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"SHADOWSIDE" was born in 2001 and after a while rehearsing, the band recorded a self-titled EP with six songs. That material was responsible for the band to build a name in the national scene and be asked as support acts for bands such as Nightwish (Credicard Hall), Primal Fear (Via Funchal and Bar Opinião) and Shaaman (A.V.A. and Mythos). On those concerts the band gathered another new legion of fans. "Theatre Of Shadows", the first complete musical piece from Shadowside was produced by Fábio Haddad and mixed by Santiago Ferraz, at LCM Studio, in São Paulo. Santiago is famous for mixing Paul McCartney and Silverchair DVDs, besides winning the Latin Grammy award twice as the producer for Milton Nascimento and Tom Jobim. The mastering was done by the respect producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Jorn Lande, TNT), at the Jailhouse Studios, in Denmark. The album was released by Seven Music together with Universal Music. That is, a band starting their career very well managed, as it has always been, and with the deserved status. On "Theatre of Shadows", Shadowside show solos and heavy riffs, also catchy melodies, showing all the evolution and experience achieved after a lot of study, sweat and hard work during these years. Exhibits a musical variety full of technique and feeling, always leaded by the technical, sentimental, original and angry vocals from singer Dani Nolden. The songs contain from Power Metal and Hard Rock touches to more modern influences. Alongside with Dani Nolden, members show perfect synchrony on the guitars,  while play the precise and full of groove rhythm section. All that makes Shadowside a very sharp and admired band. Lyrics are about several different themes, such as emotions and nowadays subjects, but always emphasizing the positive side of things. One of the hightlights is the song "We Want A Miracle" with a very harmonic chorus and perfect vocal lines and also the track "Highlight“, chosen song for the first video.Besides, the japanese version of the album will feature the song "Don´t Change your Mind“, from the japanese singer Mari Hamada – which despite its title in english, is sang in the nipponic language. The american and european versions will be released with a cover of Ronnie James Dio’s "Rainbow in the Dark“.In its essence, the album makes clear, on the 12 tracks carefully written, the competence and professionalism of these young musicians. An amazing studio work that brings together the best Heavy Metal ingredients. "Theatre of Shadows" promises to make lots of headbangers lose their breath.

-This is the official press release from Universal music/Chavis records-

Posted on 2008-09-13 23:52:02 and written by dimitris
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