guitars: Anthony Wayne McGinnis
    Bass: Mike Giordano
    Drums: Mike Nielsen

    Posted on 2007-07-24 15:14:16 and written by dimitris


    "HOLLYWOOD ROSES" and their debut "DOPESNAKE".With big names musicians like Mick Taylor,Pat Travers,Gilby Clarke,Fred Coury,Tracii Guns,Phil Lewis,Frankie Wilsey,Fred Coury,Chris Weber plus several others are out in full force and the main reason any fan of sleaze rock to be interested in this album.Every one of these guys had his share of success and bring their absolute best to this effort."HOLLYWOOD ROSES" have been referred to as the ultimate "Guns N' Roses" experience and while they have gained notoriety by trailblazing a path as one of the most popular "GNR" tribute acts to set foot in the very same clubs that the original Guns started in their integrity.In "DOPESNAKE" the same musicians are trying to get away from all that by giving their own touch in music,but still using two cover songs in the album.

    Posted on 2007-07-24 14:52:50 and written by dimitris


    "MANZANA" from Finland and their album "NOTHING AS WHOLE AS A BROKEN HEART".The line-up includes "Diablo" drummer Heikki Malmberg and ex-"Bomfunk MC's" bassist Ville Mäkinen,guitarist Henkka Virsell and vocalist Piritta Lumous.The album has a pop metal sound many keyboards and a good vocal performance by Lumous.It is pop metal on the top but with power quitar riffs and some nice metal mixes underneath."MANZANA" as many other female vocal metal bands,will try to conquer the metal fans,well they do give it a good try!

    Posted on 2007-07-24 14:31:50 and written by dimitris


    The eighth album from the Swedish power metal band "NOCTURNAL RITES" called "THE 8TH SIN".Well for sure is not a 'sin' but an ultimetly diverse and electric melodic heavy metal album,with powerful riffs and epic choruses.Jonny Lindqvist with his great vocals,singing high and low,power or melodic together with the music,give out a good production.

    Posted on 2007-07-24 14:02:10 and written by dimitris


    2007 debut of the British superband,"DAMAGE CONTROL", founded by Pete Way ("Waysted","Ufo","Fastway") and Robin George ("Phil Lynott","Dave Byron") with Recruits Chris Slade ("The Firm","Ac/Dc","Manfred Mann","Uriah Heep","Asia") and singer Spike from ("Quireboys").What you expect is excactly what you get! A perfect mix of all theese great bands,with a great sound,great classic rock,bluesy flavoured and of cource,songwriting.All you have to do is a 'damage control' of how much rock your ears can handle! 

    Posted on 2007-07-24 05:58:01 and written by dimitris


    2007 release of the German power metal band,"AT VANCE",and their seventh album.The band was built around quitarist Olaf Lenk and features lead singer Rick Altzi,a young man with a great voice,along with John Abc Smith on bass and Mark Cross on drums. This is Classic power metal album.Without a doubt the best album so far from the German melodic metal band,which has slightly changed their style into a more classic hard rock tone.Well it turned out to be a good sound after all.

    Posted on 2007-07-24 05:38:32 and written by dimitris


    Watch out for the new sensation from Finland! With an average age of 16 (!!!) years old! The Finnish youngsters "STURM UND DRANG",with their album "LEARNING TO ROCK"! Do they really need to learn or already know how to rock? This material is what you might expect from an established rock band.They can really 'learn' the rock and metal music around them and give it a melodic touch,or we could say a 'lesson'! Just listen to it!


    Posted on 2007-07-24 05:26:37 and written by dimitris


    2007, Owing to the great demand and with kind support of 'EMI Music',the 1989 debut album from the Swedish melodic hard rockers,"SWEDISH EROTICA",is finally and legally re-issued in digital remastered quality and with 3 bonus tracks! The album was produced by OLE EVENRUDE ("EVENRUDE","RETURN","WIG WAM") who also contributed to the song writing, including the smash hit “Rock’n Roll City”.Superb work and catchy Scandi melodic hard rock music!  
    Line-up: MAGNUS AXX (Guitars),
    MORGAN LE FAY (Guitars)
    MATT S. LEVÉN (Vocals),
    JOHNNY D’ FOX (Bass),
    B.C.STRIKE (Drums)

    Posted on 2007-07-24 05:08:33 and written by dimitris


    Dennis DeYoung,founding member of the legendary band of "STYX",with his solo album titled "ONE HUNDRED YEARS FROM NOW".The album starts with an English/French duet with Eric Lapointe and some very fine guitar work from Stephane Durfour.A strong opener,this song is the current single,doing quite well in parts of Canada.The accordion intro is inspired! A great production that can be compared with all the previous "STYX" albums.Rich music power and catchy songs,that were also written in french,but we have the english version.What else could we expect from a mucisian like Dennis DeYoung? Well here we have it all!

    Posted on 2007-07-21 15:34:27 and written by dimitris


    "WILD FRONTIER" formed in Germany in 1990 sending out demo cassettes as many did back in the day. These basement tapes are very sort after by collectors around the world and almost impossible to find. From 1990 to 92’ the band released four of these classic tapes that are in possession of some lucky fans and locked away to be sold on ebay in the future.After releasing a few more CD’s through the years,"WILD FRONTIER" are back with the album "BITE THE BULLET".The band line up is: Jens Walkenhorst – Vocals, Guitar,Mario Erdmann – Bass,Sebastian Gröning – Drums and Thomas Ellenberger – Keyboards.Catchy tunes,power riffs,good songwriting and the music is a mixture of the finest melodic hard rock sounds of the last 20 years.  

    Posted on 2007-07-15 15:18:02 and written by dimitris


    Kevin Chalfant  finalized his work on a new 13-track cd entitled "FLY 2 FREEDOM".The cd is released by 'Clique Records'.The tracks on this album are all of his favorite "JOURNEY" songs, as a tribute to the music that Kevin honors to be some of the finest works done by any Melodic Rock band, ever!
    Kevin states, "The musicians and songwriters of "JOURNEY" are simply the best in the music industry." He adds, "The "JOURNEY" love-laden sound has won the hearts of millions of fans world wide.I am proud to consider them personal friends and label them America's Finest Rock Band.Over the years, my fans have requested that I cover "JOURNEY"'s music.This cd was conceived to satisfy those fan requests.".And it's true,this album can and will satisfy your melodic rock heart!
    Posted on 2007-07-15 15:05:09 and written by dimitris


    David Readman is the voice behind "PINK CREAM 69"...."I am very happy with the record", the British singer recently stated. "It was a big deal for me — a real learning curve. I’m also interested to hear what the people have to say about it; I’m very inpatient".... The Line-up Appearing on "DAVID READMAN" Includes Paul Logue ("Eden's Curse") on Bass (He also Co-wrote two tracks with David), Dirk Bruinenberg ("Elegy") and Chris Schmidt on Drums, Eric Ragno (ex "Takara") and Gunter Werno ("Vandenplas") on keyboards and Alex Beyrodt ("Silent Force"), Gerald Sänger - Tommy Denander and Bandmate Uwe Reitenauer on quitars. Readman also plays quitars and keyboards.Production duties are handled by Dennis Ward ("Pink Cream 69") bassist and songwriter.For sure the album sounds a bit like dynamic "PINK CREAM 69" and the melodic of "Frontiers Records",but still is full of great songwriting-production and fantastic rock music!!!

    Posted on 2007-07-15 14:50:35 and written by dimitris


    British AOR artist Steve Newman is back with a brand new album called "PRIMITIVE SOUL" and he has released it on his own.Last year he released "HEAVEN KNOWS". On "PRIMITIVE SOUL" he has come up with a outstanding AOR - hardrock sound.This new album sounds better than before with catchy songs,big hooks,nice chords and melodic songs and a good production.Like before Steve has done almost everything on his own but he got help from Tommy Denander that plays guitar on one track called "Cold Day In Hell" and Mark Thompson-Smith on background vocals.Just for the 'record',this is the 5th album from Steve Newman."PRIMITIVE SOUL" is another great AOR album.

    Posted on 2007-07-08 17:39:33 and written by dimitris


    On their 2004 debut "CONTRABAND", "VELVET REVOLVER",were met with as much diffidence as appreciation. After all, supergroups have tended to detonate as often as succeed! Actually here is not the case! How can they lose with vocalist Scott Weiland, bassist Duff McKagan, and guitarist Slash? Not only have "VELVET REVOLVER" survived three years with unreckless abandon, this album blows the doors off its predecessor."LIBERTAD" is a strong and fit album,with power riffs and chords and catchy choruses.For sure a better and more commercial album than the first one.

    Posted on 2007-07-08 17:20:09 and written by dimitris


    "LOS ANGELES" is another of "Frontiers Records" assembled projects designed to show of Italian singer Michele Luppi.His classic AOR voice with the collection of the songs in this album are a perfect combination!The record has a very familiar air to it - the Frabrizio Grossi production and Tommy Denander's guitar parts,no surprises from either contributor - but it is Luppi's pure AOR vocal that takes center stage.The album "LOS ANGELES" is Michele Luppi's personal tribute to all the AOR giants that forget his incredible vocal abilities.Pure AOR,pure Rock!!!

    Posted on 2007-07-05 18:03:27 and written by dimitris


    This is the third solo project from "STRATOVARIUS" vocalist Timo Kotipelto. He's assembled a band for this album that includes keyboardist Janne Wirman "CHILDREN OF BODOM", bassist Lauri Porra "STRATOVARIUS", guitarist Tuomas Wainölä and drummer Mirka Rantanen,both "THUNDERSTONE". Kotipelto has had a completely different band for each album.A solid and melodic power metal album with the strengh of Kotipelto's voice! 

    Posted on 2007-07-03 15:07:09 and written by dimitris


    JK (Jeff) Northrup has been touring and recording professionally since 1982. His first major tour was as guitarist for Billy Thorpe who wrote the hit song “Children Of The Sun”.Soon to follow, JK was in Japan writing, recording and touring with Warner Pioneer artist “Steffanie” for two albums. Upon returning to the states, he joined EMI recording artists “Rail” from Seattle as lead guitarist for several tours. In 1988 JK became a member as guitarist and songwriter for Carmine Appice’s “King Kobra” for the album and tour of “King Kobra III”, which included the MTV video for “Take It Off”.Since that time JK has recorded with, toured and produced numerous gold and platinum recording artists that include vocalists Johnny Edwards ("Foreigner", "Montrose"), Paul Shortino ("Rough Cutt", "Quiet Riot") and Terry Ilous ("XYZ"). Others include drummers Vinnie Appice ("Dio", "Black Sabbath"), Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck, James Taylor, etc.), Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne), James Kottak ("Scorpions", "Kingdom Come") and bassists Tony Franklin ("Blue Murder", "The Firm" etc.), Jeff Pilson ("Dokken"), Phil Soussan (Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne) and many more.2007 brings the release of JK Northrup’s new album,"WIRED IN MY SKIN".Joining JK on the album are vocalists Johnny Edwards, Terry Ilous, Ted Poley "Danger Danger" and Kelly Keeling "Blue Murder", "MSG", "Trans Siberian Orchestra". This album was produced, recorded and mixed by JK Northrup through his new production company, “Alien Productions”, which will also be producing projects for artists such as Terry Ilous, Ted Poley and many others.

    Posted on 2007-07-03 14:57:00 and written by dimitris


    Marco Mendoza is one of the most popular bass players in the Hard Rock scene having played with great bands as "Whitesnake", "Thin Lizzy", "Blue Murder", "Ted Nugent", "Soul Sirkus" and more."LIVE FOR TOMORROW" is his debut solo vocal album,where he shows us his vocal talent whic must be heard to be believed! Produced, recorded and written together with ex-"Mr Big" and "Poison" quitar player Richie Kotzen,Mendoza give us a genuine hard rock release with hints to all of his previous bands.The album offers a wide range of guests.Including Steve Lukather of "Toto",Ted Nugent,Doug Aldrich and Tommy Aldridge of "Whitesnake",Brian Tichy of "Pride and Glory" and of course Kotzen himself on quitar and duet on lead vocals on "i Want You".Really a great album and great collection of songs! 

    Posted on 2007-07-01 15:30:32 and written by dimitris


    Do women rock??? Well Robin Beck does rock and she is doin' it perfect! 28(!) years after the lively woman’s first solo effort,"LIVIN' ON A DREAM" does mark the surprisingly notable return of Robin Beck.Her voice is not altered at all,still warm, fervent and appealing, the singing throughout the tracklist rolls more than smoothly. Thirteen songs of pure melodic AOR Rock music,that - in spite of the dozen of such releases the last years - sound so fresh and touching,but still so classic! "LIVIN' ON A DREAM" is a personal album of / about this Brooklyn woman.Fine singing in great tunes (the non-stop-writing-monster Tommy Denander is in this one, too),Robin is still living her dream.AOR lovers, you just found again your rock girl!

    Posted on 2007-07-01 14:44:04 and written by dimitris


    "POISON" are back to rock us with 13 of their favorite tracks! The new album "POISON'D" features hot new recordings of "POISON"'s favorite rock classics,including hits originally recorded by David Bowie,"The Rolling Stones","The Cars","Sweet","Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers","The Romantics","The Marshall Tucker Band","The Rolling Stones","Kiss","Grand Funk Railroad",and "Loggins & Messina" and Some of "POISON"'s best previously recorded covers are also featured on "POISON'D".Featuring "POISON"'s original members,Bret Michaels (vocals),C.C. Deville (guitar),Rikki Rockett (drums) and Bobby Dall (bass),"POISON'D" presents the band's first studio recordings since 2002's "Hollyweird".Produced by Don Was at Hensen Recording Studios in Hollywood.Yes they are to 'poison' us with their music!!!

    Posted on 2007-06-27 16:19:18 and written by dimitris


    Featuring songs by the iconic John Lennon newly recorded by some of today's biggest as well as emerging artists,"INSTANT KARMA : THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE DARFUR" is a major benefit-album project.In an effort to mobilize activism around this catastrophe, musicians unite to save lives.Some of the biggest artists in the world, along with today's emerging artists, all coming together for an unprecedented, brilliant collection of JOHN LENNON "covers." Proceeds from the campaign will go directly to support Amnesty International's urgent work on Darfur and other human rights crises worldwide.

    Posted on 2007-06-26 15:34:59 and written by dimitris


    Last year, the Sheffield "ARCTIC MONKEYS"quartet,did "Whatever They Say I Am, That's What I'm Not"and became the fastest-selling debut album in UK music history,spawning two #1 singles and winning the 'Mercury Prize'.The band's early press clippings,like those for "Gnarls Barkley", "Lily Allen", and "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah", highlighted their rapid netroots success story as much as their music,which is a traditionalist brew of observational storytelling,post-Libertines meat-and-potatoes guitar rock, and the heady enthusiasm of youth.Fifteen months later,their new album "FAVOURITE WORST NIGHTMARE" is already receiving a royal welcome at home.In this album everything's a little more muscular and aggressive.Maybe a better work than before or not,but still in the steps of the 'monkeys'.

    Posted on 2007-06-23 13:56:03 and written by dimitris


    "BIFFY CLYRO"’s fourth album release "PUZZLE" is out with a fresh new, unique style.The album was launched on the 4th of June, after a 3 year period since their last album "INFINITY LAND".A lot of people reacted negatively upon it’s release, many considering it too commercial and that they’ve sold out, trading their quirky mathcore mixed in with rock and indie with massive singing chorus.Probably its their best yet! The whole album is a good effort and a great production.The album was recorded from September to November 2006 in Canada and was produced by Garth Richardson ( main producer of "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE".The guys from Biffy said that they had over 40 tracks to choose from and as a novelty they wrote the lyrics first,then wrote the music afterwards,in the previous 3 albums they did it backwards.By the way, one interesting aspect about this album is the “2/15ths”, “4/15ths” and “9/15ths” songs. These are 1 song split up and this is done to fit with the albums Puzzle theme, one song in pieces, scattered throughout the album, put them together to fit one song!

    Posted on 2007-06-23 13:44:22 and written by dimitris


    "AMERICAN ANGEL" give us a powered album by incomparable musicianship,distinctive vocals and the dynamism of Rocco Fury."VANITY" is a hard rock album,with melodies and unforgettable choruses."VANITY" s story delivers a look back at when music was driven by the image but with today's more modern style."AMERICAN ANGEL" started in 1989,with their self titled debut,after signing with 'Grudge/BMG'. The hit single "How Can I Miss You" was featured on MTV and the video placed into heavy rotation.After a 15 year hiatus,the band has returned.Proving once again what their music is all about.

    Posted on 2007-06-19 15:56:51 and written by dimitris


    Germany's hard rock / heavy metal band "EVIDENCE ONE" started 2 years ago by Robby Bobel and Carsten Lizard Schulz as an experiment,that did work out! With a mixed sound of hard rock and heavy metal,with keyboards,hard riffs and vocals that can also be melodic,looks like "EVIDENCE ONE" can really give evidence of their music into "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT".

    Posted on 2007-06-19 15:45:57 and written by dimitris


    FERGIE FREDERIKSEN / TOMMY DENANDER partnership makes a lot of sense. After all, Fergie's vocal tracks on Tommy's last couple of "RADIOACTIVE" projects were the highlight of those albums. So in essence, "FREDERIKSEN / DENANDER" is an extension of "RADIOACTIVE".Elaborating further, everything on this album is bigger and better than previously.Tommy Denander's usual guitar/keyboard/synth programming style is similar with every one of his records,but in this time the production is far superior thanks to Dennis Ward mix and with a brilliant vocal performance is the star of this show -Fergie Frederiksen.The song writing,the music,the rythm and the melody in this album are really something to listen to! "BAPTISM BY FIRE" is actually a "baptism" of pure melodic classic rock AOR music!!!

    Posted on 2007-06-19 15:19:18 and written by dimitris


    For gold-selling Memphis turbo-rockers "SALIVA" the past couple years of their decade-long career have brought an ocean swell of change. One or more members have had children, stopped drinking, ended longterm relationships, gotten married and/or left the group, and each instance has been accompanied by a new sense of clarity. As a result "SALIVA''s fifth album "BLOOD STAINED LOVE STORY" resounds with a previously untapped level of passion,energy,sincerity and diversity,not to mention an undeniable melodicism that will endear the band to anyone that feels any sort of connection between reality and music. "I think we've all been through a blood stained love story of one type or another," says frontman Josey Scott."It's kind of a metaphor for how things can be a certain way for so long, and then within a day, they just change and you're on this whole other path."BLOOD STAINED LOVE STORY" is an album of growth,a realization that there are more important things in life than cover stories,photo shoots and big Hollywood parties.But while it may be more mature than "SALIVA"'s past efforts, it's no less turbulent.

    Posted on 2007-06-19 03:29:06 and written by dimitris


    Usually recording even a single "BEATLES" cover can be dangerous enough.So for "THE SMITHEREENS" to have the impudence to rerecord "Meet the Beatles" in its entirety,is like taking the studio to edge of the cliff.This New Jersey pop combo,whose last record was released in 1999,comes about as close as any band could in celebrating the 43rd anniversary of this groundbreaking record. Sure, the lead-vocal fury that Lennon and McCartney created in 1964 can't be restored and the three-part harmonies are less than hair-raising.But from the opening of the album "THE SMITHEREENS" are respectful to the album's legacy and give their best to it.It makes you wonder if theese boys are bold enough to take a stand at Abbey Road in September 2009!

    Posted on 2007-06-19 03:18:02 and written by dimitris


    The Swedish "BLOODBOUND" released their second album "BOOK OF THE DEAD" but it's a different band this time.A lot of the members has left the band,especially Urban Breed which was replaced by Michael Bormann at the beginning of the year.We're still in front of a real band of Heavy Metal but well, it's a bit different now.The band knew how to produce something which sounds like the previous album."Nosferatu" was a real killer,one of the best albums of the year 2006 and "BOOK OF THE DEAD" follows this road. The music is still a mix of Heavy Metal with Power.The riffs and rhythms are still extremely catchy, the choruses are still pure "sing a long" ones.But we also have some radical changes on this release and the bigger one and the best is the singer! Michael Bormann is a great singer and his vocals are really original,but he does sounds different sometimes on this album,compering to the previous one! Well Michael is also a personal friend but..........still a great singer!

    Posted on 2007-06-17 15:40:54 and written by dimitris


    The "GUITAR,BASS AND DRUMS" is more of a progressive journey than an album or even an EP.Over 12 months or so,Toby and his band aim to release a collection of 3 EP's and tour the UK during the recording process!The end result will be a 3 CD package call "GUITAR,BASS AND DRUMS".And it is being released in three parts.The First EP was released in March and clearly shows the direction Toby and his band are going through,wich is into high octane rock and roll.From the beggining to the end theese 5 songs get a hold on you with power and melody keeping a classic quitar,bass and drums tempo! Pure rock'n'roll !!!

    Posted on 2007-06-15 17:15:22 and written by dimitris


    Almost every two years,"SHAKRA", the hard rock band from Switzerland,comes up with a new album."SHAKRA" are: Mark Fox - Vocals,Thomas Muster - Guitars,Thom Blunier - Lead Guitars,Oli Linder - Bass,Roger Tanner - Drums.
    "SHAKRA" is this kind of band which never try to change its musical recipe.They have their own sound,they play "their" music and albums after albums they never try to change it. It works so they don't have to take any risks! But it's a bit tricky too,since it sounds a bit similar on all the albums.That's the case with "INFECTED" which is a good album of hard rock but which clearly sounds like "Fall" and "Rising"."INFECTED" is not a bad album! With its catchy hyper melodic chorus,with its great melody with its rhythmic which is never boring is a great album and it's a real pleasure to listen to it.It's also extremely classic and really new too,at the same time!

    Posted on 2007-06-13 17:13:53 and written by dimitris


    Behind the "TRW" acronym hides a trio made up of the most incredible musicians/session players that have literally played the history of Rock and Pop music! T stands for Michael Thompson, a stunning guitar player and known to the Melodic Rock crowd for his M.T.B. album “How Long” released in 1989.But he built his reputation playing with such megastar names as Shania Twain, Michael Bolton, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Cher and many many more. R stands for John Robinson: a real legend in drumming.He released one solo album titled “Funkshui” and played with an impressive list of artists.Some names include: Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton, Seal, Steve Winwood and of course Barbra Streisand.Last but not least, is Mark Williamson, the singer and bass player in the line-up.He came to the attention of the Melodic Rock fans - together with Robinson - on the superb "TOTO"-flavoured album as "BRIDGE 2 FAR".Later he released one solo album for "GRP",entitled “Time Slipping By”,collaborated with Mike Oldfield and worked in sessions or live dates with many artists, including: Freddie Mercury, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck, Elton John, Peter Frampton. 
    "RIVERS OF PARADISE" is undoubtedly a true Melodic Rock classic in the making which should not be missed!!!

    Posted on 2007-06-08 17:07:41 and written by dimitris


    2007 release from the former guitarist,singer and keyboardist for "URIAH HEEP"."BLOOD ON THE HIGHWAY" is an autobiographical album dealing Hensley's experiences during his '70s days.Features guest vocals from John Lawton, Jorn Lande, Glenn Hughes and Eve Gallagher.After finishing his book,Ken Hensley,desided to record the album in Spain.The outcome is a great production,fantastic songwriting,perfect vocals and great melodies,sounds and tunes! One of the best albums so far in 2007!

    Posted on 2007-06-08 16:56:02 and written by dimitris


    "TRAGIK" is a melodic hard rock band consisting of Phil Vincent, Damian D'ercole and Dirk Phillips.Their first release is titled "POETIC JUSTICE".Phil has released nine solo albums of melodic hard rock since 1997 playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals.In "TRAGIK" he still does all the lead vocals,keyboards and some of the rhythm quitar,but the majority of the work is done by 22 year old new Comer Damian D'ercole.Dirk and Phil grew up together in the small town of Cranston, Ri and shared the deep love of rock music while performing in various bands together.Their passion for "Boston","Deep Purple" and "Dokken" is heard throughout "POETIC JUSTICE".Also appearing on the cd are session quitarists Billy Roux from "WHAT MATTERS",David Zychek from "AIRBORNE" and "NIGHT RANGER" and local quitar hero Paul Colombo.

    Posted on 2007-06-07 02:13:04 and written by dimitris


    One thing is for sure,that Gary Moore has never dissapointed anyone and specially his fans! He is one of the most talented quitar/singers and his music is actually talking to you.With his latest studio album "CLOSE AS YOU GET",Gary Moore continues in a direction not too dissimilar from his 2006 studio release "Old, New, Ballads, Blues".Mixing original tunes with some interesting blues covers that Gary has rediscovered,"CLOSE AS YOU GET" showcases Moore's exceptional talent as a guitarist and is destined to be one of the finest blues and guitar albums released this year. In a career that dates back to the 1960s, there are few musical genres that he has not turned his adroit musical hand to and has graced the line-ups of several notable rock bands.

    Posted on 2007-06-06 17:13:10 and written by dimitris


    "TESLA" did it again! A wonderfull album with cover songs "REAL TO REEL"! If someone dont know theese cover tunes,he can easily think that its a brand new "TESLA" cd! I believe "TESLA" love theese songs and really took their time to make this great album,that gives out the best of theese cover songs with the "TESLA" way! The quitars and the solos are blistering and the drums powerful and crazy! "REAL TO REEL" is a "real" trip into rock'n'roll history!!!

    Posted on 2007-06-06 17:03:42 and written by dimitris


    "LOST HIGHWAY" is "BON JOVI"'s 10th studio album since the band formed in the early eighties.One hundred and twenty million albums and 2500 concerts in over 50 countries later,"BON JOVI" is enjoying the greatest popularity in their history! "Artistic freedom made this record possible," says Jon Bon Jovi. "Musical freedom to explore--and emotional freedom to express what was in our hearts." Bon Jovi explains. "Nashville is all about songs and songwriters. If you're someone like me who loves songs and hanging out with songwriters, Nashville is the place. I thrive on that feeling and I'm inspired by that creative ambience." Different and many moods in this album but still remains a pure "BON JOVI" in the heart!

    Posted on 2007-06-03 23:04:12 and written by dimitris


    The debut and homonymous album from Frontiers Records by "TWO OF A KIND".A melodic rock combination made up of experienced musicians from the Dutch Rock scene.Leader of this new band is Fred Hendrix,better known as main songwriter and singer from "TERRA NOVA".Fred got two female singers: Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr,both singers have gathered extensive experience singing and performing with various bands.Anita was part of "NIGHT SHADE" and "FAST FORWARD", while Esther played in various covers bands.The recording of this album was completed in summer of 06 with the help of the other "TERRA NOVA" members: Gesuino Derosas on guitar, Hans in't Zandt on drums and Fred's bother Ron Hendrix on keyboards.The album gives a powerful dose of melodic rock and expierienced vocals!

    Posted on 2007-06-03 22:48:38 and written by dimitris


    Perry Farrell was undoubtedly the most creative member of "JANE'S ADDICTION",transforming an interesting,above average dynamic rock outfit into a total event with shows that always had the element of bizzare."SATELLITE PARTY" can be described as the culmination of all Perry's past and possibly future work and dreams.Concieved and written initially as a solo project,but with members from the band: Kevin Figuerido (drums),Carl Restivo (bass),wife and former "JANE'S ADDICTION" dancer Etty Farrell (vocals) and former "EXTREME"  Nuno Bettencourt (quitar).

    Posted on 2007-06-02 15:29:49 and written by dimitris


    Long time waiting for the solo debut album of the Irish pop-rock icon Dolores O'Riordan.Anyway the "CRANBERRIES" issued their swan song in 2001. After their break up, O'Riordan collaborated with Germany's "Jam and Spoon", Italy's Zucchero, and David Lynch composer Angelo Badalamenti.Co-produced by Youth ("THE VERVE", "U2"),the album  "ARE YOU LISTENING" is a throwback to 1980s-era,with keyboards, forceful drumming, and muscular guitar work.Kind of melodramatic vocals by Dolores,nice lyrics inspired by her husband and the birth of her youngest child.

    Posted on 2007-06-02 15:16:31 and written by dimitris


    2007 album from the Scottish rockers,"IDLEWILD", their first release on the rejuvenated Sequel label. The album was recorded over a six week period in Edinburgh with longtime producer Dave Eringa. On "MAKE ANOTHER WORLD", the band return to a rockier sound reminiscent of their earlier releases.For their fifth album,"IDLEWILD" refine in a better way,a brightly lit mix of emotive melody, distortion-filled guitars, and their calling card: Roddy Woomble,on vocals.Finally the album is a commercial blend of rock and easy listening.

    Posted on 2007-05-28 16:22:54 and written by dimitris


    "GHOSTS" release the single ‘The World Is Outside‘ on 28 May (digital)/ 4 June (physical) through Atlantic Records, this is followed by their debut album of the same name on June 11th.Over the last few months "GHOSTS" have been creating quite a stir. Their debut release "Musical Chairs" was itunes single of the week and picked up some rave reviews including 'The Guardian Guide’s' pick of the week.They were in the Top 10 of the BBC’s Sound of 2007 poll and have been a regular fixture on the airwaves."GHOSTS" first met at school and have been together, in one guise or another, ever since.Their music sounds so self-assured, and so very accomplished - ecstatic melodies,nice choruses and a precise understanding of pop music.

    Posted on 2007-05-28 16:13:41 and written by dimitris


    A change in "PARADISE LOST",specially after being unable to release their last album, the self titled 'Paradise Lost,' in their own country, the band have managed to sign a deal with Century Media and have a highly anticipated album with a DVD on it's way.Their new release "IN REQUIEM",is a modern gothic-metal album but not like "ICON" or "SHADES OF GOD" and it is havier and darker!

    Posted on 2007-05-26 15:13:43 and written by dimitris


    "CARRY ON" is the 13th album by two-time Grammy winner, singer-songwriter and voice of a generation, Chris Cornell. Steered by Grammy Award-winning British super- producer Steve Lillywhite ("U2", "Rolling Stones", "Morrissey", "Dave Matthews Band"),"CARRY ON" is a mature and content departure from the acrimonious artist who brought us "Soundgarden", "Audioslave" and "Temple of the Dog".The album also includes the Top 10 European smash hit "You Know My Name," the main title song for the current James Bond theatrical release, "Casino Royale", appearing for the first time on a full-length release.Cornell wrote and recorded the track with long-time 'James Bond' composer David Arnold for the film.

    Posted on 2007-05-24 14:16:06 and written by dimitris


    "THE WEIRDNESS" is the first album for the legendary rock band--which, yes, includes frontman Iggy Pop--since 1973. The remaining original lineup is supplemented by "MINUTEMEN" bassist Mike Watt.Fans of "THE STOOGES" early-'70s masterpieces wondered what they would have sounded like with a big-league budget. Here's the answer: loud-and still not clear,surly but still barely civilized!!!

    Posted on 2007-05-24 02:39:00 and written by dimitris


    Progressive rock masters "DREAM THEATER" return in full force with their ninth studio album "Systematic Chaos". The album features heavy riffs, soaring melodies, and intricate arrangements."DREAM THEATER" appeases its loyal fans but also reaches out to all rock fans with hook-laden hits. "This album's got all of the elements we've become known for," reveals drummer Mike Portnoy, who co-produced the CD with guitarist John Petrucci (Paul Northfield engineered and mixed the effort). "The focus on musicianship, the skull-crushing riffs, the big progressive epics and the heart-wrenching melodies. We've got one of the strongest and most devoted fan bases in the world, and they should certainly be happy with the new material."

    Posted on 2007-05-24 02:26:59 and written by dimitris


    Born out of Andrew Eldritch's "SISTERS OF MERCY", one of the defining bands of the first wave of Goth, they've never really gone away since their debut long-player "God's Own Medicine" in 1987, but this is their first studio album in six years and marks 21 years since frontman Wayne Hussey (the only constant throughout that time,though original guitarist Simon Hinkler plucks the strings on Grotesque,"ALL ABOUT EVE" vocalist Julianne Regan, another early Mish collaborator, is also back for the ride) split from the Sisters.The album can actually move you back in time and give you that real goth-pop feeling thats been missing for about 20 years! "GOD IS A BULLET" sees "THE MISSION" deliver tremendous vocal and guitar double whammies with stunning tracks,keep proving there will always be a need for music appealing to our inner childhood! 

    Posted on 2007-05-24 02:15:08 and written by dimitris


    "GLASS MOUNTAIN" is the new and exciting second album from "ROADSTAR".The Fast Rising UK rockers are currently leading the pack of new rock bands and return with their second studio album. The band were discovered and signed by A&r guru John Kalodner ("Aerosmith","Bon Jovi","Whitesnake") in 2004, and John Made the band his new priority."ROADSTAR" were also voted as 'HOTEST NEW BAND' at the classic rock awards in 2006! Pure hard rock sound that is played to its best !!!

    Posted on 2007-05-24 01:58:27 and written by dimitris


    "Lonely Train…its thumping drum beats and jagged guitar solo are appealing…" Bilboard Magazine.

    "BLACK STONE CHERRY",the good old boys from Kentucky who dont drink or take drugs,but do like English girls! And now about their debut album "BLACK STONE CHERRY" you can hear their influences including "LED ZEPPELIN", "LYNYRD SKYNYRD", "THE BEATLES", "CREAM" and "BLACK SABBATH", but also a heavy side touching more in a "BLACK LABEL SOCIETY" vein.This is a pure southern rock-classic rock finger-lickin' album!

    Posted on 2007-05-24 01:29:43 and written by dimitris


    Third album from the rockin' American quartet whose previous albums (2003's "Youth And Young Manhood" and "Aha Shake Heartbreak" from '05) have earned them a large worldwide following. Consisting of three brothers and a cousin, the "KINGS OF LEON" mix their own brand of southern rock with touches of garage, punk and alternative.With their third full-length album (named for a United Pentecostal Church ministers' conference) could well usher the Nashville foursome directly to rock and roll's zenith. There's hardly a change in plans for the three Followill brothers and their cousin, and that means producer Ethan Johns, a smorgasbord of musical influences, and a cacophonous ensemble of guitar, bass, and drums.

    Posted on 2007-05-23 02:37:51 and written by dimitris


    Finally they are back! The 2007 return of the German Rock superstars "SCORPIONS" with a full length album co-produced by James Michael and veteran songwriter Desmond Child. The sessions were recorded in both Hannover and Los Angeles.

    If you were a fan of "SCORPIONS",then for sure you will love this album! If not a fan,still this is a great album,by great musicians an excellant recording with powerful music great songwriting and full of pure melodic hard rock! The first record was  released in 1972 and now "SCORPIONS" are back for good,beware they still can 'sting' and rock'n'roll !!! 

    18 june 2007,"SCORPIONS" will be in Greece with guest star Uli Jon Roth!

    Posted on 2007-05-22 15:47:51 and written by dimitris


    The follow-up to 2001's "Down To Earth", was recorded with the same band that backed Osbourne on his scattered 2006 Ozzfest dates — Zakk Wylde on guitar, Mike Bordin on drums, and former Rob Zombie bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson. The album has no official producer, although longtime Mutt Lange protégé Kevin Churko is serving as the engineer.

    "BLACK RAIN" is the first to be recorded in Osbourne's home studio, located in the newly soundproofed guest house behind his Beverly Hills mansion, which he's outfitted with a mixing desk and a ProTools rig. "If you ever have inspiration, you can put down an idea," Osbourne told Rolling Stone of recording at home. "The bad thing is your wife can get ahold of you all the time for whatever she wants you to do."

    No matter what,this is an OZZY album and must be heard loud!!!

    Posted on 2007-05-20 19:58:01 and written by dimitris


    "SEQUEL" is a bit of a strange kind of sound and origin! The album is called "BACK" and it is a simply rock and sometimes mellow or a bit hard rock in riffs and beat,with a good production."SEQUEL" are Todd Jensen on vocals and bass (ex-"HARDLINE"),Greg Georgeson on lead vocals (Tommy TuTone singer),Grant Roholt on drums and David Wall on quitar.

    Posted on 2007-05-20 19:49:02 and written by dimitris



    Hollywood's own "RUDE AWAKENING" announce the release of their latest opus : "A TRIBUTE TO THIN LIZZY".The band has presented 13 tracks here of "THIN LIZZY" material that accurately and truly represents the songwriting and performance values of the original Irish band.

    "RUDE AWAKENING",an internationally acclaimed hard rock/power metal band has certainly paid their dues.Playing to packed houses across the globe,with many big name acts (such as "MEGADETH" and "C.O.C.").The band has consistently appealed to fans and critics alike with their intense live shows.Combining musical virtuosity with professional showmanship,the group proves night after night that they are masters of their craft.

    "RUDE AWAKENING" is currently doing a tribute/revival of the music of "THIN LIZZY".The shows have been very well received so the band has decided to continue doing it in venues where they want classic rock and metal tribute acts.

    Audiences everywhere will tell you : 'this band is the realdeal."RUDE AWAKENING" will leave youlimp and raw in the wake of their devastating musical passion!'.

    "RUDE AWAKENING" are inviting all of us to a special performance of this entire cd at the '2nd ANNUAL PHILIP LYNOTT MEMORIAL CELEBRATION' in Dublin,Ireland on August 18th,2007.

    PHILOMENA LYNOTT (Philip's mother) will be hosting this event!!!

    Posted on 2007-05-17 02:22:35 and written by dimitris


    There is still hope for this kind of rock and it is called "WILDKARD".That old sound is alive and kicking in their album "MEGALOMANIA"!!! 3 of the members are from the "KICK" ,Nick Workman-vocals,Chris Jones-quitars,Mikey J.-bass.That is the modern feeling in 80's sound,a melodic-classic rock but brand new album called "MEGALOMANIA".

    "WILDKARD" were originally known as "THE ZERO HOUR PROJECT" and these songs were written in the 90;s but never released before.Thank God we can enjoy them now!!!

    Posted on 2007-05-08 17:51:33 and written by dimitris


    "DECOY" is guitarist/bassist Torben Enevoldsen, vocalist Peter Sundell and Thomas Heintzelmann (drums) and the band was formed in 2005. Their blend of melodic rock tinged with prog and metal flavours is quite nice.Good songwriting,power and melodic riffs,make "CALL OF THE WIND" a good metal prog-rock album.

    Posted on 2007-05-07 11:27:51 and written by dimitris


    The 10th album from the symphonic-gothic metal band "AFTER FOREVER".The Dutch originated band may wanna have a new start,thas naming the album after their name,since this is their debut release with 'Nuclear Blast' records.We believe that this album is a collection of all the work of "AFTER FOREVER" in all the past years,with fresh tracks but keeping and prooving their style and sound.Throughout the whole disc,"AFTER FOREVER" are using a real symphonic orchestra (from Prague),which gives this dynamic and powerful sound with metal and classical tunes mixed well together.

    Posted on 2007-05-07 11:18:43 and written by dimitris


    Americans "W.A.S.P." are back with "DOMINATOR" to seal their power and mighty in heavy metal.Great songs with power riffs and heavy beats,an excellent production,to continue where "CRIMSON IDOL" left behind.Great bands like "W.A.S.P." proove that they can make it again and again,giving us that unique hard rock feeling each time we listen to their songs!This will be an album to be remembered!!!

    Posted on 2007-05-03 14:19:24 and written by dimitris


    The heartland rocker's first album of all-new material in more than five years finds John Mellencamp in full anthem mode. This is his State of the Union address, with guitars that chime like the Byrds heralding sentiments that recall the socially-conscious 1960s, yet sound all the more pertinent today. Balancing the desolate landscape of "Ghost Towns Along the Highway," the hell-on-earth of "Rural Route," and the tolls demanded on the title track's "Freedom's Road" are the embrace of brotherhood on "Someday," the Everyman populism of "The Americans," and the soaring transcendence of "My Aeroplane." Within the context of the album's song cycle, the "Our Country" centerpiece sounds richer and more powerful than it has as a truck commercial--like a roots-rocking sequel to Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land." Mellencamp enlists Joan Baez for a duet on the protest ballad "Jim Crow," while saving his most blistering political commentary for the unlisted bonus track, "Rodeo Clown." --Don McLeese

    The country rocker is back,prooving his status and quality.

    Posted on 2007-05-03 14:01:36 and written by dimitris


    Both a stopgap release until Patti Smith writes another album's worth of material and a way to keep her name in front of the public after her highly publicized 2007 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this set of a dozen covers finds the singer/poet in an unusually reflective mode. Some of the sources are obvious for those familiar with Smith's influences ("THE ROLLING STONES", JIMI HENDRIX,BOB DYLAN), some less so (PAUL SIMON,"NIRVANA","JEFFERSON AIRPLANE",NEIL YOUNG), and a few come out like ("THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND",STEVIE WONDER,"TEARS FOR FEARS"). Smith's innate class and approach guarantees there's nothing awful here, but there also isn't much that stamps these versions with her own vision. She does little more than deliver the words in her unique spoken/sung voice and she keeps the arrangements close to the originals.

    Posted on 2007-05-03 13:57:25 and written by dimitris


    2007 album from the fiery Welsh trio, their first studio release since 2004's "Lifeblood". In the meantime, both vocalist/guitarist James Dean Bradfield and bassist Nicky Wire both released critically successful solo albums."Send Away The Tigers" is the Manics' eighth studio album overall and was produced by longtime associate Dave Eringa. This album sees the boys return to an ambitious, edgier and energetic Rock sound ("The Clash" and "The Sex Pistols" are our biggest inspirations - Nicky Wire), and includes the single 'Your Love Alone Is Not Enough' which features Nina Persson of The Cardigans, of whom the band have been long time fans.Possible one the best so far album of the "MANIC STREET PREACHERS",with more rock tunes and melodic sounds.

    Posted on 2007-05-03 13:44:57 and written by dimitris


    2007 album from Mike Scott and his roving band of "WATERBOYS". For over 20 years, Mike Scott has created passionate, heartfelt music for a heartless world. He fills his songs with lyrical images that are adorned with moving chord changes and dynamic arrangements. Hints of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan roam freely in Scott's songs, but they never intrude with his unique musical vision. 10 tracks including the first single 'Everybody Takes A Tumble'.Another great album by "THE WATERBOYS"!

    Posted on 2007-04-28 17:19:46 and written by dimitris


    The German/ Scandinavian Heavy Band "RAZORBACK" was Founded in 2002 by Rolf Munkes ("Empire","Tony Martin Band"), Chris Heun (Ex-"lanzer", Ex-"shylock") and Marcus Bielenberg (Ex-"vanize", "Majesty"). The information was taken by the "RAZORBACK" official website:

    Recorded: 2006/2007 at Empire Studios    (Bensheim, Germany)
    Additional Recordings: Stefan Berggren (Vocals) at
       Snake Pit Studios (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Additional Recordings: Mike Terrana (Drums) at
       Bazement Studio/Germany
    Mixed: by Rolf Munkes
       2005 at Empire Studios (Bensheim, Germany)
    Mastered: by Rolf Munkes
       2005 at Empire Studios (Bensheim, Germany)

    Produced: by Rolf Munkes

    Cover Artwork: by Carl-André Beckston
    Layout: by Ingo Ertl

    Words: by Stefan Berggren, Thomas Jakobsson
    Music: by Rolf Munkes, Chris Heun and Stefan Berggren

    Musicians: Stefan Berggren (Vocals), Rolf Munkes
       (Rhythm and Lead Guitars), Chris Heun (Bass, Rhythm    Guitars), Mike Terrana (Drums)

    Posted on 2007-04-28 17:12:00 and written by dimitris


    "THE REVENGE", the highly anticipated second charter of the "ALLEN / LANDE" musical alliance on May 11th 2007! The first result of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen’s collaboration, “The Battle” was unleashed in September 2005 with unanimous acclaim from fans and critics alike.Russell Allen is the singer of the American Progressive Metal band "SYMPHONY X", who have released six studio albums and one live record so far. More than once "SYMPHONY X" received accolades such as "Best Progressive Power Metal Band Worldwide" or awards for the "Best Progressive Metal Album of the Year".Highly rated ex-"MASTERPLAN" vocalist Jorn Lande has a vocal capability that is world class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. He is in high demand and has appeared as guest or sung for such bands as "MILLENIUM","ARK","THE SNAKES" and many others. He is also a well-known solo artist with six studio albums released, since the debut "Starfire" in 1999.Once again songs were written by guitar sensation Magnus Karlsson ("STARBREAKER", "LAST TRIBE").“The Revenge” with cover art specifically designed for this project by Rodney Matthews ("DIAMOND HEAD","MAGNUM","ASIA").Heavier and with a tighter production, thanks to the involvement of Dennis Ward ("PINK CREAM 69","ANGRA","PLACE VENDOME") at the mix, this album will excite the many fans who loved the first chapter and everyone who declares themselves fan of quality Hard Rock or Metal.

    Posted on 2007-04-28 17:04:46 and written by dimitris


    "RUSH" return with their first new collection of original material in nearly five years, entitled "SNAKES & ARROWS." The album was recorded in the fall of 2006 with Gammy Award-winner Nick Raskulinecz ("Foo Fighters", "Velvet Revolver") and "RUSH" co-producing. "It's hard to describe," Geddy Lee recently told Revolver re: "SNAKES & ARROWS.""It's big, it's bold, and I think it's some of the best work we've done in years. I'm really pleased with the quality ofthe songs, and there's lots of playing on it. "RUSH" - Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart - will trumpet the release of "SNAKES & ARROWS" with a full-scale North American tour, the renowned trio's first since 2004's "An Evening with Rush: 30th Anniversary Tour".Deffinately the best so far album from this great band,"RUSH"!!!

    Posted on 2007-04-26 17:02:08 and written by dimitris



    A Swedish grunge,but with a melodic hard rock touch band,that was formed by Mats Nilsson (vocals) who is aided by Bobby Ho (guitar) Stefan Halldin (drums) en Robban Moller (bass).Beeing together as "MARY'S CREEK",the band has become complete and they are rocking! Stefan has finally found his mates and the new born melodic-heavy foundation reached a point which is very clear in this album.

    Posted on 2007-04-20 01:57:13 and written by dimitris


    The days of big hair-and-spandex metal may be long gone, but in songwriting terms,"HINDER" music is a throwback to the politically incorrect Sunset Strip days of "Guns N' Roses", "LA Guns", and "Faster Pussycat". For some hard-rock fans,it will surely come as a breath of fresh air.For those with more refined tastes--a blast of stale cigarette smoke. That said, "Homecoming Queen" is surprisingly tender ("She never walked on water/'cause no one really saw her"), proving that way down deep inside, the frisky fivesome does have a teeny, tiny, little beating heart. Overall though, if the platinum long-player, which was cowritten with producer Brian Howes, has a message, it's this: "Girl, you broke my heart and I hate you for it. Oh, and alcohol is good." --Kathleen C. Fennessy .Strange album,either you like it or you hate it.It's up to you..........

    Posted on 2007-04-19 16:07:41 and written by dimitris


    The new album of "CORNERSTONE" can easily be the continium of the "DEEP PURPLE" and "RAINBOW" generation! Vocalist Doogie White (ex-"RAINBOW"),bassist Steen Morgensen ("ROYAL HUNT"),drummer Allan Sorensen ("ROYAL HUNT") and quitarist Kasper Damgaard,give their best shot for creating this! Power rythm,great vocals,strong and melodic quitar riffs,this British-Danish co-operation brings out a great melodic-hard rock album,created by great musicians.

    Posted on 2007-04-19 15:47:11 and written by dimitris


    "THE LADDER" are "FM" frontman Steve Overland and his mates from the same band Pete Jupp and Bob Skeat with the company of quitarist Vinny Burns.The debut album ("Future Miracles"),features unreleased songs from "FM",re-recorded by the above line up.In this new album "SACRED" we get new songs and a new quitarist,Gerhard Pichler.Well,one thing we can say for sure,is that AOR is still alive and can be updated! And this album proves that classic AOR can be blended with new rock and be a modern and touching sound.The album has also a bit heavier sound,very good vocals and quitar riffs,a good recording,still modern but keeping the memory of melodic rock alive.

    Posted on 2007-04-19 15:21:03 and written by dimitris


    The great hard rock and melodic rock artist Joe Lynn Turner returns with his 10th solo studio album,"SECOND HAND LIFE".

    After last years success with "Sunstorm" Joe Lynn Turner is back with a new solo album and the "Sunstorm" project must have given him strenght to do a more melodic solo album. Because this new album is really a melodic rock affair and it is a mixture of his previous solo album "The Usual Suspect", "Sunstorm" and "Deep Purple". On this album he has worked with songwriters such as Jim Peterik(ex-"Survivor",and now "Pride Of Lions"), Bob Held, Karl Cochran and Martin Briley, and he also manage to include a track that he co-wrote with Richie Blackmore, Jim Peterik and Roger Glover entitled "Stroke Of Midnight".After all that,"SECOND HAND LIFE" is another great melodic-rock album by the great Joe Lynn Turner!!! 

    Posted on 2007-04-13 17:15:01 and written by dimitris


    Stan Bush is back with his 10th studio album,wich is probably his best ever! Bush Truly is a Melodic Rock Legend and with his world class songwriting and recording,comes up "IN THIS LIFE",great melodic-rock album,very good songs,quitar riffs and a great production! For sure one of the winner albums of this year.

    Posted on 2007-04-13 17:01:27 and written by dimitris


    After 10 years "NIGHT RANGERS" come up with a studio album!A bit changed,a bit new sounds,well not exactly the old classic "NIGHT RANGERS" (even though having a classic cover on the album).It seems that theese guys dont wanna stick in the old days so they try with this different and strange album "HOLE IN THE SUN".It is heavier,more fresh tunes,another approach in their rock music,but still a great work and production.For the fans of the band might take some time to get used to it or not."NIGHT RANGERS" : Jack Blades (vocals-bass),Jeff Waton (quitars),Kelly Keagy (vocals-drums),Brad Gillis (quitars) and Michael Lardie (keyboards),have a large musical history and for sure they will continue it with this album.

    Posted on 2007-04-11 02:40:56 and written by dimitris


    Yes it is unbellievable but its true! The new "REO SPEEDWAGON" album is released,a decade since the last one! (and we are very happy for that).The album is called "FIND YOUR OWN WAY HOME".We think the title has a special meaning,trying to makes us find our own way back to the original sound and memories of "REO SPEEDWAGON",that are well hidden in their new work.The line up members for 2007 are: Kevin Cronin (lead vocals-rythm quitar),Dave Amato (lead quitar-vocals),Bruce Hall (bass quitar-vocals),Neal Doughty (keyboards) and Bryan Hitt (drums-percussion).This album doesnt sound like the classic previous WAGON albums,but for sure is an excellent production with great quality and new matterial.If you are a big REO fan, then I recommend getting the deluxe package.This package contains an additional 2 dvd/cd's that are live performances.

    Posted on 2007-04-07 18:52:48 and written by dimitris


    "THRESHOLD" are included in the best metal bands all over and not only in U.K.! With their 8th album "DEAD RECKONING",they can continue establishing themeselves into metal and progressive metal bands and fans.There is power,passion,melody,good songwriting and great work and production in this album!

    Posted on 2007-03-29 12:38:52 and written by dimitris


    After the success of "From Under the Cork Tree","FALL OUT BOY",continue with another great album "INFINITY ON HIGH",earning the right to feell 'high'.On their most adventurous album,"Def Jam" prez Jay-Z introduces "Thriller," while Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds produces groove-heavy hit "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" and "Thnks fr th Mmrs".The boys from Chicago,remain in the punk-pop-rock roots with vocalist Patrick Stump,bass player/songwriter Pete Wentz.A very well done and prodused album,with great songs rythm and catchy tunes,for sure it will follow the succes!

    Posted on 2007-03-29 12:25:40 and written by dimitris


    Germany's epic melodic metal band "MASTERPLAN",are back with a great album,but without vocalist Jorn Lande! Now they are using Mike DiMeo from"RIOT" and "THE LIZARDS".The sound in "MK II" is fast,epic,strong and melodic riffs with "MASTERPLAN"s typically double-kick drums and an excellent performance in the vocals by Mike DiMEO.

    Posted on 2007-03-29 12:09:16 and written by dimitris


    And now after 3 decades since they disintegrated in a burst of self-abuse and self-fulfilling prophecy,"NEW YORK DOLLS",return to the studio for the follow-up of 1974's "Too Much Too Soon" with this unbelievable album! The remaining band members are David Johanson and Syl Sylvain.Yet veteran producer Jack Douglas never lets the band wich now is featuring "Hanoi Rocks" bassist Sammi Yaffa, guitarist Steve Conte, Brian Koonin on keyboards, and drummer Brian Delaney,lay down the original sound that got them started.Helping celebrate the Dolls revival in fine fashion are guest turns by Iggy Pop (the frantic "Gimme Luv & Turn On the Light") and Michael Stipe (who harmonizes on the ballad "Dancing on the Lip of the Volcano"), as well as Against Mel's Tom Gabel on the trademark rave-up "Punishing World." ROCK 'N' ROLL lives in this album!!!

    Posted on 2007-03-29 11:53:57 and written by dimitris


    In the beggining,British foursome "BLOC PARTY" seemed to be like the rest of the post-punk bands,but soon they took apart from this.Fronted by Nigerian-born singer Kele Okereke,the group's 2005 debut,"Silent Alarm",soared as much on crystal ambition as it did on danceable pop melodies. This follow-up is darker,more cluttered, and a bit more difficult."Weekend In The City" is an album that keeps on the "BLOC PARTY"s style,tempo-shifting rhythms,inventive art-rock arrangements and lyrics that twist and turn.The album is prodused by Jacknife Lee ("U2","Snow Patrol").Inspired by lead singer Kele Okereke's interest in what he calls "the living noise of a metropolis",this album is about every detail of daily life in a modern city from the ebullient to the mundane.

    Posted on 2007-03-29 11:38:34 and written by dimitris


    "UNDER THE SEVEN SKIES" is the 3rd album from the British "DANTE FOX".Recorded at MADHAT studios in Wolverhampton U.K.,is a classic melodic rock sound.The bands line up for now is : Sue Willets founder and vocalist of  "DANTE FOX",Tim Manford lead quitar,Mick Hales on drums,Mike Dagnall bass and keyboard player/quitarist Roman Wieckowski.

    Guitarist Tim Manford presents the new effort saying that: "It is evident that individual performances are very impressive and the end results have produced a much more mature and confident sounding album". "We hope the fans will warm to the new music as much as we do", concludes Manford which points at the title track as the most relevant example of the new songwriting abilities "It was the first song written as a team by all the lineup members. This happens to be an nine minute epic, with string arrangements, classic Brian May-esque harmony guitars and as usual Sue's passionate vocal".

    Posted on 2007-03-25 16:34:38 and written by dimitris


    This is the 13th studio album for the British band "MAGNUM" and the 3rd after their come back.The album marks the resumption of the cooperation between the band's three masterminds,vocalist Bob Catley,guitarist Tony Clarkin,keyboarder Mark Stanway and bassist Al Barrow.Eleven brand-new songs,compositions and lyrics courtesy of founder member Clarkin - Magnum.It is a classic orchestral rock music album!

    Posted on 2007-03-24 18:31:10 and written by dimitris


    Germany's classic rockers "PINK CREAM 69" selebrate their 20 years in rock with this powerfull album "IN10SITY".Maybe this is the best album they have ever record and the 10th in the roll."IN10SITY" has it all,power riffs,fast classic and fresh melodic sounds,catchy tunes,excellent performance and production.After 10 albums someone waits for a come-down,but not with "PINK CREAM 69",after all that they can still prove their love and power to rock!

    Posted on 2007-03-24 18:17:32 and written by dimitris

    69 EYES - ANGELS

    "69 EYES" are one of the best goth-metal bands,that stick to the original pure goth sound as it was started from bands like "SISTERS OF MERCY" in the 80's.The new album by that great Finnish band called "ANGELS",is the sequel of the international "DEVILS" that was released in 2005.Pure goth dark sound with power riffs,great melodies and dramatic power vocals and song writing.This release contains "Open Disc" technology which grants the consumer access to an evolving and growing source of content, which will be updated consistently throughout the life of the project.

    Posted on 2007-03-21 18:25:17 and written by dimitris


    "GOTTHARD" are Steve Lee (vocals),Leo Leoni (quitar &vocals),Marc Lynn (bass),Hena Habegger (drums) and Freddy Scherer (quitars).Untill now "GOTTHARD" has achieved : ten number one albums,a diamond award for 1 million albums sold,three triple platinum,four double platinum,four platinum,one golden single!!!

    "DOMINO EFFECT" is the 12th studio album from this great Swiss band! Musically this album is the result of a "domino effect",meaning after almost 15 years  of brilliant albums and tours,"GOTTHARD" release another,even better,album this year! "DOMINO EFFECT" is a pure melodic rock'n'roll album,with the style and sound that only "GOTTHARD" can create and produse.It is a masterpiece of rock music!

    Be aware,"GOTTHARD" have not yet reached their limits,the "DOMINO EFFECT" will continue.................!!!

    Posted on 2007-03-18 21:35:09 and written by dimitris


    When someone speaks or thinks about epic metal,the first name to say is "MANOWAR"! In their career "MANOWAR" has released 9 studio albums,two live albums and 5 DVDs with sales of over nine million records worldwide,as well as silver and gold records and numerous other industry awards.The last studio album "Warriors Of The World" was a critically-acclaimed worldwide chart topper,reaching gold status in Germany."GODS OF WAR" is the tenth studio album and the begining of albums to come,tributed to different War Gods."GODS OF WAR" features brand new cover artwork by the world's leading fantasy artist Ken Kelly,as well as a scorching mix done by Ronald Prent.Vocalist Eric Adams,guitarist Karl Logan,drummer Scott Columbus and bassist Joey DeMaio are truly a force to be respected within the studio and on a live stage!

    Posted on 2007-03-18 19:10:22 and written by dimitris


    "SKILLET" are : John L. Cooper (vocals,bass,piano),Korey Cooper (keyboards,vocals,piano),Ben Kasica (electric & acoustic quitars) and Lori Peters (drums)."SKILLET" have 6 albums in a period of 10 years of their career."SKILLET" are changing their sound in each album,with this trick they do achieve a unique work each time.From grunge to electronica and hard rock to alternative metal.The new album "COMATOSE" is a mix of all the above styles and sounds.A solid album,good production and nice song writing.

    Posted on 2007-03-18 18:55:45 and written by dimitris


    "SAXON" are the Kings of British heavy metal from the begining of their carrier almost 25 years ago! And its not only the power of the music,it is also the songwriting,the production behind every album and specialy the great and unforgetable live on stage appearrences! "SAXON" new album is called "The Inner Sanctum".It is on the same level of strength and quality like all "SAXON" works.This album is  about eastern revolutions, British Kings and Queens and the attitude of great warriors!  Biff Byford (SAXON vocalist) says:""The "Inner Sanctum" is the most powerful album we've ever recorded!""

    Posted on 2007-03-15 02:12:07 and written by dimitris


    First a few words about the band.Formed by Tony Moore and Mike Flyntz,former and current members of Metal legend "Riot","FAITH AND FIRE" also includes Danny Miranda (currently touring with "Queen") on bass and John Miceli from "Rainbow","Meat Loaf" & others on drums. Tony, Mike and Danny are co-writers on all the tunes.This is a hard rock album that also brings back the 80's memories and sounds but keeping specially in the vocals the new age style of rock.Some tracks are also based on classic rock tunes and quitar riffs.Enough solos and melody with fast drums and good vocals.

    Posted on 2007-03-07 17:06:56 and written by dimitris


    Actually this album is a 2006 release and the fifth for N.F.G. but we would like to write something about it.Starting with the members of N.F.G.: Quitarist Chad Gilbert had to drop out of high school to focus on the band. Drummer Cyrus Bolooki, turned down a scholarship and a chance to follow in the footsteps of his father,who performed the first heart transplant in Florida.All the New Found Glory band members had to make sacrifices along the way to make their dream come true.In San Diego singer Jordan Pundik confidently calls their fifth album "the one that will stand the test of time".Later Chad Gilbert declares: "We've never been happier with any other record".

    The band moved into a house together in Malibu called Morning View (where Incubus famously recorded their album of that name), where they sat around the living room and wrote the best songs of their lives.With Paul Miner of "Death By Stereo",Warren Fitzgerald of the "Vandals" and Gwen Stefani's band overseeing the demos.The album was produced by Thom Panunzio,an A&R veteran at Geffen who has recorded some of the biggest names in music history. "Because he's worked with Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, he brought this classic vibe to it,especially with the tones he got," Pundik says. "We learned we don't have to double-up 15 Mesa cabinets and make it all distorted to make it sound big".

    Posted on 2007-03-04 22:53:54 and written by dimitris


    "DARK MOOR" were formed in 1999 and released five albums."TAROT" is their sixth album.It is a concept about the major arcanes of the tarot cards,going deep into the meaning of each one and the inside-out 'powers' of the arcanes.The band gives a great attension in the symbolism of each card and the Tarot that represents and the links they might have with real life!

    The production was made by Luigi Stefanini (Rhapsody, Labirynth, Vision Divine)! The amazing and beautiful art work was made by  Derek Gores (Edguy, Kamelot).A great symphonic-metal album,filled with great mixing of vocals,organs and epic sounds,full of power and melody.

    Posted on 2007-03-04 03:29:42 and written by dimitris



    A minor legend in German metal (the band features members of both Cassanova and Jaded Heart) and for some the European equivalent of the mighty Stryper finally return with a new studio album."White Sands" brings the melody of the 80's rock combined with new metal sounds.There is classic rock with twin quitars and great solos,with cutchy tunes and passioned songs.

    Posted on 2007-03-01 18:28:37 and written by dimitris


    The fourth studio album from the symphonic goth metal band."WITHIN TEMPTATION" really prove themselves once again with the quality of the production and the songwritting.The album is produced by Daniel Gibson and mixed by Stefan Glaumann from "Rammstein".Still the epic sounds of the band with a new touch of feelings.

    Posted on 2007-03-01 17:57:55 and written by dimitris


    The great "STYX" guitarist Tommy Shaw and former "NIGHT RANGER" and "DAMN YANKEES" frontman Jack Blades! This is the fifth record Shaw/Blades are recording together and its an all cover album and perfect follow up from their debut "Hallucination",from artist they both love and appreciate through their music career.

    Tommy Shaw said,on the making of INFLUENCE: ""This album has been years in the making. The recording process didn’t take years, but the concept had been looming in our conversations for years. From the day Jack Blades showed up on my doorstep, we discovered our chemistry as writers almost immediately. We became best friends as a result of the music and the experiences we had because of it. After two albums and two world tours with "DAMN YANKEES", we decided to do our first "SHAW/BLADES" album, "Hallucination". The album was a departure from "DAMN YANKEES" that it was more acoustic in nature, not nearly as heavy and more organically produced.On "Influence", we went song by song,some we held very close to the original version, while on others we departed from the familiar arrangements and made them our own.""

    Definitely a winner cover album to own!

    Posted on 2007-02-27 03:10:20 and written by dimitris


    This is the third album from "SIRENIA" fronted by their new female vocalist Monika Pedersen.When it comes to gothic metal Morten Veland knows what he is doing.In this album melodic metal with goth rock are blended nicely with a touch of bittersweet sounds and vocals.Its an easy to approach album with a good production and a change for "SIRENIA" with their new excelland melodic female vocals.

    Posted on 2007-02-25 17:36:51 and written by dimitris


    After the smash hit album of 2005 "Employment",wich sold more than 3 million worldwide,"KAISER CHIEFS" return with their new work "YOURS TRULY ANGRY MOB".Once again working with Stephen Street and recording for almost 2 months,their second album seems to be another hit to come.Theese Yorkshire boys show us again their flowting-happy indie -pop style.Usually its the work of the second album that will establish a band.It seems that "KAISER CHIEFS" with their second have nothing to fear!

    Posted on 2007-02-25 16:49:53 and written by dimitris


    Power melodic metal from the Finish quartet "BURNING POINT".This is their third album.A very nice work,solid album and a good production.Strong and hard riffs,many quitar solos with powerfull sounds,background keybords and melodic sometimes epic vocals."BURNING POINT" clearly establish themselves with this album,bringing out the power and passion of classic metal on top.

    Posted on 2007-02-23 14:52:34 and written by dimitris


    This is the debut album and self titled for "GODDESS SHIVA".But do not be confused,this is not a 'new' band! Even the name exists for some years now.

    "GODDESS SHIVA" are : Armin Sabol (quitar,vocals).Former and current bands: GODDESS SHIVA, Armin Sabol&the red Hot Blues Band, Peter Schilling, , Lollies, Ray Martin Trio,& many more.Studio performances: Hazel'O'Connor, die Fantastischen 4, Rage (Producer).

    Mat Sinner (bass,vocals).Former and current bands: GODDESS SHIVA, Sinner, Primal Fear and too many studio performances.

    Martin Schmidt (drums).Former and current bands:GODDESS SHIVA, Atrocity, Leaves Eyes.

    Well,with those great musicians theres not much to say else than it is a great work.Old school hard rock,sometimes brings heavy metal sounds,but keeping always the melodic touch.Endless solos,power riffs and fast beats when needed!


    Posted on 2007-02-23 14:01:18 and written by dimitris


    Danny Vaughn a great rocker!

    Making his debut with the British "Waysted"(fronting most of their releases),he formed "Tyketto" one the greatest melodic rock bands."Traveller" is Danny Vaughn's new album with a familiar sound of all Vaughn's previous works mixed with some modern quitar.A solid album from start to finish,mature melodic rock sounds and songs filled with passion and emotion.

    Posted on 2007-02-16 06:43:44 and written by dimitris


    Another Swedish great classic AOR band! This is the fourth album for Mikael Erlandsson's band,a little different so they are not repeating themselves,but still on the same old-school tracks  of "LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM".

    Another winner album,with a great production and full of melodic rock tunes and good songs."Rock 'N' Roll Is Saving My Soul" a track by this album that can be used as a trde mark of "LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM".

    And it is true: ROCK 'N' ROLL can save us all !!!

    Posted on 2007-02-16 06:25:10 and written by dimitris


    Swedes Mikael Klevengĺrd and Kristoffer Lagerström met for the first time in a mutual project called “Mixtur” which was a production group created for writing, producing and placing songs in different events. Soon after they started to write songs with an 80s touch just for fun but one song led to another and before they knew it the album was a fact! These two guys haven’t been influenced by any specific band or group but growing up in the eighties certainly has made a mark throughout the album.Music and creating it has always been a part of Mikael and Kristoffer’s life as long as they can remember but this is their first release together and Mikael’s first release ever. Kristoffer however has been participating on several albums among the years such as: Radioactive, Sayit, Prisoner, Spin Gallery, among many others. So that brings us to Union Mac and the album “Lost in Attraction”. This is truly a wonderful album and the unusual thing is it sounds more American / Canadian than it does Swedish. Those eighties influences have definitely made an indelible mark with these two talented guys as they have made an album which is very much worth talking about. Strong melodies, catchy riffs and plenty of keyboards.

    Its a classic melodic rock album certainly a band to watch for 2007.

    Posted on 2007-02-16 06:02:15 and written by dimitris


    The new album by "SINNER" and with a new record label.The German band created by Mat Sinner (bass player),that counts many years in the hard rock scene.Now "SINNER" have Klaus Sperling (ex-Primal Fear),who was only a guest star in the live perfomances of the band untill now.And the quitqrist  Christof Leim from "Ôhe Traceelords".As guests stars on this album are: R. Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray), A. B. Frank (Brainstorm) and M. Grimm (Mystic Prophecy)!

    Nice album,more hard rock and classic European sound in this one than the previous heavy metal ones.

    Posted on 2007-02-16 05:53:08 and written by dimitris


    A great return from the AOR "PRIDE OF LIONS",fronted by Toby Hitchcock great vocalist and featuring the guitar playing and songwriting skills of Jim Peterik (Ides Of March/Survivor).This album, their third studio effort, sees the band return to the more melodic Hard Rock style of their debut album and Survivor's Vital Signs.Very good production,great epic and melodic songs and nice song writing.

    With the help of fellow musicians from the World Stage band: Mike Aquino (Mecca) on guitar, Christian Cullen on keyboards and Clem Hayes on bass, Ed Breckenfeld on drums plus guest drummer Hilary Jones, Peterik and Hitchcock have created some new music which is set to "restore the excitement and majesty of the melodic rock genre when it was in its heydays and," continues Peterik, " we're talking big songs, big sounds, great messages, soaring choruses, hot guitars and... amazing vocals.... what more can you ask?".

    Posted on 2007-02-03 14:41:15 and written by dimitris


    "CODE" is a project of two Swedish AOR musicians former "Grand Illusion",quitarist Ola Af  Trampe and multiplayer Andres Rydholm.With them is also a very good vocalist and quitarist Sherwood Ball,from "Jay Graydon".Finally the team gets together for the recording with the drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth,Steve Vai,Joe Satriani).A good album of melodic-rock songs influenced by the 80's classic rock.

    Posted on 2007-02-03 14:07:05 and written by dimitris


    This is a classic British melodic-rock record with referances to the 80's American classic-rock.It is a solid debut album from "STORMZOZE" with good sounds,a nice collection of songs and a good production.Impressive vocals from John Harv Harbinson,lots of keybords from Stephen Prosser,classic & melodic tunes from Keith Harris (quitar) and nice rythm from Julian watson (drums).Fans of traditional melodic-rock will love it.

    Posted on 2007-02-03 13:49:37 and written by dimitris


    The second album from the German rock singer Oliver Hartmann,since his succesful debut "Out In The Cold" in 2005."Home" as an album is almost on the same level with the first,with melodic-rock sounds,good songs,strong perfomances and well made production.

    Posted on 2007-01-26 05:10:48 and written by dimitris


    The is the third album for the classic-AOR 80s sound of  the "NORWAY".Maybe not a very good production but with great songs melodies and rythm.For sure they worth listening and for sure their sound will bring back many memories to the older of us.

    Posted on 2007-01-25 14:07:23 and written by dimitris


    "Unlocking The Past" is cover version album the second of JORNs to be released together with "The Gathering".JORN achives to breathe in a new life into all of theese songs without changing or changing their originality! One of the best cover albums with one of the best voices and heart feeling to cover them!

    Posted on 2007-01-25 13:53:10 and written by dimitris


    JORN LANDE,a great vocalist! Moving around all the time: 2 albums with prog-metallers "ARK",2 for "MASTERPLAN",1 for "MILLENIUM",2 for "THE SNAKES" and 2 with "VAGABOND"!

    In all this he manages to keep his solo work high.To mark his return JORN recorded 2 new albums,both featuring new recordings and a few remixed older ones.Even there no new song in this album,the remix and the new versions are excellent! It is a "Gathering" of great songs!

    Posted on 2007-01-25 13:41:46 and written by dimitris


    KELLY KEAGY (former "NIGHT RANGERS"),returns with his second solo album,5 years after his debut "Time Passes".In this album has as a partner the songwriter Jim Peterik.Together they deliver some fine melodic-rock songs.Keagy and Peterik supply a lot of the albums instruments and Reb Beach is in charge of the lead quitar."I'M ALIVE" is an album of great production and perfomance!

    Posted on 2007-01-25 13:24:41 and written by dimitris


    Two years back and forth on the London-Tel-Aviv flight path, a mutual artistic curiosity and a close friendship are the components that gave birth to Aviv and Steven's Blackfield project.Avin Geffen a highly successful solo artist and outspoken (not to mention controversial) peace campaigner, with a string of gold albums in his own country, discovered the music of Steven's band Porcupine Tree in the mid 90's and followed their career development. In 2000 he invited the band to perform some concerts in Israel and met with Steven in London to discuss the idea. Something clicked and before long they had already collaborated on the very first Blackfield song. In 2001 the two met in a studio in Tel Aviv with the intention of recording a one-off EP. So pleased were they and the record company with the results however, that the EP originally scheduled for release in 2001 was cancelled and the decision was made to continue writing and recording with the aim of completing a full length LP. Over the next 18 months the pair fitted in Blackfield writing and recording sessions whenever they could between their other commitments and finally in October 2003 the album was complete.

    "BLACKFIELD II" is their brand new album with the same excellent sound and recordings,including some very nice songs!

    Posted on 2007-01-23 20:36:06 and written by dimitris