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"An Early Cascade" is a five-piece modern hardcore band from Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in the spring of 2004, the band's sound is viscously hardcore with evident metal and rock influences. After being hard-at-work in the studio, An Early Cascade is proud to present their new EP 'Your Hammer To My Enemy', released through Midsummer Records (GER), Tornado Music (AT/CH) and Glasstone Records (UK), in the fall of 2008. With the support of these three labels, their music is finally also available for fans outside of Europe.
Previous EPs are, 'An Early Cascade' (March 2005), 'A Murderer's Day' (December 2006), one SPLIT album with Dramaqueen Hysteria (October 2007), and a video for "Baby, I Don't Have to Look Good!" (Decemeber 2006).
Countless hours of band practice and time in the studio have contributed to their sound maturing into a more technical and complex one. The band has really found their voice on this EP as the sound and technique has comfortably become their own. As their vocalist Maik says, "This is the first time we really feel like this is the music our band wants to make. We feel for the first time like, 'Yeah, that's how An Early Cascade is supposed to sound!'."
Since their formation in 2004, the band has gained substantial experience from playing an astounding amount of shows all over Germany and select cities in mainland Europe. Their live performances are intense catharses of musical ambition that have their audiences raucously enthralled. They're said to be "an amazingly tight band that makes no musical compromises" (Sebastian Zapf,, and to have "varied music that won't bore you" (Alexander Greve, Wastin!.com).
The band plans to continue to promote 'Your Hammer To My Enemy' and to remain creating and working hard to keep evolving and perfecting their sound. Not only to stay true to their fans, but to themselves.

Posted on 2008-10-30 15:06:44 and written by dimitris
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