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"THE COTTON SOETERBOEK BAND" and their first full length album called "TWISTED". The band redefines rock and roll for a modern audience. By any standard, The Cotton Soeterboek Band is unique; they take the larger than life mystique of hard rock and modernize it with a driving attack. Few bands sound this powerful or versatile, a combination of English blues rock from the 70's with Southern rock sensibilities. Led by the gifted and soulful vocalist Robert Soeterboek and guitarist Alan Cotton, combined with the powerful rhythm section of bassist Wim den Boer and drummer Wilfried Broekman, the band can grind out an intense, bluesy riff such as "Twisted", the title track off their latest album, to the lush harmony sounds of "Colorado". This variety is unique and as Robert says that was the intention, "We wanted to write an honest rock and roll album, music that people could really latch onto, but each song has a totally different personality. That's what I really like about it. Something that's totally original but also reminded people of the great rock icons of yesteryear." The band was formed when guitarist Alan Cotton set about looking for a charismatic front man with which to launch his new band. With Holland born singer Robert Soeterboek (Ayreon, Wicked Sensation), fresh off a touring stint with Arjen Lucassen's Star One, they soon inaugurated a combustible songwriting partnership. The two originally came together in a cabin in the Rockies, unofficially dubbed "Old Jack's Cabin", for marathon song writing sessions, releasing their S/T EP in 2006. They soon went back in the studio with drummer Reynold "Butch" Carlson, bassist Mike Davis and keyboardist Joost van den Broek to begin recording ‘Twisted’, the bands first full length album. Later, bassist Wim den Boer and drummer Wilfried Broekman officially joined the band. While there are echoes of the past in their music, their fluid musicality recalls Deep Purple, they also have an honesty often associated with bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd - it merely acts as a foundation for their music. They sound as earthy and raw as the Black Crowes, and as hard and bluesy as classic Whitesnake, yet there's a higher level of musicianship to their performances and songwriting that makes them like no one else. The bands new album, Twisted, stands out as a modern version of something so familiar and comfortable, yet blistering with heat. It is a successful attempt to come up with an album that forges a visionary blend of hard blues, crushing rock, pastoral folk and post-mod pop. As Alan Cotton says, "We went in and recorded it like they did in the old days. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle, as it were, that magic. It's all about the magic". This album captures the kinetic energy and force of the band's live show and it is proof that The Cotton Soeterboek Band are true originals. A straight ahead, in your face, real rock & roll band.

Posted on 2008-10-12 18:00:38 and written by dimitris
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